Start of Legends: Enchanters

Last Time; Chapter #3: Revelations Part 1

She'd seen the high cheekbones and cropped blonde hair before. "Grandma…" she whispered. Paranoia overwhelmed her, telling her that this "Lucian" was some kind of messed up stalker with a thing for her grandma.

Another her stared back at her from an expanse of seven feet. Panic flushed through her when sense calmed her. Just my reflection, she thought sighing at her reflection. She glanced around the room, only to be disturbed by a life size wooden statue of her grandmother watching her. She glanced back at the mirror and saw the resemblance. She was almost an exact replica of her grandmother. "Holy crap…" she whispered. Backing away from it.

"After all, she is so paranoid I'm coming back for her."

Both fear and shock collided within as realization came to light, "Y-you're Gran's enchanter?!" her voice squeaked and she continued to back up.

"Why wouldn't I be? After all, she was the one who made me what I am."

"Leave me alone!" she screamed. His footsteps seemed to getting closer when—shinng! a small finger knife embedded itself into the tree trunk next to her head. She stopped dead in her tracks and looked back in horror, seeing Lucian with a sadistic grin holding a set of throwing knifes between each of his fingers.

"Oh God." Marie breathed, hugging Ben as if they were the last people on Earth, "Lucian's insane!" she declared softly. Sobs threatened to choke as she left her guard down around someone she felt she could trust.

"Well," his grip on her tightened, "I guess that makes me insane as well." Shock ran through Marie. Crap, he was one of them. She tried pushing him off, only for the little devil to be at least twice as strong as she was.

"I would be more careful of where I wonder if I were you." a voice called from above. Jean stood up in the branches of a ridiculously tall tree. Still shirtless in sweatpants.

Anger bubbled up in Marie this time, "Are you going to attack me too?!" she yelled up at him.

He gave a sigh of annoyance, "Why would I bother? You're a waste of my time. There's someone else I want not you."

"You mean my grandma?" she called up.

"Don't make me laugh." He snickered. "Not all of us are obsessed with you grandmother's soul. I want someone completely different from you. I want Angelica; she came here with your grandmother before they abandoned us here to rot." He said with disgust.

He stepped off the branch, one foot in front of the other. Instead of falling he stood straight in the air, much to Marie's horror.

"What the hells' going on…" she breathed.

"You haven't figured it out yet? We all have different abilities that are supernatural to normal talents." He cocked his head and began to float down to Marie's position. "As you've seen with Ben's supernatural strength and Lucian's deadly aim, our abilities can't fail."

"You're all insane!" Marie screamed taking off into the forest.

"Idiot girl." Jean mumbled under his breath as he floated in the opposite direction.

Begin; Chapter #4: Revelations Part 2

He watched her run by, not stopping for anything, completely content with the fact she was running for her life. Well, it'll be hilarious to scare her; he smirked from hidden on the tree. He followed her at a pace no human could possibly hope to reach. He passed her and continued through until he judged that she would cross in mere seconds.

Marie ran like hell down the path she had found. Rocks dug into the bottoms of her shoes, giving her an uncomfortable feeling, but she had to keep going. She was tired hungry and cold, but she had to keep going. Out of the brush some one suddenly popped up, from the ground. From his waist below he seemed to be blended with the foliage and ground, "So we meet once more." He declared.

Marie gave him a blank look for a second and in her confusion stopped running. "Who are you?" she could have sworn she'd seen his face but she just couldn't place it.

The stranger's eyebrows twitched in annoyance. "Goddamnit, we just met less than an hour ago!" he yelled. She gave him a blank look. "I'm Henry!" he screamed at her.

She continued to look at him blankly before swiftly raising her leg and kicking him in the face. "What the hell!" he screamed, his face throbbing with pain from the blow. Marie ran like hell and didn't look back.

The shadows in the forest loomed high around her, her only company she panting lungs and thudding footsteps. She had to get to her grandmother's. There, she'd be safe. Small amounts of moonlight lit up her way, pointing out twigs or patches of dirt.

