Most people will never understand what it's like to lose someone you love. Now Eric knew how Willow felt when everyone thought he was dead. Cold and empty on the inside. He had never meant to let her die; it wasn't like he didn't care about her anymore. It wasn't fair that before Jason died, he said Eric didn't even try to save her. It was Willow who didn't care anymore.

The way it all started was with a Hunter pinning Eric. As the survivor fought back a Jockey grabbed Jason. Eric believed that Willow was running to save him, but when she ran right pass him over to Jason, he felt like he didn't have a sister anymore. Not once did she ever leave him behind. First Dave and then her own brother. And for what? A guy she just recently met. A guy who never shut the hell up and was an even bigger child than Dave at heart. Willow let her old habits of falling for interesting men end her life along with the man she fell for.

The three were on a small bridge at the time. Eric was trying to rest after the Hunter nearly tore out his lungs. Jason was fine and so was Willow. All was quiet until a bubbling noise was heard from behind. When they looked to see what infected planned on attacking them, Willow was instantly covered in green vomit. It smelled worse than a full trash bag that had been sitting for a long time. The vomit came from a very over weight zombie. It had huge boils on its face and it smelled awful as well. As it ran, Jason shot it and it exploded in the distance.

The scent of the puke attracted a horde so large that the bridge was full of zombies. They all went for Willow as she tried to protect Jason. Eric couldn't move in time to warn her of the Tank that was about to hit her from behind. It snapped her in half. Soon after that Jason tried to kill Eric. It didn't end well when the same Tank threw a huge rock at him, splitting him in half as well.

Eric was surprised when the others were still alive, and the fact that Mark was still gone trying to find him, didn't calm him down any. No one else needed to die. Not now, not ever. Not until they were old and had lived a long life. Not until they were happy with their past. And as of right now, only one person was not as depressed as the others. Mitch.

"Okay, help me find a way to cheer everyone up." Eric whispered.

"Why, as soon as your happy time is over they will get upset again." Mitch hissed coolly.

"Well wouldn't it be nice to have a night out just one last time. We don't know if we have a tomorrow, so let's have fun today."

Mitch looked at the floor then at Eric. There was a sly look on his face. He had an idea.

"Let's find some alcohol."

Eric blinked at the older man. Mitch couldn't be serious. What if they got to drunk and then a zombie attacked them while they were unable to defend themselves? Eric only responded with a look of worry.

"Okay you really need to tone down the whole leader role. You seem stressed out." Mitch growled.

Eric blew up.

"Listen, I watched my sister die, my best friend was murdered, my cousin was turned into a zombie and then shot. Don't talk to me about calming down. I don't want anyone else to get killed. Oh and another thing about killing, you almost got me killed. What the hell did I do to you?"

"You almost killed Dave!"


Mitch looked at Eric with shock on his face. This whole time the little innocent David was really a murderer.

"….How?" Mitch asked, his voice shaking.

"With a guitar to the head. That was the day after Zero, my friend, shot Bree, my cousin. I'm amazed that Dave hasn't killed Mark yet since Zero treated him the same way."

"Okay but do you really think that Dave isn't suffering from regret and guilt for what he did? I mean yea sure he can be emotional at bad times but once he realized what he did, he probably wanted you to kill him."

Eric looked at the floor followed by whispering, "Just because I hurt your brother doesn't mean you had to try and kill me though."

"Yeah well ever since I almost killed him, I vowed to protect him no matter what I have to do."

"You almost killed him?!"

"I was a jealous nine year old, so I pushed him in front of a speeding car. Luckily he doesn't remember that."

Someone cleared their throat in the doorway. Both Mitch and Eric turned to see Dave staring at them.

"Well, Ah'm glad ya guys are bondin' but Ah jus' remembered somethin'. My brother tried ta kill me." Dave said with a smirk.

"Okay look it was an accident. I was just jeal-"Mitch tried to say before Dave interrupted him.

"Also, ya tried ta kill Eric. Ah think your worse than me when it comes ta controllin' our anger."

"Yeah right, you killed someone for real. I only attempted to."

"Well, Ah wish Ah could fix what Ah did. Every night Ah think 'bout how Ah killed Zero. Ah jus' wish that it was me who died instead." Dave said as he left the room.

Mitch smirked at Eric.

"I told you he regretted it."

Eric laughed. It was a real laugh for the first time in a while.

"You know what? You're alright, Mitch."

Mitch couldn't help but smile, for no one ever really had wanted to be his friend. Maybe Eric would see him as his best friend so he wouldn't think about Zero.

Off in the distance, Mark walked up to an abandoned house. At the front was a blue dirt bike that seemed to have been abandoned as well. Inside the house there were loud groans coming from the living room. No doubt they belonged to an infected.

Mark walked into the living room, slowly, to see a zombie with long blonde hair, half his face smashed in, and covered in blood. He was sitting by a bloody guitar. Mark noticed on the wall, a picture of Willow. She was smiling, while wearing a black hat with an eighty-five on it. Next to her was Dave. He was trying to get his hat back from Willow. From looking at all of the pictures on the one wall, Mark could tell that this place was Willow's house. He must have gone the wrong way when he left.

The zombie turned around. His face looked a lot like the man in the picture next to the one of Dave and Willow. On the bottom of the picture it said Zero. Mark turned to run from the zombie since he didn't have a weapon anymore. As he ran outside, Zombie Zero ran after him, with the bloody guitar in his hand. Mark then realized that the normal zombies were learning. It was either that or Zero remembered what had killed him. Mark only wondered if he remembered who killed him, for he sure would hate to be that person then.