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Chapter 1, Erin

Erin's heart was beating in her chest so loudly she thought people all the way to China could hear it. Apparently, Percy, who was standing next to her, didn't hear it. "So," Erin said nervously. "Where are you taking me on this sunny day?" Percy smiled and answered her, "I want you to meet my demigod girlfriend Annabeth. Since you already know about the greek gods and how they exist, I figured it wouldn't do any... harm to let you meet my girlfriend." As soon as Percy said those words, a blue mercedes pulled up in the apartment's parking lot. Out stepped a teenage girl with blond curly hair tied in a ponytail, a blue Camp Half-Blood tee shirt, and skinny jeans. "Hey Seaweed Brain!" She called. "Hi Annabeth." Percy smiled. Annabeth walked over to Percy and gave him a hug and a kiss. Then she said, "You told me to come here today and meet a clear sighted mortal." Erin walked over and answered Annabeth's statement. "I'm the "clear sighted mortal" nice to meet you. By the way, I'm Erin and your Annabeth." Annabeth nodded her head. "I think we have to report to Chiron. He'll want to know about this. And, I need to tell you something privately and alone." Annabeth said to Percy. "Sure Wise Girl." Annabeth motioned toward Erin. "Hop in." She said. Erin climbed in to the backseat while Annabeth and Percy were at the front. Do not mess up in front of Annabeth and Percy Erin. Do not mess up in front of Annabeth and Percy Erin. Erin thought over and over. Annabeth kept on glancing back at her again and again. When she said something to Percy who was at the drivers seat, he shook his head. "Listen guys," Erin said. "I know I'm being rude, but what are you guys talking about? If it's about me not saying thank you, or me hanging out with Percy-" Annabeth laughed. "Nah, of course it's not about those stuff. It's about another clear sighted mortal that's quite like you Erin." Erin instantly felt relieved. "So, will I meet that mortal?" She questioned. "Of course. You'll be meeting Rachel Dare, our oracle, with the spirit of Delphi inside her." Annabeth said. Erin felt confused. Oracle? Spirit of Delphi? Rachel Dare? Chiron? It seems like Percy didn't tell me about anything exept gods and monsters. She thought privately. "Oh, don't be nervous." Annabeth happily said. "Everyone is nice at camp, exept for the Ares cabin." "Hop out, we'll be walking from now." Percy cut in. "Dragon!" Erin yelped. Percy laughed. "That's only Peleus, our guard dragon. Don't worry, he's not going to harm you since we are here." Percy took Erin's hand and stepped inside the magical boundries of Camp Half-Blood. "Theres alot of demigods here," Erin remarked. "Alot of demigods? Of course. Though, not all of them are Greek, some are Roman coming to visit." Annabeth told her. "Romans? I thought Romans hated the Greeks." Erin felt even more confused. Annabeth and Percy didn't have time to answer since Chiron came over. "Whose this mortal?" He asked Annabeth and Percy, searching their eyes for an explanation. "Ah, I see. A clear sighted mortal girl. I assume... yes, yes, of course she'll be meeting Rachel." He said. Wow, Erin thought That centaur who Annabeth and Percy call Chiron can read minds! Too late. Chiron looked at her. "Oh yes," he said. "I can read minds very well. Why don't we take you to meet Rachel, our Oracle."

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