Prompt: A garden scarecrow quietly observes its surroundings.

It stood like a sculpture in the middle of the field, where it had stood for many years. The bits of straw coasted high above in the joyful sapphire atmosphere, straying aimlessly around the figure in the center of the pasture. He endured the harsh slap of the gale soundlessly, observing the fluttering golden leaves as they whirled past. Before this day, he had never quite enjoyed simply being, simply existing until he opened his black eyes and saw the world for what it was, instead of solely watching the birds fly by and the clouds hover above his home. He had never entirely appreciated living until the day it brought a whole new meaning to him. Life had crept by too slowly for his liking, and only now, on what was surely to be his last day, he finally saw how fast it had actually soared by.

Open your eyes. Life flies by rather fast. It might fly by before you do.