"Love Will Always Mend"

By Rosemary Kelly

I was an ex-gentleman, a lone pirate and a fool. I was perhaps the biggest fool that may have ever lived on this God forsaken planet. I have already lost myself, on an un-triumphant quest for love. I have made many mistakes in my short time of living.

I was raised in a wealthy family of greed. We were respected, I had it all. But yet, I wasn't happy. A gentleman's life was not suited to me. I longed for the sea. I longed for real love, not a fake marriage arranged by my mother.

So I found myself crushed in-between crates of fabric and quickly rotting vegetables, having abandoned my wealthy life-style. A lone pirate must start somewhere, and on such short notice, I found myself below sea-level, on a filthy British trading ship.

I was clutching tightly to a silver locket, a stolen memento that had belonged to my mother, and the fading hope that this was not a mistake.
The ship swayed to and fro, the sounds of the waves crashing on deck above were all enhanced from where I sat. I could hear the rain lashing down and I swallowed uneasily. We had hit a storm. This was not my day.

Suddenly, the ship jerked roughly, knocking several stinking wooden crates onto their sides. For just a moment it was pure silence. Even the wind had shut up. A heavenly moment, if only for a second. Then all hell broke loose.

The ship began to tilt backwards. I stood up, only to be knocked down again by its quickly gaining speed. The wooden crates slid along the floor, smacking loudly against the walls of the ship. With a fear inducing crack, the walls burst open and water flooded in.

The ship continued to tilt and it soon was almost standing up out of the sea, like a majestic or even an angelic tower, one that was riddled with hopelessness. I fell through where the ship walls once stood and was plunged into the ice-cold water below. I was going to drown.


Before I could see, or even hear, I could feel her small fingers running through my matted raven hair. If I were dead, then I hoped that moment of peace would never end.

But I was not dead for death was a sentence of eternal loneliness. I suppose, I was half way there at the time. Slowly I blinked my eyes open, to discover a dimly lit and unfamiliar room. It was unlike anywhere I had ever been.

The ceiling towered high above me, a faded shadow to the human eye. Small torches gave poor lighting, but it was stone cold. Beside me sat a petite figure, dressed in a silky soft-pink dress.

She had wavy beach blonde hair that flowed down to the small of her back. Her skin was fair and small scatterings of freckles were plotted across her cheeks. My chocolate-brown eyes met with her turquoise orbs. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

"Ah you're finally awake" she spoke, almost whispering softly. Her voice was smooth and sweet sounding, like fine milky-cream. And I, being the idiot I always have been, gawked up at her. I hope I was not drooling. But she simply smiled warmly down at me, and helped me to sit up.

"You must be confused. I found you washed up on the beach. You were so cold; I just had to bring you inside".

I took a long look around once more, my eyes always flickering back to the Godly golden statues at the top of the room. It was almost like an altar, but yet at the same time, it was completely different.

They looked like mighty heroes from fabulous long-ago fairy-tales. They were everything I was not, strong, mighty and brave.

This young woman was probably searching for a man like one of them. But yet, at that moment, my heart had fallen for her. She was now leaning over me, her tiny hand pressed against my forehead. I had yet to utter a word to her.

"My name is Avengiline Earhart. I am the only Princess on this entire land". She almost sighed, as if there was something diminishing about that fact. Was this Princess in the same situation as I once was? I smiled at her for the first time, and waited for her to continue. And she did.

I learned of her ever sorrowing faith. Love was a forbidden luxury for her. She was never to marry, barely made known to her already small world. She had always been hidden away.

"You and I" I mumbled. "We are the same. We have always been taunted by the very idea of love, never to be in our reach. Together though, we could-".

I cut myself short, blushing at my rambling. Any gentleman manners I once had must have sunk along with the ship. Avengiline smiled, producing from her long sleeve, my locket. Or rather, my poor old mother's locket.

Flashes of haunting memories flew through my mind. Her disapproving eyes, the everlasting scowl on her face, the pain-staking scream as I ended her life. I was a filthy murderer. I was someone who was never supposed to love. The sight of the locket diminished any joy I may have felt. I shook my head free of terrorising memories and pressed the locket back into her hands.

"Keep it. Maybe as a memory of this silly stranger, or perhaps just an odd trinket. Do what you like with it for I cannot keep it".

Her pretty little was littered with confusion. "I've killed a person. Not just anybody, not even a man. I've killed my own mother".

I was a coward, I was no better than a monster. I did not deserve the presence of such a beautiful princess. I waited for her to cry, or even for a slap. Anything to confirm the guilt ridden fears that swam through my thoughts.

But instead she leaned over me, caressing my cheek.

"You did it as a dying wish for freedom. I can see it in your eyes, for beauty never lies" she whispered gently.

All of a sudden, her lips were pressed softly against mine. I knew in that short moment, that we were lovers. My heart stayed hammering loudly when she pulled away. A blush crept upon my cheeks.

Avengiline kept my dark skinned hands in hers; pulling me up from the couch I lay on. I was far taller than her; she had to tilt her head to meet my eyes.

"Let us ride out to the sea. Together we can disappear beneath the waves and truly live".

In the end I had not completely lost myself. I had lived the life of a madman, but had lived through it, what some would call insanity. I sank further than any man had ever dared. But Avengiline had picked up my broken pieces, and mended me.

Together, hand in hand, we strode confidently to the doors. With a gentle push, they opened, allowing the night-sky's gentle glint to wash over us. We kissed once more and began our adventure.