Familial Ties

Rekshak prepared himself for whatever might come when he got back home, Azaziel would be waiting for him, and he would not be pleased. Then again, few things other than eating souls pleased Azaziel.

The Prince had left another giant pit in his wake when he left Earth, so Rekshak merely jumped in, saving the trouble of making his own portal. When he finally stopped falling, he landed next to his older brother in a near pitch-black cavern.

"Rekshak, you told me that the boy was untrained."

He shrugged, his spines sticking up past his head. "You just got cocky, if you had killed him when you had the chance-"

A rumble shook through the cave. "Don't patronize me, brother. You are the only expendable one in the King's plans, never forget your place."

A feminine voice called from the darkness. "How can you expect him to remember his place when you can't even remember your own?" Footsteps followed and when they got close enough, Rekshak could make out a dark figure. She might have been considered beautiful, but only if you didn't look at her face. Her skin was unhealthily pale and thin, her hair looked like dark straw crawling with small spiders, and when she smiled, fangs stuck out over her lip.

But the most disturbing part was her eyes. They were slitted, like a cat's, only instead of the pupils being black, they were a sickly yellow, and the irises were a bright red shade. "My, my, Azaziel, I was under the impression that you told father that you would have all of the Rings of God yesterday."

The cavern floor cracked and the temperature dropped. "You know that isn't my fault, Emilio's ring left his finger as soon as he died, I was told that he had no living relatives, by you, I might add, Myamara."

The demon woman, Myamara, just smiled wider. "Hey, we were only able to get the other three rings because of me. Against Exorcists of that level, you're lucky I was able to find out that much. Emilio was an expert at covering his tracks, he had to be, he has a lot of tracks." She had a strange way of speaking, like her voice was slowly cutting through your skin.

"And now he's dead. The king would have killed me if he wasn't."

"Stop going in circles you two." Rekshak interrupted. "Fath- The king, wants that ring, Myamara, you need to find out everything there is to know about this boy, if he has any other family, we kill them first. We've been working on this for more than twenty years, if it goes south now..." He trailed off as she glared at him in the darkness.

"Little brother, were you just ordering me around?" She asked, dangerously calm.

Act meek, you fool! Rekshak told himself. "No, I just know that Father will make us beg for death before the end if we screw this up, he undoubtedly already knows what's happening. We lost the chance to get the last ring, that boy will be at the Knight of Enlightenment's headquarters before we'll have another shot, so-"

Myamara held up a finger and her brother silenced himself. "That's enough Rekshak, I know what to do, you just go back to eating bugs and disrespecting the king, he might be our father, but remember your place." She lowered her hand and dissolved into the darkness.

Azaziel laughed. "I can't wait until the chosen day, when I get to devour her soul. Maybe I'll give you a piece if you behave, Rekshak."

I might prefer yours. Rekshak thought about saying. Instead, he just smiled. "I have work to do, I'm heading to Mecca for a few days, I'll prepare the spot, some else will have to get the last neccesary component for the ritual." Without another word, the two brothers parted ways.

I'm surprised with my own audacity. Rekshak thought.

Jason regained consciousness. He kept his eyes closed whenever he woke up, you never knew what might be going on around you that you could interrupt by letting others know you were awake.

He couldn't smell anything and all he heard was a rythymic beep and a shuffling sound there was a bright light shining in his face. Am I in a hospital bed? The events of before he lost conciousness came back to him.

That was a weird dream. He dismissed it and opened his eyes.

He was disappointed.

Looking around, the room he was in was sterilized white. There was a bright lamp on the ceiling, spilling light into the room. An IV was hooked up to Jason's arm, dripping... Something into his body.

"It's about time, you've been asleep for two days now." Skye said, sifting through a small stack of papers.

"Well, I did get stabbed in the chest four times." Jason grumbled, closing his eyes. He was tired, but not enough to fall back asleep. "Where are we and where's Aqua?" He asked.

There was a pause before she answered. "Well, technically, Aqua and I weren't supposed to be outside of the protective barrier when we were looking for you the other day. Aqua is being... Questioned. He left you a present though."

Jason disliked the sound of 'questioned'. "You didn't say where we are."

"Keep your voice down!" Skye snapped, actually looking up from her papers. "There are two armed guards outside the door, if they know that we talked at all without someone else present..." She trailed off. Taking a deep breath, she continued. "We're in the Knights of Enlightenment North American branch, hospital wing."

Jason nodded, then snapped his eyes open. "Wait, you said you were looking for me the other day." Sitting up, he saw Skye freeze in place. Only for a moment, but it was enough. "How the hell did you know who I am?" He demanded.

The girl drummed her fingers on the arm of her chair. "Alright, you may have gathered by now that I... I knew your cousin." Jason knew that she wasn't telling him much of the story, but he let it slide. "Emilio was an ambassador of sorts, and he was good at his job to the point where he eventually became an honorary member of our order, which the Vatican wasn't too happy abo-"

"I don't give a rat's ass about Emilio!" Jason hissed. "How. Did you. Know. Me?"

Skye seemed cowed for once. she slowly nodded. "Okay, have it your way. After his death, Aqua and I each got a letter telling us to find someone with your description. And the rest is... You know what, just go back to sleep." She started looking through the papers with her usual cold disinterest.

I'm not getting anything more out of her. Jason thought, and he lied back down with his eyes open, staring at the boring ceiling and brooding. I know it isn't Emilio's fault that Mom and Dad are dead, but what kind of balls does it take to do what he did and still act like he's my friend?

Scoffing and turning over, Jason saw that the gun and knife he had found when Azaziel attacked were on the nightstand. He smiled silently, his mood somewhat lifted.