A/N: Written for the January 2013 WCC challenge.

The Little Girl by the Window Seat

A dreamer's dove, upon the window seat,
stretched wide its pearly wings
to release the spinner's trap
to the East wind
whose unclothed feet touched not
the soil which sullied all else.

A beauty fades beyond sight and sound, lost
where no words could give it form
beyond a streak of white
in the dimly lit night sky, with absent stars
and lanterns none, to guide the thorny path
so as to return one forever lost
to its tender casket of trunk and bough.

Beyond the shroud with darkness sown
and cloak the heaven casts down
to stifle hell but for the folds revealed
in a clumsy cast –
and from the magician's hat
bursts a flurry in monochrome

With no child to giggle at colourful lights
but rather to look at escaping hope
upon the wings of a desolate dream…

Tears! A raining river descends
from the heavy clouds that sag
and lumber upon the string of fate
that holds their heads high – erect.
Blinded eyes
are now clouded by a bubbles' sheen,
shimmering pale and of all rainbow's steed
and pulling forth the woman's pallid veil…

And glass slippers, with a diamond cut,
rest upon her feet, fragile but with
strength buried within, the coals of hell
do nothing to burn her feet.