Rachael screams as a bullet shoots right through the palm of her hand. She isn't a fast as she used to be.

"Come on!" Mark grabs Rachael by the arm, ducking so the counter is shielding them from bullets. Rachael grabs some gauze from her pack and wraps it around the palm of her hand as Mark radios for help. "We've got the diamond. You need to get to the kitchen quick."

"Roger," Hank replies on the other line.

As the spaceship lowers down a ladder by the window, the two comrades use body sized metal trays as shields and hurry out the windows to cling onto the ladder lowered down for them. Hank quickly moves the ladder into the ship and closes the bottom door. Mark and Rachael pant as they lean against the walls of the ship. That was close...

"Are you hit?" Birobot asks the two politely.

"Not seriously," Rachael easily replies, unwrapping her hand to disinfect it and pull the bullet out. It turns out the bullet really shot all the way through her hand. No wonder it was numb.

"Mission accomplished without a scratch," Mark whistles. "That's not something anyone can say when it has to do with those cannibalistic morons' technology after you."

"They should know better than to make their 'cookie' trays bulletproof," Rachael mutters.

"Like I said," Mark laughs. "Morons."

"With connections," Hank adds. "By the way, you should give the diamond to Birobot so he can confirm that it's real."

Mark scoffs. "He?"

Hank rolls his eyes. "Does his voice sound like a woman to you?"

Mark rolls his eyes. "Whatever." Birobot retrieves the diamond from Mark's hands and puts it in it's "stomach" to scan it.

"Sometimes you learn to treat the robots like people," Rachael says softly. "It's nice to know something will be there for you and never die..."

Hank looks down at the control board in front of him. "I agree..." He notices some spaceships on his radar and switches to mega-hyper-drive. "Matta Spaceships behind us. Losing them."

"Never a resting moment," Rachael groans, recapturing her soldier attitude.

"What do you people think you signed up for?" Mark retorts.

"It gets old," Rachael answers.

"Then why the fuck-"

Hank cuts him off, "Don't ask."

Just when Mark's about to ask another question, Birobot proclaims, "Diamond of Ages acquired. Information: a mystic diamond that erases immortality by piercing an immortal's heart . Sending mission completion information to them who requests."

Just then, Rachael's and Hank's transmitters go off at once. They Hanks snatches it from Birobot before Mark can notice. He lodges it deep into Rachael's heart and pulls it out again. Rachael falls to the ground with a bleeding chest and a smile. Just as Hank reaches for his arm, he aims it on his chest to pierce his own heart. Mark can't budge his arm an inch.

"No! Don't do it!" he begs, his mind still processing the shock.

"I hope you know how to drive a spaceship, Mark."