Alexandra smiled as she watched her loved one slash his knife through Chuck's body. Chuck had been her best friend ever since kindergarten and now she watched with a small smile as James mutilated Chuck's body to his satisfaction. This was not supposed to happen, she thought sadly, but it was meant to be. She pushed herself forward, away from the cold wall that she had been leaning on, and made her way towards the doors that would take her away from this bloody mess.


As she wandered through the halls within her loved one's mansion, she thought back to all the things that had happened in her life. It wasn't always smiles and rainbows. Grey patches marred her life cloth.

Many things had come to pass before she was allowed to be with James.

James was her lover, at least she thought so, until she found a hidden door behind a portrait of her and James painted for her 18th birthday. The painting was fascinating. They were the perfect couple according to some; they took walks in the park, went out on dates, and gave gifts to each other on special occasions. Her life was perfect. Till she pushed the portrait and revealed the door.

Deeming the door unimportant, she turned to leave, but her curiosity got the better of her. She opened it and slipped in quietly. She kept her eyes downcast as she moved through the narrow hallway, wary of any traps.

The hallway seemed to go on forever, thankfully though, she stopped. She came face to face with another door. Sounds were heard from the other side but it was muffled so she couldn't understand.

She entered and her mouth fell in a silent gasp. James was there, as well as several of his friends. They were crowded around James and another person. Alexandra moved into the shadow as silently as possible.

A moan of pleasure made her falter one step before she caught herself. Much more determined now, she stalked closer and tears trickled down her face. James and her sister, Marissa, were doing things they weren't supposed to. They were both enjoying themselves. Alexandra covered her mouth with her hand and cried silently, more so when one of James' friends saw her and smirked at her, as if silently taunting her about the fact that he knew something she didn't.

Lexy ran away from the wall towards the door and banged it open, snapping the two fiends from their pleasures. James recovered first, grabbed his cloak, draped it on himself in haste and ran after Lexy.

Back in the room however, Marissa smirked and raised an eyebrow at the males left. She opened her blood red lips and said, "Who's next?"


James ran after Lexy, all the while thinking why he was. He never loved Alexandra. He used her to gain access to their family's money and properties. After he wooed Lexy, he slowly coaxed her to help him kill her parents. He handed her the poison and told her to slip it into their food. He told her of the effects of course, so that she wouldn't be surprised when the time comes. She didn't eat dinner with them.

The next day, Mr. George Cullen, Mrs. Samantha Cullen, Alexis Cullen, and Thomas Cullen were found dead in their rooms. Upon autopsy, traces of hydrochloric acid were found.

The two remaining Cullens grieved but they both knew it was all an act, and that bothered Alexandra.

She confronted James about it but he only responded with cool, indifferent, and uncaring eyes. The topic was ignored and buried.


After sometime, James caught up with Alexandra just before she disappeared into their room. He forced Lexy around and held her so she couldn't get away. Alexandra's eyes were overflowing with tears.

"Why are you running away Lexy Love?" James asked softly. Lexy's eyes glared at him for a moment.

Then she answered, "Were you cheating on me James?"

Even though it was a rhetorical question, James answered. "It was a dare love. It wasn't true. We were just playing." he tried to soothe her. Lexy shook her head.

"Why James? Why my sister?" She struggled to break free but he held tight. James buried his face in her neck and started kissing it.

"It was nothing love. I promise." Lexy's head argued with her heart. Her mind said it wasn't true but her heart said there has never been a time when he had lied to her.

Alexandra slumped and believed her heart.


A few weeks later, everything was back to normal.

At least, it seemed like it.

But Alexandra found things that were quite amiss.

Twice she had found clothes that weren't hers under the bed. And, one day, as she returned from the park, she found a couple of hair on her pillow. She wouldn't have cared if it weren't for the fact that the hair was the same color as Marissa's. Everything was shouting the obvious but she still wasn't listening. She tried to tell this to James but whenever James went to check, only black hair was there, the same as Lexy's. When Lexy tried to fight for it, James just told her it was all in her head. That she was being paranoid.

Lexy accepted that and went on with her life.


One faithful day, Alexandra came home early. She was tired and wanted to retreat to their room so she could rest but found herself being stalled.

Alarms rang in her mind though she wasn't sure why. Perhaps it was paranoia or perhaps it was just her subconscious. She raced to their room and opened the door.

Alexandra closed her eyes and wept silently. Marissa and James were once again doing it.

When Alexandra opened her eyes, blue met brown. Marissa's cold blue eyes danced in happiness. Marissa's facial expression alternated between pleasure and mirth. Alexandra couldn't take it any longer. She slumped to the ground loudly and began to dry heave.

