Prologue Bravo Sierra:

Bravo Sierra; basically every high school chick flick fluffy goodness is made of such nonsense to fill a girl's heart and hopes and dreams just to make sure they crash and burn. I remember reading in my AP English 3 class about how High School movies often depict high school as a social hierarchy with a pretty blonde cheerleader and a dimwitted handsome jock ruling the school through a sort fascist type of social government. This is not entirely true, high school is ruled by the most popular and that is usually taken by the most rich, social, daring, intelligent, and often times, socially attractive by the opposite sex. However that doesn't mean that they are accurate or precise in their manner of displaying the high school student's ordeal throughout the most grueling time for social acceptance. High School is both the worst and best times of our lives where we have the freedom of a child and the responsibility of an adult all at the same time. Our young lives have a clean slate, we can choose where we want to be in life or how we want to be portrayed and high school is the time to do that. Some of us will make mistakes that will affect our entire lives forever or end them entirely, but fortunately most of us will remain okay and follow the path that was set before us and that's what high school is supposed to be about.

Unfortunately, most of us never see this path. We'd rather remain ignorant of the task ahead of us in life. We'd rather believe in love stories by Nicholas Sparks or the successes of rappers and believe that we'll do that by just being popular here, in this set society run by social rules of adolescents. It's true that many teenagers don't think as myself, that they'd rather live life in the moment rather than what the future entails for us, but maybe I'm just ahead of my time. That maybe I'm different because I wish and yearn to be, not because I am independent thinker, but I refuse to act in ideals of such teens. To live their life in high school and never seem to grow out of it. I never wanted to be. Here, there's nothing but the whispers of lies, rumors, and snide comments by those who are holier than thou, in which it shall be about me, as to which I write this.

My name is Shea Stooksberry, a fairly recognizable name, one that shouldn't be forgotten but often is. I'm a free thinker in this world of social standards, which is highly opposed by most of my peers and acquaintances. I was born here, Humble, Texas, and raised here, and, besides living in Seattle, Washington, it has all I've ever known and there's no place I'd hate to be than here. Unlike myself, most of the people in this story will become nameless, except for the stock name I give them, and if they shall read this and recognize themselves upon the story they see themselves in that shall be their own business and mine, not one of you nosy idiots who like to stir things up for your own enjoyment. And if that said person has a problem with me, well too bad, if you're in this I have a problem with you, most likely, and you should probably look at your own self for a change and see how proud you are.

I wish to write this, not only for my love of writing, but to show an actual perspective of an actual girl in high school and what feelings maybe emoted. Not everyone will agree with how I react, which is understandable, but you should know this is just how I am. Nothing shall change about it so you can shut up. I'm tired of seeing the same old dame old when it comes to telling about high school where the nerd gets the cute jock or that you'll dreams will come true because you're an innocent soul. The cruel truth is life is, and never shall be, a high school Cinderella story, a prince will not always sweep you off your feet and you'll never go from rags to riches in a second. Life doesn't work that way, you have to work for it.

So off the record, I'm not the cute nerd who gets the jock, I'm not that popular girl who everyone envies, and I'm not the bully who gets what she wants by demanding hallway tolls from the freshman. I'm a teenage girl, that's all. And I won't put "average" in front of my name, like some cliché writer, no, I'm a teenage girl, that's it. There's nothing too special about me, except my name. Average is too over used and completely Bravo Sierra.