"Just what direction do you think Karleen is in?" the all too familiar voice of Lucian called from up above. Marie craned her head to look up. There he was, leaning down from his relaxed sitting position watching her with a shark's grin. "After all, I haven't been there for her for eighty-three years."

Marie glared up at him, "Just what do you want from her?!" she said as angrily as she could, her voice catching at the end. She hoped he didn't notice. Worst of all, the forced anger had taken the rest of her usable energy and fear began to sink in anywhere she wasn't pretending to be brave. Her knees began to shake, knocking against each other in a soundless motion.

"Well if you must know," Lucian called down with a smile in his voice. He leapt off the branch, landing with inhuman grace before her. He stood tall and imposing, an obvious threat. Marie bit the inside of her mouth to keep from screaming and giving him a look into her tortured mind. Blood began to seep into her mouth as the urge to scream became stronger. "Where to begin," he tapped his chin and began a slow pace of one yard in front of her. "How about when she first found me?" he suggested like a kid might. "In your time it was nineteen twenty seven, Karleen was a couple years older than you…" he began to sink into the memory, vividly describing the scene;

she and her friend Angelica had been scouring these very woods, exploring what their fathers had forbidden. I'm not sure how it happened, I remember waking up within a tree trunk, confused and alone. It was about high noon when they came after hours of my solitude. I cried for hours, waiting for someone to find me. I had feared my mother had abandoned me, you see my father was never around to begin with. I think my mind was that of an eight-year-old then.

They came up the hill; giggling about how much trouble they'd be in if they were caught. Karleen spotted me, the shock on her face stopping her friend in her tracks. "My God! Angelica look at the boy!" the two hitched up their skirts and ran up the rest of the hill. Delicately, with the softest hands I'd ever felt, they removed me from the spot within the hollow of a tree. "Are you alright?" she asked leaning over my body. Her face seemed to glow with the radiant light coming from the sun her head was blocking.

I sobbed in reply and held onto her, letting my tears of happiness drench the puff of her sleeve. "Hey its okay, you're not alone anymore." She smiled down at me and held me. She was so warm and smelled of soup and sugar.

"My word! What's a kid doing out here?" Angelica asked on her knees next to us.

"I don't know. I wonder if there are anymore of them…?" she wondered stroking my hair.

"I'll look." Angelica suggested, brushing dirt and leaves off her skirt. Secretly, I was glad she was gone. I knew somewhere deep down inside, that this person holding me was the one I wanted.

In a few moments Angelica's voice was heard, "I found someone!" Karleen stood, cradling me in her arms, like a mother might do. My body wasn't the one it was now; it was fragile and weak, barely up to her hip.

"We're coming!" she called. Carefully, she maneuvered us farther into the forest where we saw Angelica coaxing someone about my size out of a bush. His face was stoic, his eyes slightly set in a glare, and he was nude. I gave a glance at myself to see I was also. Heat began to rush up to my face. "Who would abandon such kids out here?" Karleen question setting me down carefully on a small patch of grass. She knelt next to me and asked, "Do you know?"

I shook my head, only wanting to know one thing. That she belonged to me.

"Well you must have a name?" she persisted.

Nothing but her face came up in my mind. She was the only thing I knew, and wanted to know. I shook my head again, my too long red hair getting on my eyes. She brushed it out of my eyes, "What unusual colors." She noted, playing with a stand of my hair. "I don't think I know anyone with this kind of hair."

"Oh no!" Angelica cried, staring up at the sky. Beautiful flaming colors decorated the usually blue sky, although not as beautiful as Karleen. "We have to be home before the sun completely sets!" They began to gather their skirts and flee down the hill.

"We'll be back for you tomorrow!" Karleen cried, looking back.

