What if

What if I'd met you first?

What if I had fallen for you


What if, I could go back

What if things had started different

What if id tried harder

What if I had never come

To find myself here

What if I had never seen you

What if we never kissed

Or traded hearts

Who would I be today?

What if I had kept what I held close

What if we never came to be


What if I faded away

What if I gave up

What if I took the plunge

Stayed under to deep

Too long to live

What if id kept my divine protector

What if I had never undressed

What if I'd never lost myself in you

Would I have ended up winning?

What if you had never changed

What if things had stayed the same

Would you still have been

My superman

Or was my fall inevitable

Was it the reason I was put here

To love once

And die because of it

What if I have become so


That even if I did

Go, it wouldn't matter

What if my body was


Would it change your view

Of me.

What if you had loved me

With your heart

The way that I did

Would we still be Us.

What if it rained today?

Could it wash away

The blood you


And if it snowed.

Could I freeze

The demon I call


The problem with "what if"

Is that we will never know