What if this never happened?

What if nothing was ever real?

What if I was mocked by the silence that I could never reveal

My pain is defiantly insane to be ever felt

From a girl like me trapped in this hard life

That was forced on me I would never choose it for myself

Or for anybody else, but at least anybody else could care

At least when they would speak someone would be there

Never like that night, could never put up a fight

"Merci, ma chère" The words I keep locked up in my head

I hope it haunts you at night from now on

I hope it's burnt into your skull from night 'till past dawn

You're words are bogus and I pray

You can't focus when you dream, eat and breathe

Over flows with your words you have to grind with your teeth

Hits a boulder to your head every time it comes to mind

And hurt your head so hard like it did to me and my heart

They're spreading farther apart

More like me and my son,

Doesn't seem to be worth it

Some nights to go wild

My mind is like a jungle yet I'm only a child

I was only in poccession of my innocence

And YOU took that away from me

I'd wish you death

But death is granted too easily.