You could say it was this night it all started. As soon as the sun set, voices began to call to me. Men, young and old, call for help. The screamed over and over again about how they could never profess their love. How I was the only one who could help them. Their moans cut into my mind, filling my head with nothing but their pleas. So, I let them have their wish. I screamed for them to stop, my voice granting them all access to power I hadn't known I had. After all, I was the first, I had all the power.

When the came back the next morning, Karleen and Angelica were talking about the disappearance of women inside the city. I had no idea what I'd just done.

Karleen unfolded a handkerchief of food and produced a block of cheese along with circular crackers. "Here, I thought you might be hungry." She said with a smile. I'd accept anything she'd give me. I ate it greedily, even though my stomach didn't need it.

As that year went by, Karleen began to teach Eugene and I English and math. She taught us everything she knew, and soon she named me Lucian after a character in a book her school had her read. Angelica named Eugene his name from her father. Our weak and pathetic bodies grew at a rapid rate the girls didn't notice since they saw us everyday. In their senior year, Karleen wanted to tell me a secret.

"Promise you won't tell anyone, not even your brother," she demanded, holding out her pinky. By this time, I knew what that meant, and that Eugene wasn't my actual brother, but they assumed to keep things, "cute."

"I swear." I responded, taking her pinky in mine. Her skin felt nice against my own, like it belonged. We shook and leaned over to my ear.

"You're not going to believe this." She giggled, cupping her mouth with her free hand. The other keeping her up. "Davis Michealson wants to go out with me!" she squealed. Rage burned through my body, someone else wanted to make her his. She was mine. "Plus," she giggled again, "Angelica has been going out with the school bad boy her dad doesn't like."

Eugene gave us a glance before returning to the snack in front of him. I knew inside he was screaming with rage, like I wanted to.

That night, I waited a good half hour before they were gone before I began to scream my heart out with rage. I let the hate from the stranger consume me whole; I granted any poor soul's wish of love that even gave a whisper of sorrow.

"Stop that racket." Eugene hissed. "Screaming your head off isn't going to do anything. Just shut up and take the hand fate has given you."

"You know how this is!" I screamed at him. "You feel it too!"

"My emotions are my business." He sighed, "Screaming and hatred aren't going to solve anything. Just relax and enjoy the time you have left with her."

That night, I didn't stop screaming. I screamed and screamed until not a soul within a five mile radius had its second chance at love wish granted. But that wasn't helping me.

And that night, I should have listened to Eugene. But he should have listened to me too.

In the morning, Karleen came to us in tears. With him. She was hysterical; she kept saying that Angelica was gone. Later we got the full story that Angelica had run off with that boy Karleen had mention earlier. When the story was out and told, Eugene took off running into the woods. Karleen never saw him again after that. She was worried for him day and night, and I was left to be jealous. Why couldn't she care about me that much? She was mine! I should be her first priority. Not David, not Angelica, and not Eugene! Me!

But I couldn't show her my rage. I knew that would hurt her, and he would take her away. Instead, I put on the biggest, fakest smile I'd ever worn for her and said, "Can I show you something?"

She looked at me, her eyes tear rimmed. In her opinion, I looked like a fourteen year old boy, when I would simply stop aging in mere months. She had no idea what I was, or what I was capable of. "A-alright…"

I picked one of the many stones I had sharpened when I was in rage. Imagining David's face on the nearest tree, I aimed for the spot I knew would kill him. The stone embedded itself into the wood of the tree, right between the imaginary David's eyes. To them, it looked like I had hit in the center of a circle Eugene had once carved into the tree out of boredom.

Karleen clapped her hands as if I were a child showing off some new, undeveloped skill they had started. I wanted her to be impressed, but she only saw as the child I appeared to be. When I stopped aging, she would be mine, and David would be out of the picture forever.

The woman stealer even clapped too. That hypocrite, I was the one he should fear! Karleen was mine not his! I suppressed a glare for him, for my woman's sake. She didn't need me presenting my claim on her yet, not when she and Eugene were both in pain.

