There you are and here I stand.

We look the same but we are not similar.

Your eyes are soulless windows,

while mine are hollow pits.

Your smile is sewn so tight you look like you're in pain.

Your skin is ghostly pale, showing off the ugly bruises.

My skin is painted with different colors.

Dark in the day. Invisible in the night.

I can(not) dream.

I can(not) be happy.

That's what they tell me.

You have secrets that haunt you.

You tell lies that burn many people,

but you don't care.

I can(not) live without you.

What's wrong with you (me) I ask,

but you don't reply,

just like the stubborn person you are.

You (I) cry but you (I) don't make a sound.

I don't care about you (myself)

I'll let you drown in your own tears,

for all I care.

You're worthless.

I'm selfish.


because some people talk to themselves