The Little Things

You know what I wish?
I wish you could see me for
What I really am

Instead of just the

That's all I am, right?
I mean, you never tell me
That I'm more than that.

But who am I to
Try and analyse what goes
On behind your eyes?

Especially when I know differently…

You are my best friend,
And I know you love me too,
Though I question it

Every damn day.
And, despite your protests and
Constant denial,

I know it: The truth.
It lies in the little things…
In between the cracks

Few ever look there,
Fewer still find anything.
But you always do.

As do I, it seems.
I know where and when to look.
You value your space,

You bite and you rip
If it is infringed upon.
And that scares me so.

But you look, and you find.
It shows in the little things you do.
That's why I know
That you love me too.