ACT III :(A brief diversion)

Why had he survived? There must be a reason. If the computer logs are correct the ship is off course by hundreds of light years. A grievous error of both time and space.

Romance Coyote

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The line between fate and reality is a thin one. It is on this line one looks at both divinity and the unknown emptiness in which logic shines. Is love written in the stars? Is love light perceived through time and dark uncertainty? Both? There will never be an answer, but that doesn't mean one shouldn't look.

He looks out the windows of the craft in awe. Never has anyone seen what he sees. The universe it is spectacular.

"It was surprisingly good, but rather dark for such a young boy." He puts on a teeshirt over his toned torso. He kisses Judy on the forehead and snuggles up to her on the bed. "Aside from the expected errors I didn't change much. It was about a manned mission to the edge of the milky way that's taken off course. Only one man survives the journey, and is left to die while contemplating his fate. Why do you ask?"

"His teacher entered it into some contest."

"Really? That's not surprising. Like I said, it was good-but-you-know... worrisome." Judy's eyes water.

DISEMBODIED VOICE: Falling Wireless (TM), home of the largest network with the most coverage, introduces the future of smart phone technology. Behold, the Quantum 350G (C), the first Phone to be smarter than God. Lifetime-overpriced-suscription-required. Falling Wireless (TM), we do you right!

ACT III: (a brief diversion)

SCENE ?: Interior, a crumbling school in Davey's mind.

Mustachioed Teacher grows to the heavens. The school crumbles around Davey. "Forhan bajjon ut David!" the beast bellows as Davey runs. He runs but feels no movement. He runs nowhere. "Comfrod un fallgohn! Comfrod un fallgohn!" The beast's arm wriggles like a snake and its fist strikes the ground behind Davey. The fist opens. The fingertips the face of Mustachioed Teacher each let out a great hiss.

A gust of wind whirs past Davey. He moves like a jet plane as the school falls behind him. The light outside is a dense fog. Davey looks back and sees the bloated monolith's fingers serpentine towards him. Davey looks forward to see a large black 5. He is unable to avoid it. Everything goes white.

GARBAGE-PAIL-RAT I: Isn't this better suited to Awkward Transition?

GARBAGE-PAIL-RAT II: All this is an awkward transition!

It has been too long since Mary had last heard the buzz of the needle. The familiar scent of ink and burning flesh, droplets of blood and disposable gloves. A great exuberance glows from her body. She is the creator and her canvas is life. For Mary her fifteen minutes couldn't fade fast enough. Her stunt had created a great deal of PR; but what good are customers if you are too busy to serve them? Furthermore, while her stunt had been good for business it also had the side-effect of creating a number of inquires on cosmetic amputation (a procedure that should only be preformed by a medical professional). She wonders if the good doctor is being solicited. It frightens her.