Chapter 5:

"So, you only have your 'gangster' outfit? How am I going to get you to look, you know…good?" I look down at her.

"Stop blaming it on me! I thought you might have some clothes!" Sisuka whipped her head up, making her wet purple hair move with her. Right now, she was wearing a random around her chest, holding onto the top. She took off the band-aid that was on her face and leg except the huge one which was still on her arm.

"You thought that I might have some clothes for you! I'm a guy!" Give me a break already! I've already gotten woken up with a slap 2 times today! Both cheeks!

"I didn't mean you! I meant your sister or something!" Our noses were about to touch from how close our faces were. I put my hand to my head and mumble, "I'm an only child."

She looks up with a face of jealously. "Man, I wish I was an only child." She crosses her arms as she puffed her cheeks out.

"So, do you have any money?" I retreat back, waiting for her reply.

"Am I going to need some?" Are you serious! If you want to get clothes and a makeover you're going to need money!

"We'll, I'm not paying for you. Figure it out yourself." I turn around and sit down at the table, and hurry over to the fridge.

"Rio, where are my clothes?" Is she really going to go outside with her 'gangster' outfit?

"There in the laundry." I lie as I rummage through the fridge, seeing if there is anything good. I don't want to have to walk around town with her next to me. You know how much trouble I'll get in for that? Huh, it seems that I might need to go grocery shopping later.

Then, Sisuka ran up the stairs, making no noise as her foot landed on the steps. I hear a door open and something dropping to the floor. What is she doing?

Sisuka comes back down stairs, the towel that used to be wrapping around her body, gone. Instead, she was wearing a baggy jacket and a pair of loose shorts that came down to her knees. It seems that she went into my room and stole some of my clothes.

Sisuka ran over to the mirror, put her hood up, and took one of the sunglasses that were next to the mirror.

"Hurry up Rio! We're going to get some money!" I quickly close the fridge door, knowing that Sisuka will not wait for me. By the time I was at the front door, Sisuka already had her shoes on. I grabbed onto my sneaker but I seemed to be having trouble putting them on. Then, without warning, Sisuka grabs my hand and pulls me out the door, my shoes barely hanging on my feet.

She kept pulling me as we made it to a wall. The stone wall had a roof on the top, coving most of whatever hid behind it. Behind the wall were tall trees, covering any sight of the house that could be seen past the wall. Looks like this house is pretty old fashion. Why are we here anyway?

Sisuka tucked her hair inside the hood, before put the sun glasses on. Then, Sisuka jumped up as her hands grabbed onto the roof of the wall. She pulled herself up and crouched down on the roof. What is she, a ninja? Why is she climbing over the walls? Then, it hits me. She's getting money here. Is she stealing money? Oh god please don't be! Sisuka soon disappeared into the trees, only a rustling noise to be heard.

I quickly run around the wall to find an entrance. The gate doors were closed tightly, as there was a wooden sign next to the door.

"Manakiko residence..." I've heard that name before, somewhere. I remember it being an important name. I think I heard my parents talking about it before they left their long trip.

I jumped back as something landed in front of me. Sisuka stood straight up and looked at me. I looked at the pockets, which were filled will money. Then, a yell echoed inside the building.

"Come on!" Sisuka grabbed onto my hand once more and ran. How many times have we done this? I looked behind me, as I see two people, one small and one tall, open the gates and watch us leave. The small one was bald, wearing a Buddhist outfit, with one hand clutching a bracelet with big red beads. The other man wore a tux, his black hair jelled back. Both of them yelled a name as we turned to the right.

Our pace slowed down as we were slowly being swallowed by the crowd of people. Many of them were moms, who are rushing to make it to sales, some still wearing their apron.

"Um…you can let go of my hand now" I notice that she still held onto my hand tightly. Most girls will blush, knowing that they were still holding onto my hand, but she didn't. Instead, she let go, and started to whip her hands all over the pants she was wearing. "Why are you doing that?"