James realizing she was there, stood up from Marissa, and the familiar feeling of heaviness was once again with him.

James and Alexandra stared at each other, waiting for the other to break the silence. It depends, James told his mind, it depends on what she says... But Marissa took the choice and chance from them.

"Why? Did you really think that James loved you? Ha!" She sat up on the bed and pulled the comforter up. "How denser and dumber can you get Alexandra?" Marissa sneered at the name of her older sister.

James raised an eyebrow at Lexy. "It was all a game. A game of power. I needed power and money and you were my ticket to it. The way you trusted yourself to me, so naive, so innocent. And now that I have them both, I don't need you anymore." James said.

His heart burst open with each word and he wanted to take them back but it was too late. Alexandra stood up and ran away. James didn't follow her now; instead he pushed Marissa off the bed and glared at her. "Get out of my sight." he spat at her.

Marissa scrambled to get up and ran from his anger. James pinched the bridge of his nose and dressed. He called for the maids and instructed them to change the sheets.

He continued with his life without a care for Alexandra.

After all, she didn't have anywhere else to go. He held her world. She would return, he reassured himself.


After two days, the door opened and interrupted him mid-speech with his colleagues.

There stood Alexandra.

She looked beautiful, although she also looked haunting. James walked towards her and stopped when he saw why she looked haunting.

Her eyes were red and puffy, deep purple circles contrasted against her paler than normal complexion. She looked worn and tired.

He was angry at her for disappearing for two days, of course. He got angry on the first night when she didn't come home, a few people got tortured for that. The second night, he was furious. Everything was going wrong without Lexy around. He killed 3 people that night.

His palm raised up to cup her face but he was interrupted by Calypso, who rudely reminded him of their timeline. And so, Alexandra turned around soundlessly and went up the stairs.

After a few minutes, Sapphire, the only maid who was nice to Lexy, appeared behind James and informed him that Miss Alexandra was waiting in their bed. James only nodded his head.

The meeting lasted for a few more hours. James wearily went to their room. He found Alexandra lying on her side. He found this odd since Lexy was always awake whenever he wasn't there. He crept slowly, not wanting to wake her up.

"Lexy?" he whispered. "Lexy why did you leave?" he asked as he pushed the comforter down from her nose.

He saw little red marks on her mouth. He removed the comforter and his eyes focused on the red jagged marks of crimson red on her neck. The same marks were found all over her body. The most recent one, he noted, were the ones on her wrists. He screamed for someone as he tried to stop the bleeding.

It was too late. Alexandra Cullen was dead.


Everything went downhill on the first year.

James had buried Lexy beside her parents and little siblings near a flowing river.

Many people died by his hands as he mourned for his lover.

The most gruesome was Marissa's death. James had cut her open on the same places Alexandra had cut herself. And then he strapped her to Lexy and his bed and burned it.

This mildly comforted him.

On the second year, he found himself again and continued working.

One day, he asked Chuck were Alexandra was. "She was angry and she left me. She can't leave. Have you seen her?" James asked him.

"I think I saw her knitting in her study." Chuck answered softly. He was sad for the man but sadder for his best friend.

Soon, everyone realized it was just easier to direct James to different parts of the house whenever he was searching for Lexy. It also became natural for them to see James walking around and talking to himself.

They watched as the once most influential man crumble to himself as he sank deeper into insanity.


James was unaware of everything except for the man that dared take his love.

He had seen Chuck hugging Alexandra. James saw red and he attacked. Chuck was strong, that was true, but he was defenseless against James. James slashed and stabbed Chuck. It was the faint sound of the door that made him drop the bloody knife.

"Lexy?" he asked. When no one answered him, he went upstairs leaving Chuck to die painfully. He saw a faint sight of Lexy and followed it to the hidden corridor behind their portrait.

"Lexy." He breathed with relief. Alexandra smiled.

James had long ago learnt to ignore the fact that Alexandra was slightly transparent now, and tinted blue around the edges. He could ignore the grayness of the girl's usually jet black hair and the whiteness of her tanned skin, and the blue sheen to her normally pink lips. Her chocolate eyes were as bright and beautiful as they ever were though, and they were the only part of her that did not remind James Tanner of a ghost.

But he chose not to be reminded of anything, he ignored the memories probing at his mind, ignored the tightening in his chest as faint silver lines on Lexy's wrists glowed in the light, and he certainly ignored the way that he could no longer touch Lexy, no longer cup her cheek or her chin, or brush her nose or neck with his fingers, or kiss her lips, or take her to bed. Ghosts had no need for physical pleasures, and James chose to ignore that he, himself, did.

