The need,

The hunger

It rips from my soul

I need it,

I can't.

Don't eat.

I scream,

A perfect world

Won't let me leave,

I hate it,

I won't.

Don't eat.

I feeds,

It grows,

My soul won't let go

I loathe it,

I break it.

Don't eat.

Words swim around me,

Puncture me, slowly,

I refuse it,

I mustn't do it.

Don't eat.

Forget what you were told,

Lies stick until old,

Forget it,

Don't fret it.

Don't eat.

Nothing can help me,

Sinking, don't let me,

I wish it,

Please save me.

Don't eat.

I can't do this anymore,

World has settled its score,

I can't get away,

Run faster,

Be stronger.

Don't eat.

Weaker I feel it,

Dizzy, I need it,

I want to be rid it,

It stays,

It grows.

Don't eat.

Shaking, it's done now,

The world must go dark now,

It killed me,

Two words;

Don't eat.