Dave awoke with his heart beating loudly in his ears. His eyes rolled over to his clock that said 3:00 am. It was Saturday.

"Why am Ah up so early?"

Normally when Dave couldn't sleep, it was because something bad was going to happen. He could feel it in his bones. With a quiet growl, deep in his throat, he turned the television on.


Dave flipped through some more channels only to be greeted with more static.

"What the hell is goin' on?" he mumbled, his southern accent heavily noticeable.

Dave was only 22, about to be 23, with an amazing face that showed he was young. Only a few scars gave him character. All and all though, he had an almost flawless face. Green eyes, slightly covered by his blackish brown hair, looked out the window. Everything seemed normal.

He jumped only a little bit when his phone rang. It rang the ringtone that was for his best friend, who only called when she was scared or needed her car fixed, for Dave was a mechanic.

"What?" Dave asked, sleep heavy in his voice.

"David, its Willow. Get to my place now, I'll explain everything later."

"Why do Ah have ta tell ya this all the time, call me Dave, not David…"

"Why do I have to tell you to stop with all your fucking complaining? Just get your ass over here now." Yelled his friend, her voice was followed by the click of her hanging up.

Dave tossed his phone onto his pillow, followed by cracking his spine a bit. He then got up and walked over to his closet. Pulling on his favorite black T-shirt, with a 'Left 4 Dead 2' logo on it and his dark blue, almost black, jeans he began to fully wake up. Walking back to his bed to get his phone, he also put on his black hat with a random silver 85 on the front. He always made a joke about how 8 minus 5 equals 3, which so happened to be his favorite number. He was never good at jokes.

Grabbing his keys and his navy blue hoodie, he walked out to the garage are of the apartment building and went to get on his black dirt bike. He was used to being called an interesting person, because everyone around his home was an uptight kind of person who hated dirt and 'hicks' like him.

The ride to Willow's house didn't take very long, but long enough for Dave to think about his friend. Willow was a mysterious person. She had chocolate brown eyes that compared to Dave's deadly green ones would make any guy fall head over heels in love with her any guy except for Dave. He didn't like her like that because he felt like an older brother to her and she liked being a little sister to him. Her red slash brown hair reminded him of chocolate as well. Everything about her was chocolate, everything but her skin color. She was one of the palest people that he had ever met.

Even though Willow and Dave have known each other since third grade, he never knew her last name. She never told anyone. He never told his as well, but somehow she found out.

Finally making it to her house, Dave remembered that she sounded worried on the phone so he ran up her front porch stairs. Before he could even knock, Willow opened the door.

"David you're here! Thank goodness."

"Really? Ah thought Ah was still at my house, sleepin'."

Willow rolled her eyes while she let him into her home, for like the thousandth time. The house was just as mysterious as her.

What was really weird was that there were three people sitting in her living room. Dave noticed that he has never seen any of these people before.

"Guys, this is my friend-"

"David Ross! Pleasure to meet you, I am Willow's brother. She has told us all about you." A man exclaimed, cutting Willow's sentence short.

"Sorry David, that's my brother Eric. He's very….jumpy sometimes." Willow whispered.

"Ooooh, I'm Bree, their cousin!" cheered another girl with dark, cropped, hair that had pink highlights in it.

"Okay, not that it ain't nice ta meet'cha all, but why am Ah here?" questioned Dave.

"You haven't heard?" asked the last person on the couch. He flipped his long blonde hair out of his face.

"Didn't hear what?" confusion was dripping from the southerner's voice.

"There is a virus that is spreading around the country. It started in Florida and it is now here in Georgia." Eric explained.

"People who become sick with this virus forget who they are and they change. Once hey change the turn on the non-infected and try to eat them. Once you are bitten there is no saving you." Bree continued Eric's story.

Dave stared at the floor thinking.

"This…shit, is a lot like the game on your shirt." Willow added.

Looking at his shirt and seeing the zombie hand in the center, Dave's eyes grew wide.

"Zero still thinks the infected are real people though." Bree mumbled, glaring at the man on the couch.

'What kind of name is Zero?' Dave thought to himself.

"Well, have ya guys seen any of 'em?" Dave asked aloud.

"….Naw." Zero said with a smirk, as he mocked Dave's accent.

Zero got up and went to the kitchen, un- able to see Dave's death glare or hear his growl.

"Don't worry about him David; he just thinks you and I are going out or something. I mean that's just gross, right?" Willow whispered to her friend.

"Yea that is gro-… wait what?"

"Shhhh… go to bed David."

As Willow walked away, Dave stuck his tongue out at her. Sadly, she didn't see anything.