My Temple

I have no knife,

I will not harm,

I merely seek,

To cause alarm,

I merely seek,

To open minds,

To smother wrongs,

And smother crimes,

I am but one,

Could only see,

But can you see,

What you do to me?

What horror, hurt,

What damaged pride,

What awful gall,

Of faith denied,

If you were I,

And that were fast,

If you could change,

All that has passed,

I have eyes,

Can all but see,

Why you would do,

These things to me,

If it were forgot,

What has been done,

Has been as it were,

I am but one,

That shall continue,

Scandal, shame,

A sinner's show,

A devil's game,

I will be faithful,

Truth and right,

Come join me,

In the final fight,

Come join with us,

We honest few,

For you need me,

And I join you.