The Forgotten Goddess

Part 1

The leaves gently grazed at the touch of the wind as the young wolf god rode through the forest, his bow and arrow positioned. Fenrir shot his weapons freely, not particularly caring what he shot. He just needed to unleash his rage, for he really wanted to drive the rusty arrow tip through his father's heart.

The ground below gave a sudden jolt. The horse then thrust Fenrir over his head, causing the god to land on his back.

"Damn him," Fenrir muttered, knowing exactly who was responsible for this.

In a flicker of light, the Trickster himself appeared, wearing an expression of ill temper. Loki grabbed his son by the neck and thrashed him against the nearest tree.

"What is wrong with you?" Loki fumed, his grip tightening.

Fenrir grabbed his father's wrist in attempt to break loose. "Funny, I was just about to ask you the same question."

Loki shook his head, ignoring his remark and went on, "You spread a tale that I am with child? Me, a man, carrying a child in my belly?" He released his son, and smacked his hand against his head in frustration. "You do realize that, for centuries to come, mortals will be telling tales of my infamous pregnancy?"

Fenrir chuckled as he hit the ground. "Yes, that was my intention."

Loki threw his arms in the air. "Why do you always have to stir up such troublesome matters? Your brother never pulls anything as insolent as this?"

Fenrir snorted. "I'm sorry I can't be more like your precious Jor."

"I am not making a comparison between the two of you," Loki huffed in frustration. "I just want to know why? When I warned you about drawing attention to yourself! Why do this?"

His son gawked at him in a mixture of disgust and disbelief.

The Trickster then nodded, solemnly. "I see. This is about Sigyn, is it not?"

The wolf god forced his eyes in another direction.

"Come now, Fen," Loki went on. "She never really loved you. You were just a child when you first met her. She still thinks of you as such."

Fenrir refused to look at his father, the god full of tricks and lies. He thought of his times with Sigyn and knew she thought of him as anything but a child.

"I still do not see why you had to marry her," Fenrir grumbled.

Loki merely shrugged. "I fancy her. What more reason do I need?"

"You already have a wife in case you might have forgotten, my mother!" Fenrir retorted clenching his fist in wrath.

Loki sighed, shaking his head, and replied solemnly, "You know it is acceptable for a man to have multiple wives. It does not mean I love your mother any less."

Fenrir rolled his eyes and huffed.

The Trickster extended his hand down but Fenrir refused it. Loki then resorted to grabbing his son's upper and forcing him up.

"Come now, let us go home," Loki insisted, tugging Fenrir forward.

Fenrir yanked his arm away. "I am not finished here yet."

Loki sighed and brushed his hand through his sleek blonde hair. "Very well, stay. Just try not to get into any trouble."

The moment the trickster god vanished the young wolf god pulled out one of his arrows and stabbed it into the very tree his father slammed him into. He repeatedly punched his fist into it, unleashing his frustration.

"Bad day?" a female voice came from behind him.

The wolf god huffed and turned his body to see the only raven-haired Valkyrie in Valhalla, leaning her bow, wearing a grin.

"Oh, hi Hanessa," Fenrir greeted, his tone lacking enthusiasm.

Hanessa had been Fenrir's childhood friend with a dream of becoming a Valkyrie. Growing up, the two would always go hunting together. He taught her fighting and hunting methods that helped her become one of Odin's top Valkyries.

"Are you going to tell me what is troubling you?" Hanessa asked, tentatively taking a step closer to him.

"Oh, nothing in particular," Fenrir grumbled, yanking the arrow out of the tree. "Just trying to get through another day being the son of the most vain, narcissistic, selfish man in all the realms."

Hanessa giggled. "Man, you say? That's funny because I hear he's going to have a baby."

The wolf god let out a hollow chuckle that only lasted briefly.

His friend looked into his eyes, sympathy breezing from her own. "I also heard Loki took another wife. I'm sorry."

Fenrir merely remained silent.

"I never understood what you saw in her anyway," Hanessa went on, casually strolling around the tree, with her hand against it. "I always thought Sigyn was dull."

"She was the only pure thing in my life," Fenrir muttered.

Hanessa shrugged. "Well, she is still in your life I supposed, just not the way you want her to be."

Fenrir gawked at her and raised his eyebrow. "Really, Hanessa?"

"Sorry. I am really no good the touchy feely aspects," she admitted and then grinned. "That's why I chose war."

The young wolf god turned and looked at her blankly. "Chose war for what… wait, are you…"

Hanessa nodded and took both his hands. "Yes, its official now. Odin let me eat the whole golden apple this morning." She got quieter, as her eyes fell down. "He says he thinks of me as like his daughter. He wants me to stay pure for all eternity."

Fenrir gawked at his best friend and then raised her eyebrow. "So you can never be with a man in an intimate way, ever?"

The new goddess sighed and shook her head. "No, I suppose I cannot."

The wolf god opened his mouth to say something else, but before he had the chance, he spotted a glitter of light in the corner of his eye. Fenrir turned his head to see his father had reappeared.

"Son," the Trickster called out, with his arms folded. "It is time to come home."

Fenrir huffed, wanting to say no, but he knew his father would force him either way. Unfortunately for the young wolf god, Loki was stronger. Trudging over towards his father, Fenrir turned back to his best friend and muttered a brief goodbye. He then followed Loki into the woods towards his mother's cave.

"I appreciate your cooperation," Loki began, as he walked with his hands folded behind his back. "I would not want to make a fool out of you in front of the new Goddess of War."

"My strength will exceed yours one day," Fenrir muttered, darkly. "You mark my words, Father."

Loki chuckled, but appeared amused for only a split moment before his face fell. His eyes pointed towards the ground as he took in a deep breath.

Fenrir barely had to glance at his father to note his discomfort. He sighed and asked, "What is it, Father?"

Loki shook his head and appeared as though he contemplating on whether or not to say anything.

"Well?" Fenrir urged on, impatiently. "What's wrong, Father?"

Loki's head frayed down sadly as he moved his conflicted eyes up, looking directly into his son's. "It's Odin. He has come for your sister."

End Part 1