The Forgotten Goddess

Part III

When Fenrir arrived back home at the cave, he found his mother and father had already gone to bed. He and Hanessa planned to leave before the sun rose that very next morning. The wolf god contemplated on whether he should leave his parents a note saying goodbye. He only felt remorse of walking out on his mother without warning. Fenrir, however, knew if he left any sign, it would make it all the more easy for his father and Odin to track him.

Fenrir then walked into his section of the cave, where his younger brother lay fast asleep. The wolf god knelt down beside him and gently placed his hand on Jormungund's forehead. Fenrir would awaken his brother and ask him to come along, but he knew Jor's blind devotion to their father would tie him here.

"Goodbye little brother," Fenrir said softly, stroking Jor's short blonde curls, "I hope for your sake our father loves you as much as you believe him to."

It was quite an odd feeling for the young wolf god to leave his home. Once he started in the woods he turned to look back just one final time. Fenrir felt as though he were in a dream and if he were to start walking back home, the cave would just seem farther and farther away.

Fenrir continued on through the woods on foot. He wanted to change into wolf form so he could arrive the mountain where he and Hanessa agreed to meet more briskly but, with Odin's ability to detect godly powers, it would be too dangerous. He had no choice but to travel on foot.

The lighter blue sky started to peek above the mountains when the wolf god reached the rock, Gioll, at the foot of the mountain. This part of the mountain was caved in like the dark corner of a cave. Fenrir noticed there were some rusty chains wrapped around the bottom of the rock.

"Hey," Hanessa's soft voice came from behind him.

Fenrir turned around and beamed. He walked over to the goddess, lifted her in the air and held her tightly. The moment her feet were on the ground, he kissed her.

He squeezed her hands by his chest and asked, "Are you ready, Hanessa?"

Without a word, Hanessa buried her head in his chest.

Fenrir gently grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up to look in her eyes. "Hey, you still want to do this, right? We should probably go soon. This mountain is just right outside of Asguard."

Tears started to shine in Hanessa's eyes as her heard tilted back down, and she mumbled, "I know."

"Okay." Fenrir slowly lifted her chin up. "We should move then." This time when he met her eyes, he frowned. "Is something wrong?"

The tears begin to drip as Hanessa's shaky voice muttered, "I'm sorry, Fenrir. I didn't have a choice."

Fenrir took a step back from her as a drop of acid singed his gut. "What do you mean? Hanessa, what did you do?"

"I'm sorry," she choked out. "Odin said if I didn't help him, he'd do worse to me than just kill me. He'd…"

Before she could finish, one of the chains flew from behind Fenrir, wrapping around his neck. The young god could barely see Odin's golden armored guard from behind him as he was forced to his knees. Fenrir shifted into wolf form and lunged forward in attempt to break free, but the chains were too strong. Another guard assisted the first in wrapping the chain around the rock tightly so it would not budge.

Three Valkeries walked up behind where the Goddess of War stood.

"Fenrir, listen to me," Hanessa pleaded, as one of the female warriors grabbed her shoulder. "Odin is just going to keep you here as a precaution. He promised you'll be well taken care of here. If you cooperate, I'm sure he will let you go."

Fenrir's head fell down, unable to look his best friend in the eye. Hanessa was guided away from the scene, tears streaming down her cheeks. One fact the young wolf knew for certain, despite what his friend said, he would be trapped here for a distant time.


Two weeks past while Fenrir remained chained to Gioll. He knew there was no point in struggling. The chains that bound him were crafted by Odin himself. No god could shatter them. Once each day, the god Tyr would come check on him and bring him food. Fenrir did not bother changing into human form when this god came as he had no desire to chat. On an ordinary day, Tyr would simply drop the meat by Fenrir's feet and be off. This day, however, he remained a spear's length away from the wolf, wearing a complicated expression.

"Uh… there's something you should know," Tyr began slowly. "I've been officially named God of War by Odin just this day."

Fenrir lifted his head to meet Tyr's eyes but did not respond in sound.

"I suppose you're wondering what happened to Hanessa," he continued softly, his head down. "Well, Odin felt he could not trust her anymore because of her original intent with you, and… you know how Odin gets when he feels distrustful."

Fenrir felt his heart suddenly grow heavy and achy.

"He erased her," Tyr finished in barely above a whisper. "I think you know what that means. No one knows of her anymore."

The young wolf knew just what the newly named God of War meant. The gods' very existence and strength depends on the prayer and beliefs of the people that worship them. Fenrir speculated Odin must have gone and erased the memory of Hanessa from the minds of every individual person. Without that, she would fade away, as though she had never existed, simply forgotten.