The siblings had been hunted down by a small group of zombies when suddenly a wild, insane "YEAH! HAHA!" distracted the dead and they were pummeled to death by a maddened, baseball bat-wielding Nikki who dropped from a hole in the rotting ceiling, landing on a few zombies. Jake trailed behind uncertainly, sneaking out with Mark and Sierra while Nikki mashed the zombies into bloody mush, striking at anything that moved. This Nikki was known as Six, deadly when armed and criminally insane as well.

"Um, I'm Jake... And you already know Nikki." Jake introduced himself awkwardly, gesturing to the crazy redhead, who, noticing nothing else was moving and the zombies were definitely dead – again – looked around at her friend, smiled briefly and spontaneously collapsed into sleep as if she had narcolepsy, curling up right then and there on the dismembered bodies of the undead. Jake looked at the others as he shrugged, slightly amused. Sierra almost passed out on the spot and Mark looked warily at the sleeping maniac, edging away slightly.

"Don't worry, she'll be completely different when she wakes up. I guarantee, you'll be severely creeped out. You have no idea what we're dealing with here."

Mark grinned. "Wanna bet?" That was when Jake discovered that he and Nikki were evidently not the only ones with weird powers, as he called them. Mark demonstrated this when he pressed his hand to the ground, making a trickle of water appear, soon turning into a tiny well of clean water. Sierra zipped off at an inhuman speed to check on Nikki, who was snoring lightly with her head buried in her arms, like a cat. The shorter girl darted back and requested that someone help her carry the sleeping girl out of the unstable house. Jake waved down Mark's offer to help, standing up and declaring that Nikki was liable to wake up at any minute, and if she did, she might freak out at the sight of unfamiliar faces. Mark, unknowing of what Jake's power was, looked skeptical at the sight of the small, skinny boy walking off to carry out the tall girl, but he carried out the task with ease, lifting up Nikki and carrying her over his shoulders as a hunter might carry a dead deer.

Much to the amazement of the older brother, Jake tossed Nikki onto a small pile of soft blankets piled next to the crackling fire that Mark made – literally, sparks had flown when he snapped his fingers, like some sort of flint. Sierra darted off and found some wood and soon a flame was warming the four of them. Jake explained about how he had found Nikki, how they had hiked to the city and counted a total of 12 Nikkis, and how she changed whenever she slept and seemed to always cheat death, but came back differently. Sierra listened intently, but Mark cut him off, nodding towards Nikki, who was stirring. Her eyes snapped open as she sat bolt upright, hair swinging wildly as she looked around. Her head spun and pounded, the aftereffects of her previous incarnation taking their toll in the form of a splitting headache as she recovered from the messed up thoughts spinning through her memories like a tornado. Six always had this effect on the next form, like a glitch or virus. She clutched her head, letting out a small, quiet cry, not unlike an injured kitten.

She turned her wide eyes to Jake, placing a hand heavily on his shoulder as she nearly fell forward, silently asking that he follow the agreement they had made. Jake sighed as Nikki curled up in a defensive ball against things in her mind. He turned to the others, who were watching, shocked.

"Either of you guys got a gun or something?"