I'm sorry to say that I'm not very decisive

About anything

Small things that don't matter

Like the colour of nail polish to wear

Or where to eat lunch with friends.

I figure that if I just smile

Just a simple smile

And agree to the consensus

Maybe everyone will get along.

I guess because it's just something so small

So insignificant

Why not give other people a bit of happiness?

Besides, when I'm decided on something

I won't back down.

But I love you all, those who receive happiness from me

If I didn't

Then in place of happiness

A bitter gift will await

For I cannot tell a lie

Everyone gets a truth from me

Sweet or bitter

I don't care

Authors Note: Happy new year everyone! My resolution this year: lose 5lbs :P, write more, read more, study more, goof-off less, try to be more decisive, forget less stuff, and not cry unless it's absolutely necessary. What's yours?