When they left that night, Eugene came back only to wish me luck with what was already mine. I could tell he was leaving to find Angelica, he would never admit it, but he was desperate for her.

A month later and Karleen came back with her biggest and most gorgeous smile. "You'll never guess what tonight is!" she cried. Playing along, I asked what it was. I already knew, it was her Prom night. Whatever that is. She'd been talking about it for weeks now. Coming to me happy and counting down the days. "It's Prom night!" David's taking me, he said there was something important he wanted to tell me tonight, I'm so excited!"

I let my hatred for him go for then. Maybe he was saying there was someone else he wanted, not my woman. Perhaps he was telling her that I was the one she belonged to. I was happy too, imagining her coming, running here to me and confessing that she was mine. How sweet that would taste.

I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up. The two of them came back giggly and happy, holding hands. They ran up to me so excited. I knew something was wrong.

"Lucian! Lucian!" she called running to me out of breath in a breathtaking flapper dress. "You'll never guess what he asked me!" David seemed embarrassed. Deep down, I hoped he had asked her who she belonged to. She shoved her left hand in my face, "He wants to get married!"

Pure raged consumed me. I refused to look at either of them. My devious eyes spotted the one thing that would end this mayhem. Faster than both of them could see, I reached down and grabbed one of my stones. The one I put all my hopes and happiness in. and I threw it. I threw just I did at the imaginary David, right between the eyes.

What happened next seemed to happen in slow motion. Karleen saw the incoming rock, she moved in front of David, putting her hands out in front of her as if she were going to catch a baseball. The sharpened edge dug in along the line of her hand. She screamed, holding her hand. Bright red liquid pouring out of it onto the forest floor. David came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her and putting pressure on the wound.

I couldn't believe it. I'd hurt her. I'd hurt my Karleen. I was too shocked to even move, all I could do was watch as her hand bled out all over the forest floor.

She looked up from her bleeding hand, "I know that was an accident, Lucian." She smiled at me, "You were trying to show off again weren't you?" with that David took her away.

Gradually after that, her visits became less and less. An hour a day. Once a week. Once a month. And eventually, they stopped altogether.

Five years past after she abandoned me in that forest. And then one night, my revenge came in the form of a frightened fourteen-year-old Ben. He wasn't like you knew him, skittish, secretive, and too stalky for him own good. The boy was afraid of his own shadow! I could see straight through him. He was on a dare, and better yet, there was a girl he wanted. That's when my scheme began to piece itself together.

I went up to him; he jumped out of his skin. I persuaded him to do me a favor, I didn't know it at the time, but I'd been controlling him. I sent him home and gave him one command; ram your car into David's. He did just that.

The next day, Ben's soul came back to me and I learned just what I wanted. Except, I found out the worst thing that night too. Karleen had a daughter. His daughter. I was so angry I hadn't realized the power I'd given Ben's soul. He was almost as powerful as Eugene. Almost.

From then on, I began to track my way down to Karleen's home. She'd gotten a house of here. So much easier. I tracked her with the attraction I had to her soul and let it guide me to her. I saw her there on her front porch, playing with her daughter –the one that should be mine! – as if the world was normal. As if I hadn't killed David.

"Karleen," I practically hissed her name. She looked up, fear on her face. Why was she scared of me? She was mine, she shouldn't be afraid of me.

"Lucian," she whispered staring at me. The little girl never looked up from the wooden blocks. Karleen stood up and backed away to her front door. Realizing she forgot her child, she grabbed her hand and dragged her with her. "What do you want?!" she screamed at me, tears pricking her eyes.

How could she know? That would be the only reason she was scared of me. "I'm here to–!" she cut me off.

"Get out of here demon!" she screamed at me. She reached into her dress pocket and pulled out a small glass vial of clear liquid. "Go back to hell!" she popped the top and flung the contents at me. The liquid burned my skin, and then I realized just what I was. I was an abomination to God. I was a soul who refused to go and let others follow me into a path of darkness and obsession.

