Mans white noise, its deafening to the core

For what we're told, creates the sore

For all that weeps from within its spoil

Emanates and creates its toil


Herded forward, shown the door

To life we're channelled, as to chore

We must do, as one is shown

Grating down to every bone


Colours liken, we must cast

Tied to someone else's mast

Stormy seas, blown by stranger

No head our own, lain to manger


Forced at will, but unknown to many

Headless corpses, laid to penury

Puppeteer's politician's lair

Leading all to know nowhere


Groundless flags, blown to wind

Following in, their route of sin

Rained upon and soaked in lies

Spreading out their soulless spies


We're wired in, to the global net

Spawning out, to the Ethernet

Thundering outward, at speeds unknown

Broken words, to electric sown


Scattered wide the word of men

Forgotten why, of where and when

That man would lay with what was right

Lost, unknown, in Godless flight.

┬ęPoet Lordy 2013-01-01