Leaving Your Computer Open

"Morning, Reese," Martin said to me as I came into his apartment. He was handsome, and a very nice guy. I had no second thoughts when he asked if I could be his. Now, three months into this relationship, I'm not so sure. He's still good looking and nice, though, and that counts as something.

I met him at an internet cafe. I tripped and dropped my papers on the floor, and he helped me out. Sounds like something out of a cliché love story, but that's how it happened. He's a gamer, and I'm a tech nerd; perfect match, right? Wrong.

I found myself stretching his vocabulary way too much. He knows a whole lot about the, what, six mainstream games he plays all the time? Yeah, I don't like talking about those games mainly because everyone knows about them already. He is more mainstream than mainstream, if that even makes sense.

But, he's good looking and nice and no other guy has ever taken an interest in me. I mean, how many guys have called me cute? Just him. I don't know what he saw through these glasses I'm wearing, but it made me feel good that at least someone liked me.

Unfortunately, the guy's a blockhead. I have to keep myself from embarrassing him in public by saying something too difficult for him to comprehend. Shame, though. He's so cute when he's confused.

"Good Morning, Martin," I reply.

"Are you sure you're OK with this?" he asks me. Martin asked if I could stay in his apartment for the day. He was going to work, but he lost the key to his apartment, so he needed someone to stay in the unit to open the door for him. He said he was going to buy a new doorknob and keys, so I'd only have to stay for a day.

What he didn't think about was how long it would take to remove the doorknob and install a new one; knowing him, he'd probably take more than a day to figure that out. Still, it gave me an opportunity to examine his living space. So far, I'm not impressed.

"I'm totally fine with it, Martin! I actually kind of wanted to see your unit for a while..."

"Really?" he says, "That's great! I need to go to work now. I'm almost late. See you later! Love 'ya!"

He kissed me on the cheek and went on his way. Though I doubted the strength of our relationship,

I never doubted the quality of his kisses. They always make me smile.

He left, and I locked the door behind him. I guess I can play video games the whole day. Maybe I can finish my book. Maybe, maybe…

What's this? Oh my…

Martin left his computer open. The temptation, the urge, is killing me. I need to sift through his files, look at his specs, and find anything relating to me…or anyone else, for that matter.

He knows I like computers; did he leave it open on purpose? Or was it stupidity? I'm led to believe it's the latter.

Oh, Reese, you mischievous girl. Why can't you resist the call of an open computer?

It's time to find the deepest secrets of my boyfriend.

You know, he could've left it open on purpose for me to look at…as a sign of trust…but I doubt it.

First, let's look at the specs…well, his graphics card is pretty good, I must say, but obviously nobody told him that you need a good processor too. His processor is complete crap. It kind of reminds me of him.

Now, the files…wow. If all boys are this bad at hiding their porn folders, there must be millions of angry mothers and girlfriends around the world right now. Well, guys are guys. I suppose it would be quite selfish of me to assume he isn't satisfied with me just because of the existence of a porn folder. I should be ashamed for assuming.

Let's look around for other stuff.

"Show hidden files and folders...search for…Reese…"

Nothing…well…he was never the writer anyway.

Let's open up his internet browser, shall we?

"History…Porn, porn, porn, game reviews, game tips, gameplay videos…nothing much…"

Martin's looking fairly clean right now, if we don't take into account the amount of pornography he has been viewing. I'll check his e-mail and social networking then…

Martin e-mail is filled with nothing but spam. It's clear he only uses it to register on sites and never for anything else. His social networking accounts are barely active; the only people he talks to are his gamer friends, and I know for a fact that he can't be gay for any of them, even though I suspect one of them is gay for Martin…

What the hell am I doing? I'm just digging around his computer, invading his privacy, as if I have nothing better to do! What have I become? Am I paranoid? Or am I looking for an excuse to break up with Martin? Am I in love with this guy, or do I hate him?

Jeez, Reese. Make up your mind. Let's see: there's nothing suspicious on his computer; just normal guy behaviour, I think. Damn it, Reese, just stop it. Trust the guy. He likes you, and nobody else might ever like you again.

I smile, happy that I've made my decision.

The door unlocked and burst open.

"Reese! I found the key! It was in my—"

I froze with fear. I was still on the computer.

"How did you get into my compu—Oh my God, I left it open, didn't I? "

I was even more scared. If he's worried, that must mean he's hiding something.

"I guess that means you saw all the po—"


"Reese, I'm sorry, I, Reese…please…"

"It's OK, Martin, I understand. I'm sure all guys do this anyway."

"You're sure?"


"Hold on a minute…did you check my e-mail?"

Thank God for Alt+F4.