And that was the end of them. Luckily, Mark did in fact know how to drive the spaceship, but he had to wonder... Why did they file a mission if they were able to do it themselves? Or did they need Mark's sticky fingers? That's probable, but they could have at least waited to commit suicide. Were Immortals really so old that they couldn't spare another moment so their new comrade didn't have to drive himself home, after a well-worked mission, completely to blame for letting both of his comrades die? Does age make you heartless, thinking that it doesn't matter if someone has to be kicked off the thing they've aimed to become their whole life, after three measly missions? These thoughts plague his mind as he enters Super Galactic Agent's, or SGA's Earth Headquarters.

The Head Agent called him to his office.

"Tell me, Mark... What's your number one obligation on a mission?"

"To protect your teammates and achieve goal, sir."

"Yes, that's right. So why, might I ask, did you allow your precious teammates kill themselves, exactly? After all, it was your first obligation to keep them alive."

"I tried to stop them, sir. They were far too quick, and I was still recovering from the surprise. They were Immortals, to boot, so I assumed-"

"That it would be best to let them Die?" he drawls, venom dripping from his words.

Fuck, Mark thought to himself. I really screwed up, didn't I? He gulps. "My deepest apologies, sir. It won't happen again."

"And what makes you think I'll let you repeat this mistake? YOU DON'T KNOW HOW PRECIOUS OUR IMMORTALS ARE!" he blares furiously.

Mark cowers in fear. The Head Agent scowls at his obvious weakness, which presses Mark into a diminutive rodent. "I'm sorry," he squeaks.

Head Agent takes a semi-deep breath and exhales as he gains his composure. "Let me bring you in on a little secret. The Immortals are a powerful race. Without them, a world has quite literally no protection.
And so, us mortals do as we can to serve them. When they tire of their lives, we simply renew their memories. That's the main duty of SGA Industry, to serve our precious saviors. Of all the immortals,only two have chosen to protect our planet. Can you guess which two those are?"

Mark transforms into a tiny, wide eyed figurine, easily crushed by any passing foot. His mind cannot comprehend the shame that penetrates him. He can't even blink.

"However," Head Agent's voice loses it's cruel accent. "It is my mistake not to monitor the missions. And, as often as we cleansed their memory, they still seemed just as weary of their immortal lives. Perhaps immortality is a burden beyond what one would think, or what mere mortal minds could imagine. And so, you will be provided with one more chance to remain on our force. However, if you are to fail then you are to face execution, for your knowledge is too great for a regular agent. You must become a Superior SGA in order to keep your life. Your first mission will be to find our world some immortals.

"You achieved a legendary diamond from the world of Matta on your first mission. Though not as talented as any of Superior, I expect you to go far. You will travel alongside five others to the Planet of the Gods. You will negotiate, but do not offer more than two billion slaves and three billion lives. You're ship is 'MegaShip IV'. Go on and rest well tonight, for your next mission starts tomorrow. Be well prepared, you have a long journey ahead. You are dismissed."

Mark robotic-ally bows and exits the room. Most Agents never become a Superior. And he's becoming one on his second(real) mission? There's now way he'll be able to sleep, tonight.