A Bridge Too Far

Requiem for Ben Spooner killed at Arnhem, September 26th 1944

Ben died that we may live they say, like hell he did say I;

He died because he had to, the top brass had their way!

The price of life is very low, a bridge costs more to capture,

Especially when the generals need the medals and the rapture.

Have I to thank the "powers that be" for taking poor Ben's life?

For making me a widow before I was a wife!

I know the bloody minded will always play at war,

And use mens lives and "toy" with them,

What else were they born for?

Then let the bloody generals have some soldiers made of lead,

And they can play their battles, give their orders, march ahead.

So let them scream, and march and shout; and bugger one another,

And play their war games, pose and strut and kill each others mother;

Then there could be a brighter day, where children would be safe,

Where greed, ambition and great fear would be in history books.

But I know, you know, they know as long as there is man,

The terror and the generals will always be at hand.

They'll be looking out for medals, and the cost will have to go,

To poor buggers like Ben Spooner, and the sons he never knew.

As for me, the pain has left me, but the bitterness is there,

And a hate and loathing grips me, it will never let me go.

So a curse upon these generals, and may they never live,

To collect the bloody medals that their bloody country give.