At that moment, I knew just who I was. That morning of being lost was finally made up for, "I'm no demon!" I called to her; "I, am…your enchanter!" the word seemed to hold power, the word of what I was. I knew who, and what I was, and other would know too.

"Well 'enchanter,'" she said with disgust, "leave me be! I want nothing to do with you!"

I couldn't help but glare at her, "You are mine and no one else's!" I screamed as she closed the door, "I swear your soul with be mine!" I could almost taste it, yes. I would have her soul, and I'd do what I please with it. I play with it, pet it, and keep it forever. All to myself.

Lucian's story seemed to end as he glanced almost lovingly at the night sky. "That's why I want her so much." He said to the sky.

"What does this have to do with me?!" Marie screamed at him, her knees still shaking, much less this time. If she were lucky, he was only chasing her to get to her grandmother's.

"Well you see, naïve little Marie, her soul is similar to yours. If I can't have hers, yours will have to do." He turned to her and gave her a sadistic grin, "And if I can't have yours, I'll have your daughter's, and if not hers then her offspring and so on. No matter what, I will have one of your souls. Even if there is only a small resemblance, it will be as close to the real thing I will get." He titled his head, his bright red and unnatural hair falling into his eyes, "All your souls are doomed to be mine."

"Y-you're insane! Gram's and I would never give our souls to anyone!" Marie screamed it at him.

The humor on his disappeared, "Then I will have to take it by force." At that, he started towards her.

Marie screamed, running in the opposite direction, anywhere to get away from him. The insanity of the situation finally began to sink in at the worst of times. Lucian was some kind of psychopath that somehow didn't age for eighty three years. Yep, totally normal. And to put icing on the cake, he was obsessed with her Grandmother's…soul. Yep, so normal Marie thought as she moved to avoid a tree root. Heh, didn't get me now did ya–! At that, another tree root tripped her. She landed flat on her face cursing Mother Nature for being untidy. She took it back thinking of her room at home.

"Oh little Marie!" she heard Lucian call from behind her.

Crap! She hissed in her mind as she began to run again. A sharp pain in her ankle was slowing her down, and it hurt! The bones felt as it they were rubbing under her skin to find a week spot and break free from her body. And with that, another pain caused her to scream and fall over. Blooming pain exploded in her back, just next to her spine.

"Found you little Marie," Lucian teased, an acre away from her. Knives prodding from between his fingers.

She didn't need to look to know that there was one of his small knives was in her back along with a flower of red on her white shirt. She turned to give him a glare, pushing aside her fear and drawing anger from the pain. That didn't work; it just made it hurt more. But she had to keep going. Marie pushed herself off the ground and began to limp/run. Her breaths became ragged and rough, as if there were something inside preventing her from getting the required oxygen.

A shiver ran through her when she felt the cool wind brush against her open wound, most likely dripping blood and ruining her white shirt. Her short breathes echoed loudly in her ears along with the blood, rushing to the opening in her skin. I have to keep going, she pushed on, narrowly avoiding a tree stump placed in her path.

"What was that song Karleen used to sing to me?" Lucian's voice echoed off the trees. "That's right!" he exclaimed with mock-joy, "Mary had a little lamb, little lamb," he sang out, his tone off key and just plain creepy. Towards the end of the song, his voice grew quieter as he changed the lyrics, "Marie is a little lamb with fleece as red as blood!"

Marie swallowed unconsciously, imagining the disturbing and possessive smile on Lucian's face. She would definitely have nightmares about this later. If she made it. Marie shook the thought out of her head; of course she was going to make it! She wasn't about to let this psycho have his way with her! Well her soul to be precise.

"Marie!" she heard him cry is obviously fake tone, "Why do you run from me?" at that moment a blade flew past her ear, slicing clean through the cartilage, but not enough to tear the entire ear. Just a small bit. The small knife embedded itself in a tree near by.

