Penny glanced at her watch, starting to get annoyed. They had agreed to meet 10 minutes ago. What took Nathan so long? As she sighed she saw her breath form little wisps of vapour. She wrapped her coat more closely about her and stuffed her hands deep in the pockets. It was only October, but the nights were already getting really cold.

Why didn't Nathan just hurry and show up! If he wasn't here in 5 minutes, she would go in without him. On the other side of the road she saw people arriving and streaming into the building for the exposition on Greco-Roman mythology, an exposition she couldn't wait to see! Nothing interested her more than mythology, and she knew for sure Nathan was no different! So why was he this damn late?

Despite the movement around the entrance Penny felt rather uneasy standing on her own in the shadows. She wasn't all too familiar with this part of London - she'd only been here once before, and that was in broad daylight - and apart from the people entering the exposition building the street was quite deserted. She couldn't suppress a shiver and had this tingly feeling at the back of her neck she always got when she wasn't very comfortable with a situation. No, she didn't like this at all. Who knew what was lurking out there in the darkā€¦

Now she was just getting paranoid. Come on Penny, she reproached herself, this isn't you! You're never this easily scared. You're just fed up because of the long wait for Nathan, that's all. When he gets here, you'll feel much better in a heartbeat.

She couldn't help but smile when she thought of Nathan arriving. She'd give him a real piece of her mind when he got here, no doubt of it, but she knew she wouldn't be able to stay mad with him very long. Just one word, one smile, and all would be forgiven.

Lost in thought she remembered how they'd first met. It had been 3 years ago in a book store here in London, when they had both grabbed for the same copy of a book on myths and legends around the world. Quite nerdy circumstances, as she was well aware, but they definitely typified both their characters. Since it was the last copy of the book they had both seemed pretty determined to have it, throwing arguments back and forth to try and convince the other, when all of a sudden Nathan had given in and said: 'All right, you can have it. On one condition: you'll join me for a coffee later today.' He had added a huge, radiant smile which had immediately won her over, and after she had paid for her new addition they had gone to the nearest Starbucks where they spent hours talking about anything and nothing. And so their friendship was born.

Penny looked at her watch again. Now it was getting extremely late, even for Nathan's standards. She started to get worried and dug up her cell phone from her handbag. As soon as she started calling him, though, she heard footsteps approaching behind her. There he was! She immediately hung up the phone and jokingly said: 'I thought you had ditched me for someone else.' Turning around, however, she didn't meet his familiar smile and friendly blue eyes. The face she saw wasn't familiar or friendly at all, and before she could do as much as open her mouth, everything went black...

N/A: Edited version of the first chapter (prologue)