The Last Day Of The First Month (Jan 31)

It's the last day of the first month
and I ask you, what have you done?
Did you get closer to your goals,
or did you procrastinate all day long?

We all say that we'll do it tomorrow
or we'll do it today at a later date.
We never get around to it anyways.

Just like that, we postpone our dreams
and when we wanna get around to it
we think that it's not even worth it
so we never get to doing it.

And then comes regret!
"If only I had done it!"
But you were busy postponing it!
Now you didn't even do it!

So get to it.

Here we end the first month of Words A Day 2013. Shoutouts to MeridiaParcumArcanity and Little girl Big world for reviewing. It's nice to know that at least someone is reading what I do.

I'll see you tomorrow, in The Yearning February.