Nightmare on Sesame Street

Running through an abandoned train station I sprinted down one hallway to the next. My breath was coming in heavy panicked gasps, and only the sound of my feet on the dusty tile floor and the pounding of my frightened heart was all I could hear throughout the entire building. Not a hint of my pursuers could be detected. The many dirty windows I dashed by could only allow so much light from the setting sun outside through its grimy and ancient glass into the hall to illuminate my way through the dark. Therefore, it should be no surprise I tripped occasionally on scattered trash like a lost baby doll, a ratty suitcase, and tattered boxes with nothing inside. Lost things left here to never be returned to their owners. A graveyard of old artifacts going to ruin and waste in this unknown place was what came to mind when seeing it.

Suddenly, I came to an elevator at the very end of the hall! My way out of here was just a corridor away! Then the worst sound I could think to hear at that moment came to be heard.

"Hehehehehehehe! Tickle me!" the childishly high pitched voice rung out behind me. I forced my tired legs to race faster. If I wasn't in mortal danger at that moment I may have been impressed by my will power, but unfortunately, the situation at hand did not let me dwell on frivolous thought like that. At the moment I dared not look back to face my chasers. The elevator was only several yards away now! I could only hope I could keep up this pace and my lead. I'm so close now I won't let myself fail!

"C is for cookie and cookie is for me!" another voice this time a low bellow joined the shrill giggle of my hunters. Only a few feet away now! Once I got to the lift. I jammed the down arrow button multiple times hoping despite reason if I pressed it more it would come quicker.

Ding. As soon as the rusty metal door slide open with an awful scraping sound. Without missing a beat I punched the close button so hard my finger got red and pained. I only relaxed when the door was securely close. A single relieved sigh escaped as I slid my back down to the wall of the shaking declining wall. That is until instead of a mostly smooth and cold wall my back was met with a furry body. I bit my lip so hard to keep from screaming that my mouth was begun to fill with blood. I slowly turned my head to the side and saw my worst fear.

I was surrounded on all sides by fuzzy, dulled colored puppets all sinisterly grinning like maniacs. Unblinking eyes bore into my very so. Somehow those plastic dead eyes expressed their true evil intention. All I could do was scream and run out of the now opened elevator door. Even though we were still on the fifth floor I jumped out of the nearest window. As I fell and showered with broken glass I looked up and saw the deathly angry faced puppets crowding around the missing window not daring to take the leap as I had. Then I hit the ground.

I woke up in a cold, damp sweat gasping for air. Nightmares. Hate them. I slam my hand down on my ringing alarm clock and looked around my bedroom. Then I dragged myself out of my warm bed to my dresser drawer and picked up my Elmo tickle me doll. I then proceeded to open my window and chuck it with all my strength into the backyard. I was getting too old to play with doll anyway.