Chapter 6:

I walk into a restaurant with a girl behind me. The girl had black hair, a pair of fashionable sunglasses on her face, and her lips were coated with pink gloss as she looked at me. Even with the sunglasses on, I was definitely sure about something. Sisuka was nervous.

I seemed that Sisuka's purple hair was a total give away and she wasn't going to be able to wear a coat everywhere she went. I decided that she needed a better disguise then a hood and my old gramps sunglasses. We got her a wig, new sunglasses, and some makeup kits for later.

"How many people will be eating with you?" A woman asked me as I raise two fingers. "Two" The lady guided us to a table in the left side of the restaurant. We sat down as she gave us both menus, and then left. I look up at Sisuka as she takes off her sunglasses, revealing her blue eyes that were outlined with black and long dark lashes.

I put my hand onto my stomach, flipping through the menu for something good. I decided to go with the buffet. At least I won't have to wait for my food. Sisuka kept her eyes on the menu, moving back and forth as she looks for something to eat. It looks like she didn't have breakfast as well. Then, what was she doing?

The same waitress came around the corner, and asked us what were going to order. After I tell her that I want the buffet, Sisuka says her order with joy.

" I would like um, a double cheese burger with fries on the side, sunny side up eggs, cream puffs, pudding, and the special dessert of the day" The waitress looked down at her for a moment, then pulled out a note pad from the pocket of her dress and started to write down Sisuka's order. Then, she left and came back with two large cups. She looked up at us and smiled.

"Drinks are on the house!"

I give the woman a half smile after I look at the cups. After the woman left, I grabbed one of the cups and started to get out of my seat to fill up my cup.

"Rio! Wait! Get me something to drink too." I turn around and look at her. "Why should I?" I ask. Then one of Sisuka's hand rises up as and puts it above her head. I see what you're doing. You're threatening me by taking off your wig. "Fine" I quickly grab the other glass and turn my back toward Sisuka. My brows furrow and my jaw tightens as I hear a small laugh come from behind me. I pick up my pace, so I can't hear her anymore.

The drinking bar is on the opposite side of the restaurant, which is split in half by a wall. I quickly get past the bunch of people and pour water into Sisuka's cup. I make my way over to the coffee machine that had a line.

"Hey, you see that boy? Isn't he cute?" "Yeah I see him. He is cute!" I slowly turn my head a tiny bit, enough to see two girls behind me. Their faces were covered in makeup. One of the girls was obviously tanned but put a load of pale makeup. Her other friend was the total opposite. She was pale with a load of tan makeup or bronzer on her face. I'm not sure which.

Apparently I turned my head to much, enough for the girls to notice that they were being watched. "Shhhh! He's looking over here!" The tanned one said as they both turned their heads and smiled while waving their hands. Man, their nails are so long. I don't see how anyone would like to date them. I quickly turn my head at the coffee machine. I tried to avoid their gaze, but I could feel it digging into me. I counted down the seconds for the coffee to be done, for me to finally get back to my table. At least Sisuka didn't cover her face in makeup.

I grabbed my glass as I finished adding milk into my coffee. I sit down and give Sisuka her water. I turned around to see if the girls were still looking at me. But thank The Lord, there's a wall between us. I sigh with relief as I grab onto my cup. The buffet is on my side so I won't have to go through the same terror I just went through.

I look up at Sisuka who was studying my face. It looked like she wanted to say something but couldn't. Then, she turns her head and looks at the screen of her phone. She started to type the keys furiously as her grip around her phone tightened. Her hand grabbed onto the glass of water as she gulped it down. She turned around and looked at my face, her eyes only reflected fire.

"What's wrong?" God, why am I getting my nose pocked into a gang leaders business? Sisuka hesitated to answer for a moment, but then soon opened her mouth.

"My team got themselves in trouble again. In going to have to deal with it later." She ended the sentence with a long deep sigh. "When are you going to deal with them?" I sip a bit of my coffee.

"I'm going to go after this lesson." Life must be tough being a gang leader when people constantly aim at you. She just got hurt yesterday from a fight and she's going to get hurt again.

I start to stack food on a plate as I walk through the buffet. I can't wait to have some of this.

When I come back to the table, I start to chew on my spaghetti. Sisuka's order of the double cheese burger and the sunny side eggs finally came, making her calm down from the text message. But that didn't last long. She got another text that ticked her off once more. "What's wrong now?" I shove more spaghetti into my mouth.

"They got themselves in trouble with the Rukuu gang." I chocked on my spaghetti. I remember that gang. When I was walking in an alley one day, I saw the gang beating up a kid. I could tell who the leader was for he wore a white cloth around his arm unlike the others. I was able to get away on to enjoy he did get a glance at my face with a smile. I try my best to forget about that day.

I push aside my cloud of thoughts and come back to reality.

It seems that I'm really going to have to show her how to put on. It seems that she hasn't really done a lot of arts and craft when she was small. As our waitress leaves our table with the check, we both started to get ready to go, until I feel something coming up. "I'll be back in a sec." That was my only warning to her as I dash toward the back of the restaurant. The room I entered was the bathroom. I quickly satisfied my needs and zipped out of the room. I didn't want to leave Sisuka out there alone for too long. I stop right as I close the door behind me.

Sisuka was at the table, staring off to space, her mouth hanging open. Well, not really staring off. She was looking at a man. And the man was Kaoru. It seemed that he just entered the restaurant, and was about to get lunch. Sisuka's eyes sparkled as she watched him. She must really like this horrible man. A smile curled up on her lips. but then, her eyes were over taken by something black. Her eyes widen as she watched the scene. I quickly turn my head to where Kaoru was standing.

In Kaoru's arm was another girl. Her hair all curled and wavy as it bounced every time she walked on her oversized high heels. Her skirt was a perfect fit on her legs as her top started from her shoulder down her hands.

I turn back over to Sisuka, whose head was ducked down. I quickly walk over to our table and put may hands down onto the table.

"Let's go" She looks up at me with surprise as her watery eyes quivered. We need to get out of here before he sees her crying.

She go the bags and started to walk toward the door. I followed after her. Before I leave the restaurant, I sneak one last look at Kaoru. He and his girlfriend shared a kiss before they sat down at there table. Good thing Sisuka didn't see that.

We kept walking for a while. Alley after alley. Sisuka kept her mouth shut until we were deep in the maze. She raised her hand up and grabbed onto the wig, pulling it off.

"Wha-?" Sisuka threw the wig at me and dropped the cosmetic bags onto the ground. Sisuka went through the last bag on her arm and pulled out my jacket. She put the coat on and dropped the last bag onto the floor. Then she ran off, leaving me with the wigs and bags.

" Sisuka!" I scream as I see her turn the corner.