The Starting of a Legend: Enchanters

Chapter #1: Warnings

Soft footfalls began a steady beat as a girl ran down the halls of the silent house. Being locked in a huge mansion in the middle of an abandoned forest was such a pain! This was her only time to escape, "Marie! Where are you goin'? It's almost dark out there!" The girl stopped in her tracks. She was caught. Damn it.

The one called Marie trudged into the second floor kitchen where her grandmother sat in her rocking chair, staring out the window that took up most of the wall. Nothing but forest was visible from the window. "Sorry, Gran," Marie apologized, shyly putting her hands behind her back and switching from foot to foot. "I'm just bored in here, and I finished the book you gave me, so I figured exploring a little wouldn't be so bad…" She gave her grandmother hopeful eyes but kept her head low.

The elder woman turned from the window and focused her aged green eyes on her granddaughter. "Chile, are you trying to get yourself killed?" Her grandmother slurred, her teeth having fallen out long ago.

"What?" Marie said all façade of being sorry gone. "It's just trees and dirt out there! How could I die?"

"If it's all trees and dirt out there, then what will you explore?" her grandma shot back.

Marie had definitely not expected her grandmother to be so sharp. "Well…I could find something like a trail or—or something someone lost…"

"Chile, I know what's in that forest left and right. The only thing out there is your death wish."

"And why is that grandma?" Marie replied with only sarcasm in her voice.

The old woman looked around before whispering, "The enchanters!"

"What the heck are those?" the girl snapped, barely refraining from cursing in front of her grandma.

She sighed. "The only things in this world that won't let you go once they have their hands on a female soul."

"Whatever, Grandma. I think you've gone a little senile from being cooped up in here."

She sighed again. "Sit down, Chile, and I'll tell you everything I know 'bout these enchanters." Marie inwardly rolled her eyes and pulled out one of the kitchen chairs. She twisted it around and straddled the seat, resting her arms along the back and laying her head in them. Her grandmother sighed. She was one piece of work. "They started showing up here about seventy-five years ago. They trick you into trustin' 'em and slowly make their way into your heart. Then, when they have you where they want ya, they take you to their home tree and fuse your soul to their own."

"So they're soul-eaters…?" Marie asked, bored, sneaking glances out the window. She snuck a glance at her grandmother, who was glaring at her. "What?"

"You ain't listin'," she said, green eyes narrowed at her granddaughter. "These monsters are dangerous. They know how to trick us! It don't matter how smart ya are!" Sigh. "Do ya at least know what willows are?"

Marie shrugged, "'Course I do. They're the spirits of brides that died just before they're weddings. They find wondering men in their forest and seduce them, then lead them to their deaths by drowning them."

"Well, the enchanters are their male equivalent. Except, they keep possession of your soul."

"Okay, say these 'enchanters' are real," Marie started, "How do I protect myself against them?"

"You can't," said her grandmother. "You can only bless objects so they can't enter or touch them."

The teenager repressed her rage. That was the stupidest thing she'd ever heard! "Gran, you can't be serious."

"I'm dead serious. These things can't be stopped so easily."

"Whatever." Marie removed herself from the chair and stomped down the stairs to the main floor.

"Where are you going!" her grandmother cawed.

"Outside! I'm proving these things don't exist!" she yelled back and slammed the front door behind her.

"God help that poor child," her grandmother whispered, clutching the rusted silver pendant around her neck. "Please leave her alone, she's just an innocent…"

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