"Fuck!" she screamed, all self control gone. Marie booked it, forgot about the pain and finding her way home. She let fear envelope her and just ran away from the hell spawn. "Help!" she screamed at nothing.

"Who are you calling for Marie? No one can hear you but dear old me." Lucian teased, following her at a leisurely pace as if he believed she couldn't get farther than a foot from him.

"Grandma!" she screamed, ducking under a branch.

Lucian smiled, "She can't hea-!" his joyous teasing was abruptted when a spray of holy water struck his face. He screamed out in pain and grabbed his peeling face. The skin and hair fell off in clumps, revealing black bones beneath the skin. No blood erupted from the wounds on his face. He was hollow.

Marie looked at him with surprise and disgust, then looked at the direction the holy water had come from. There, silhouetted by the light from something in the distance was a person. Another human being. Marie wanted to collapse with gratitude and happiness, but Lucian was still very much alive. He was just much more pissed.

"Lucian," the familiar voice spoke with a hiss, "I told you to leave me alone." She glanced at Marie, "and that includes my offspring."

"Grandma?!" Marie called with surprise, tripping on her ecstatic run to her savior. The anger and accusations from before we forgotten as Marie hugged her grandmother with all her might, the old woman chuckling at the girl's innocence.

Suddenly, Karleen took Marie's arm and began running in the opposite direction, "We have to hurry, holy water doesn't work well with Lucian."

"Karleen!" Lucian's voice was ragged from where the holy water had burned into his vocals, "My dear, why do you run?" sluggish footsteps soon took up pace, signaling he was on their tail.

Fear began to wash away Marie's relief. Her grandma wasn't able to protect the way she had hoped, which just meant that all they could do was run. But something kept nipping at the back of her mind, "Why did you come for me Grandma?"

She turned to look at her granddaughter with a smile, "Because I love you, sweetheart." She looked ahead and only seriousness took over her face, "Now trust me and don't let go of my hand." The older woman began to move at a pace that seemed impossible for someone her age. She avoided tree stumps and roots effortlessly as if this happened on a daily basis. This probably happened before, Marie thought.

Suddenly, Karleen veered off to the left, dragging Marie with her. A clearing opened up and an all too familiar figure stood in the distance. Happiness drowned Marie's fear, it was the mansion. Her grandma's mansion was merely thirty yards in front of them. "Grandma! We're here!" Marie squealed with happiness letting go of her hand and sprinting, forgetting the knife in her back.

Marie only got a few steps when a sharp tugging pain overwhelmed her. Something was sliding out of her back as if an invisible barrier was preventing something in her body from entering a certain space. She turned around, mindful of the gushing wound to see the knife and had been forcibly tugged from her back. "What the…" Marie bent to pick it up, but her grandmother's hand stopped her. "No, the demon and his belongings stay outside."

The two checked behind them for any signs of Lucian, but there was none. They each took a deep breath, relieved it was over. A smile broke out of Marie's face; they were free and no longer would be attacked by that obsessive abomination. "It's over…" Marie huffed smiling at her grandmother.

Karleen returned her smile, but no warmth was in her voice as she spoke, "It's never over. Lucian will be back for me. He can't leave these woods, but he'll find a way to draw you back."

"You little bitch." Growled the all too familiar voice. Both women looked in horror at Lucian with half his face peeled out and beginning to re-stitch itself. "After all that time I should have anticipated you knew my weaknesses." He stumbled forward, his right leg all exposed muscle and healing skin. "But I not going to give up so easily." As if on cue, thousands of glowing red eyes gleamed predatorily from the trees. Marie squinted her eyes trying to make out the shapes.

Her breath caught in her throat. "Holy…" she bit her tongue. There were was an entire army of enchanters up in the trees. Each one in his own unique attire to attract their designated targets. Men in uniforms, depressed teenagers, even some older men were lost in the sea. "Mother of God…" she whispered frightened under her breath.

