Thank you to my reviewers, maripach77, and toto23. They are truly kindred spirits.

Why People Don't Tell Me What to Do

This morning,

My mother said

"Make your bed."

I say,

"I'd rather buy it"

My bossy sister always says

"Clean up your side of the room."

I always tell her,

"Why not clean down my side?"

Or sometimes

I put on my bossyest voice

And say

"Clean up YOUR side."

After dinner

My father says,

"Take a shower."

Instead of saying "I wouldn't steal any shower."

I do what he says

Because he's scary.


Yes, 2nd Grade Megan, I totally understand you. You blurted out this comeback you thought was totally awesome, then think back to it about 7 years later, and realize how stupid that comeback was.

Happens to me all the time, girl.

But just a question, where did you get the 'bossy sister' from? YOU DON'T HAVE A SISTER!

That part confuses me a bit (don't know what you were thinking), but I absolutely agree with you on the last part.

Lots of Love,

Megan V. Dales