"Cause they were sweaty and gross after holding onto your hand" she didn't think twice about answering that question. "You should watch your money, it's about to fall out." I warn her as she looks down at them. Did she really go steal that much money?

Sisuka stuck her hands into the pockets where she held the money from falling out. "Where do we go to get clothes?" She turned around and started to walk backwards, looking at me. "Your choice, whatever type of clothes you're looking for."

Then, without warning, she turned into a store that had a big sign on the window, "New clothes, new styles!"

The store was colorful with decorations everywhere. It seemed that this store held a variation of different clothes. One wall was Goth and Lolita outfits while the other side had brightly colored tops and shorts. Sisuka stopped in the middle of the store, looking at all the clothes stacked upon other clothes.

She looked at all the clothes with a smile on her face. It seemed that it may have been her first time coming into a store without everyone's attention on her. But, she was still getting people's attention from the baggy clothes and sunglasses she was wearing.

Then, she turns her neck toward me. "You going to help me pick out clothes, right!? Hurry up!" She said this in a scolding voice which had a tint of joy. I walk over to a corner and start flipping through clothes, half caring what the clothes look like, until I heard a gurgling noise. I unconsciously raise my hand up to my stomach, who was begging for food. That's right…I didn't get to eat breakfast.

I shove my head between the clothes that were hang up as I tried to bear with my hunger. If I get her clothes, I can get food faster! Before I knew it, my hands went through the shelves, picking out cloth after cloth.

"Hey, go try these on" I tap Sisuka's shoulder, not willing to risk saying her name. I don't think Sisuka's a common name. I shoved the clothes into her arms and started to push her into the changing room. "Wai-!" She never finished her sentence for I closed the curtain.

I stick my left hand into my pocket, pulling out my phone seconds later. I flip it open, and look at the screen as it showed the time in big bold numbers. It was 10 o'clock. I shoved it back into my pocket, waiting for Sisuka to come out. After a few boring minutes pass, the curtains were finally pulled back. I look at Sisuka as she walked out of the changing room. It seems that the outfit fit her better than I expected.

She was wearing knee high black socks with red dots. For pants, she just wore plain denim shorts. At least we were able to cover up her cuts and bruises. The white tank top she was wearing had a light pink lace design on top of it. The tank top fit her body perfectly, revealing what her 'gangster' outfit couldn't. Her curves and her bust. This would definitely catch Kaoru's eyes. But there seemed to be nothing to cover up the wound on her right arm.

"That good enough?" Sisuka nods her head without giving me eye contact. "Then let's hurry up and get it." I start to walk out the door. Right when I open the door, I lean against a wall.

"Rio-chan!" I turn my head to see a girl run toward me. Who was that girl again-? I think it was…Akiko! "Hey Akiko" She stops in front of me, putting her arms behind her. The typical girl pose. Usually to show off the chest. I guess I could use a bit of normal after what I've gone through. "What are you doing here?"

Akiko looks at me with a smile. "I was shopping with my friends! We were planning to go to the karaoke club later. You want to come with us?" I was about to decline her offer until someone pulled on my sleeve. I crane my neck to see Sisuka. She was wearing the clothes that I picked out for her but she had my jacket on with the hood up, as well as the sunglasses back onto her face.

"Who's that?" Akiko reached her hand out and started to move it toward the hood, threatening to pull it down. We'll, until I slapped it away. "Huh-?" I stare at the hand that got slapped away as Akiko looks at me with surprise, her eyes wide open. Sisuka pulled on my sleeve again, this time harder. Then again.

"Umm…sorry. I need to go…I'll see you later!" I grab onto Sisuka's shoulders and start to run the opposite direction. "Rio! Wai-" Akiko tires to call out to me until she stopped in the middle of the sentence. In the middle of running, Sisuka's hood falls down. Sisuka raised her hand to catch the hood from revealing her hair but it was too late. "Rio-?" Akiko stood there, watching them run. "Purple hair?-!"