Whenever he managed to find Lexy, he always greeted her the same way. "Hello, Lexy love." He'd start and Alexandra would smile softly back, raising her hand as if to touch him then letting it drop limply to her side. "Why would you leave me? I've been searching for you."

"Because you stopped loving me," Alexandra would whisper with sad eyes. James usually changed the subject then, and they talked about the world and life and everything but death, but on the exact day Lexy had died two years earlier, James found Alexandra in the terrace.

She never went there.

"I slashed myself, right from where I'm standing," Lexy told him, after telling James 'because you stopped loving me', knowing by now that James would have changed the subject anyway. "I never stopped loving you." James said, unexpectedly. "I didn't even know I loved you until I had lost you. I didn't know how… to say it, to feel it, or accept it, and Lexy!" He gasped, surging forward to pull Alexandra against his chest, but couldn't. There was a wall of coldness, an invisible sheet of ice between then, and James could have pushed through the wall but he knew he would have gone through Lexy as well, and James wasn't able to handle that kind of reality check. So he stopped, pulled back unwillingly, and gritted his teeth.

"I'll never lie to you again," he promised desperately, "but you have to come home to me. I need you to come home, Lexy!" Sad chocolate eyes looked up at him in silence. "Please come back." "I can't," Alexandra told him sadly, softly. "But you can come to me, if you wanted?"

James thought about it, thought about his companies and his friends and his world. But his world was standing right in front of him, blue around the edges and shimmering in the middle, and he would have given anything to make the girl flesh and blood and real again. "What do I have to do?"

"Come to me." And Lexy held out a hand, waiting. James walked slowly forwards, his own arm outstretched.

He kept walking, ignoring Alexandra as the girl stepped to the side. Then he was falling, from the same window Alexandra had cut herself, landing with crunches and cracks on the same ground Alexandra's blood had dropped. And Lexy watched, as she had watched her blood drop, from the terrace in silence.

Two maids, who had stayed for the summer holidays, found James an hour later. There were tears on his pale cheeks, and a halo of blood spread out from his head. But he was smiling.

James picked himself up from the ground. He didn't look at his palm as he shoved himself up to his feet, and so he didn't notice the fact that they were almost see through. Or the fact that everything else seemed brighter; the grass, the sky, everything. He only had eyes for the figure several paces away from him. His Lexy.

James wrapped his arms around Lexy, this time feeling the warmth she always exuded, smelling her unique scent, and seeing her pink lips smile. He kissed her head softly. "Hello Lexy love, did you miss me?" Alexandra nodded softly and cuddled deeper into his embrace. "Did you miss my kisses?" James joked and kissed the soft spot on her neck. A giggle was rewarded to him.

"I love you." Alexandra's soft voice broke the peaceful silence. James tightened his hug. It had been a while since he heard that. "Say it again." He said. "I love you, James." A soft sob escaped his lips. "It's been a long time since I heard that." he said softly. Warm, comforting arms wrapped around him. "Years...years my love. It has been years. And I will always love you."

"I have always loved you." James sobbed. "Ever since the start, I had always loved you. I just didn't know how to tell you or how to show it. I love you more than...more than..." James couldn't finish the sentence. He didn't know how to explain it so he stopped talking and went back to memorizing Alexandra's hair.

"More than life. More than death." Lexy finished for him, looking peaceful at the arms of one James Tanner, a murderer, a torturer.

They held each other for nearly an hour. They need not rush, for they had all the time in the world now. More than enough time to savor each other.

Alexandra noticed the two maids making their way to where James' body lay unmoving. She softly tugged at his hand. "We need to move on now James." James looked at her and pouted. "Why? Why can't we just stay here?" He looked around at the beautiful world. "I'm sure you'll like it here. There are no Marissas here."

Lexy allowed a small smile tug at her lips. She had seen what James had done to her little sister. She felt a small amount of satisfaction at seeing the home-wrecking girl suffer. She didn't exactly take pleasure in it since it was, after all, her sister. But she was satiated at least.

Alexandra laughed lightly. "We still have to leave though, my love. We shouldn't linger any longer. We have a train to catch. After all, they've waited two years for me as it is. We've kept them waiting long enough."

"A train?" James asked, confused. "Where are we going love?"

Alexandra smiled softly. She took his hand and held it tight. Their fingers laced together. She smiled warmly at the man she had loved, her newly dead lover, and begun leading him towards the light of the setting sun.