Dead. Everyone was dead. Screaming did nothing to save them as everyone fell into the abyss of death. As they all fell hands of the living dead clawed and pulled at their limbs. All hope was lost as one by one everyone was torn apart in front of the others. First to turn while they still fell, with their surroundings of each other growing darker, was Mark. He let out an ear splitting scream as a zombie, which was invisible to the human's eyes, bit his arm, leaving a bloody bite mark that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

After him Willow joined the living dead's clan. Soon after Dave "died" as well. Then Jason and Eric. Finally Jackie and Esteban turned while they held hands. Leaving Mitch to be the one who was torn limb from limb by his own friends and his own brother. All the light that allowed him to see his "friends" died down even more, but he never got to see it die before everything went black from his death, allowing him to join his friends as a zombie.

Still in the back seat of the truck, Mitch's eyes popped open. His heart was racing and he was having trouble breathing. Everyone but Jason, who was still driving, was asleep. To Mitch's right was Dave. He had dark circles under his eyes and his face was more pale than normal. He looked like he had a fever. Mitch could only hope that it wasn't the infection.

Next to Dave was Eric. His face was squished against the window as he snored. Drool was dripping from his mouth. Obviously he needed a lot more sleep than what he showed through his actions. Still in the passenger seat was Willow, who had her head on the seat's arm rest. Her hair covered her face but it was obvious that she was asleep. In the back, Esteban, Jackie, and Mark could be seen, laying down as best as they could, passed out trying to sleep for a while longer.

The car slowed down to a stop at a small store. Jason unbuckled his seatbelt and opened the car door. He stood outside for a second and Mitch assumed he was just stretching his legs so he tried to fall back asleep. As soon as he got comfortable again he heard yelling and clapping.

"Alright, wake up everyone. Rise and shine!" Jason yelled.

Everyone jumped from their slumber and a few mumbled words that couldn't be hear unless you were right next to their face. Mitch cursed under his breath as he sat up and popped his back a bit. Looking to his right, Mitch saw that Dave still wasn't awake. Luckily he was breathing still, even shivering a bit, but he wasn't waking up. Eric noticed to and tried to shake him awake. Dave didn't even move in protest like he normally did.

"Great, is the hick not getting up again? He is such a kid." Mark said from behind the truck. Willow looked back at him with worry in her eyes. The mechanic looked seriously ill. She leaned forward to touch Dave's arm. His skin was ice cold.

"What do you think is wrong with him?" Esteban asked with Jackie right behind him. It was kind of noticeable that they like each other a bit.

As Jason was about to respond, Dave sat right up. His green eyes were wide and bloodshot. He tried to breath but the air was caught in his throat as he gaged a bit. Finally breathing in some air, he screamed. Tears were falling down his cheeks. Everyone panicked when his tear turned into blood. Mitch was praying that he was dreaming still as Dave's eyes rolled into the back of his head, and as he fell back down into his sleeping state again.

"I was going to say that I think that he…..was bitten…." Jason whispered after a few minutes of sitting in fear of what just happened. Dave was even more pale that before. His skin was practically white like a sheet of paper, and the dark circles under his eyes were darker.

The man's eyes were still open and the green in his eyes were now turning black. Once again Dave sat up and screamed. This time he yelled out words.

"SOME ONE…. SHOOT ME!" after he said those words he threw up. It was all blood.

Jackie was going through all the supplies when she found an adrenaline shot. Taking the cap off of it she ran at Dave and grabbed his arm. Rolling the sleeves of his jacket up all she saw was a blood red bite mark on his forearm. She did the only thing she could think of to help Dave a little longer. Stabbing the bite with the adrenaline and injecting the medicine into his arm, Jackie winced.

Suddenly Dave stopped moving. His face went blank as the medicine flowed through his veins. His heart began to race and as he stayed frozen, Mitch worked on cleaning the bite. Hoping that it will help.

After a few minutes, Dave had fallen asleep and everyone was working on his bite. It had stopped bleeding long enough for Jason to wrap bandages around it after it was clean. Dave's face was turning back to normal color, and when Eric would open the southerner's eye, they could see the black turning green again.

Once everything calmed down a bit, the group began to talk for a while. So many questions were buzzing in the air.

"Why didn't he tell us?" Esteban asked.

"Maybe he thought we would kill him right away if he told us." Willow mumbled.

"But why didn't he change right away?" Mark asked.

"Dude, my brother never stayed sick for long. I'm guessing that his body tried to fight the infection." Mitch said.

'Okay Dave, if you were able to fight the virus long enough for us to stop it from spreading, then you are more of a badass than I am.' Mitch thought to himself, as the sun began to set in the distance.