Back Where We Left Off (Jan 1)

How long has it been, since we have seen each other?
We go back to where we left off
picking up the pieces of the year that's now gone.

How long has it been, now that the year is over?
We remember what we left off
behind our backs, behind our footprints on the road.

And how long has it been, since we've had any lovers?
We remember broken hearts
of our childhoods and laughs, of the adulthood we pass.

We pick up our progress from where we left off
and in a Returning January, go back to our homes
cursing the day where we go back to our jobs.

But we carry it on.

We carry it on.

Hello, and welcome to Words A Day 2013. Every single day of 2013, I'll post a poem. As Jonathan Mann says, this is a numbers game, so 70% of my poems will be mediocre, 20% will be just plain bad, but 10% will be the best things you'll ever read in your life (or at least they'll be somewhat decent), so if you wanna play along, keep in tune!