"Impressive aren't me?" a new voice called from behind Lucian. Camren then appeared out of the shadows, his mismatched eyes glowing in impossible waves. He looked over at Marie and seemed to have genuinely hurt expression on his face, "Do you really think we'd want to hurt you? You're precious." He licked the last word drawing it out in a pleasant way. Marie took a step forward. "Why don't we just start over, okay? We can be friends." He extended his hand, mindful of the barrier.

Marie began to walk forward, reaching out her hand in dreamlike state. How could she resist? He was being so reasonable, why not just give in and forget her struggles? After all would it be so bad to make friends with this guy? A hand stopped her from going any further then, "Don't." her grandmother said sharply. "He's using the power of suggestion to make you think him trustworthy. Don't look into those eyes of his." Maries averted her eyes, ashamed she'd been about to be fooled by one of the most common movie fiction there was.

"I'm sorry…" she whispered. It hit her then that her grandmother was just watching them, "Grandma! You might get tricked too!" she warned, gripping her grandmother's jacket sleeve.

The old woman chuckled, smiling and showing he bad teeth, "No chile," she said like she were herself again, "I'm as blind as a bat, can't see a thing without my glasses!" at that Camren narrowed his eyes.

"I will have you!" Lucian yelled again, his face healed and crinkled up with a snarl. "You belong to me!" he moved his hand in a motion to swipe, only to have his arms burned off by the barrier and quickly regenerating. "You're mine!" he yelled again, this time wind swirling around him, making his black jacket flair up behind him like cape. "I'm not letting go this time." With that, his eyes glowed from their immense green to a pure pale blue, "I will not letting anything stop me." A demonic voice echoed from his own.

"Grandma!" Marie squeaked, clutching the old woman's arm.

"I've never seen this…" she observed taking steps to get away from the swelling wind. A dark aura began to seep through the barrier, choking the two women with its evil and possessiveness. It seemed to swell and sit with a heavy weight on their chests, making it hard to breath. Suddenly a snapping noise was heard and the wind stopped, leaving deafening silence. "Run…" Karleen whispered. She turned to Marie, "Run!" the two make a mad dash for the porch, narrowly missing a large tree trunk that crashed just inches from where they had been before.

"You're not escaping!" Lucian cried, flinging another tree toward them. Marie screamed, fearing it would land on her or her grandmother, and with great luck it didn't. The tree crashed on top of the first with an almost sickening thunk that made them jump. Wildly, he began flinging his arms, sending tree and tree into the heap.

Their horror seemed to have no ends. Lucian kept up his tantrum until he finally collapsed to his knees, his eyes no longer glowing. He sunk his hands into the earth, ripping at the chips of wood and fertile soil, "You're mine!" he yelled almost desperately. Just like any child he was reaching the end of his tantrum, breaking down after all of his energy was used. "Mine…!" he sobbed clutching at his face.

Beams of golden light appeared from behind the tree signally daytime was approaching. Each enchanter began to disappear in a small haze, leaving only Lucian who was slamming his fist on the ground. "I will have you." he vowed looking at Karleen then Marie. "And if I can't, I'll go after each of your generations. You all belong to me!" he cried.

"Lucian," Karleen said almost sweetly. He looked up at her, surprised she was being kind, "you shall never have my soul, or my daughter's or Marie's -."

"Then I'll wait for your death!" he yelled with a sadistic expression.

"You can't. There is one draw back to this barrier, those of his hunted by enchanters will have our souls forever attached to this house. This barrier is as far as our after life will allow us to wander." With that Karleen turned and headed inside, ignoring the look of horror on Marie's face. She had just admitted she damned their family's souls to this house for all eternity, and that was impossible. So many forever trapped here.

"You're mine!" Lucian screamed his voice cracking. "Mine, mine, mine!" the last of his voice faded away as the sun arose over the forest.

End; Chapter #4: Revelations Part 2

End; Story: Enchanters