But It's Not A Religion...


Father Emilio Kingson's footsteps echoed throughout the long, dark corridor as he quickly made his way toward his destination, Vault 17. He passed by the other vaults, counting them in his head.

Vault 8... Vault 12... Vault 16. He finally reached it, and was greeted by three other people, two men and a woman.

One of the men, Father Jose was a small, mouse-like man, and he seemed very annoyed by Emilio's tardiness. "You're late, do the words 'Come as quickly as you can, this is urgent' mean nothing to you?"

Emilio apologized. "Sorry, Father, but when I get a call at 2:00 AM and have to drive across the country and come to the Vatican, I'm not at my speediest." He was the youngest among them, and had yet to learn proper respect, but he was skilled as an Exorcist, and that's why he was entrusted with the ring of Hell on his right hand.

"Enough, we're all here, that's what's important." Said Mother Patricia, a woman who was in her 90's, but still able to move about effectively on her own. She made her right hand into a fist and pushed it against the vault door so that her ring of Limbo went into an indent meant for it. A small light shone from the number 17 on the door.

Emilio put his own ring in another indent and the light grew brighter, Jose and the other Priest followed suit. There was a clank as the gears inside the door turned and it slowly swung open. Stale air rushed out, this was the first time this vault had been opened in over 1000 years, and it was airtight. Emilio gagged and followed Mother Patricia and the others inside.

There were dozens of candles arrayed around the perimeter of the vault, still lit even after all these centuries. In the very center of the room, there was a floating glass vial filled with a crimson liquid. Emilio unconciously stopped and held his breath. So it's real, the blood of Saint Peter. I... I'm not worthy of this honor.

Mother Patricia casually made her way to the vial and wrapped her bony fingers around it. When she pulled it from its place, the room seemed to get colder. "The blood of one of the Apostles..." She seemed almost wistful for a moment before wrapping it in a handkerchief.

"Uh, Mother," Jose began nervously, "what could possibly be so urgent that we need the blood of Saint Peter? Unless Lucifer himself is entering the planet-" He was cut off as all of the candles went out simultaneously.

Reacting quickly, Emilio drew out two long knives from his sleeves and faced the vault entrance. It was too dark to see anything, so he closed his eyes. He heard the other three preparing for battle as well.

For a long, torturous moment, there was nothing, all was still. Then, the room seemed to grow darker, even through Emilio's closed eyes. The air stirred, something that never happened underground. Father Emilio decided to attack. He slashed at the air in front of him with one of his knives, it was made of silver, blessed by a priest and had a cross carved into it, if this was a demon attacking, it was going to be hurting in a moment.

Although how a demon got into the Vatican would be anyone's guess.

The very air seemed to hiss in anger at the knife, and the wind blasted towards Emilio, nearly knocking him over. He slashed again, but he couldn't feel himself hitting anything. Maybe my eyes have adjusted now. Emilio thought, and he opened them.

He didn't even feel his soul being ripped from his body, nor did he hear the dying cries of his comrades. The only thing he felt, as he slipped into the darkness, was the ring of Hell leaving his hand, moving to a safe location.

Now it's... Jason's duty... Shit.