Maggie Brookman

The Mistake

Close up shot of Joanna on the phone


Hey Abs! Are we still hanging out at the mall tomorrow?

Split screen shot of Joanna and Abigail, Abigail on the other end of the phone looking distant and like she's not really very into the conversation.


Oh!...I'm so sorry, I forgot!

Split screen disappears, back to close up shot of Joanna, looking crestfallen.

I have a family thing!


(dejected) That's the second time you've missed out mall day this month! (pause) Well, it's okay. I guess I'll see you on Monday.

Close up shot of just Abigail


Oh yeah! Sure thing!

Hangs up before hearing anything from Joanna

Back to shot of Joanna


Continues talking before realizing that no ones on the other end of the phone

Yeah, so…

Looks at phone realizing no ones there, sighs and puts away the phone.

Fade to scene of Joanna and Abigail talking by the lockers at school, Abigail's going through her bag, not paying much attention to Joanna.


So don't forget, you're going to come home with me after school and we're going to go see that new movie. You know, the one with Channing Tatum? (pauses, waiting for response from Abigail, she doesn't respond) Abi?


Looks up from her bag startled, looking dazed like she had been deep in thought.



(looks a bit frustrated) The movie? Tonight?

Abigail slightly winces


Oh, Jo! I'm so sorry. I…I'm swamped with homework. (pauses)

Joanna sighs angrily

I swear Mr. Shifflett has it out for me! I'm sorry…next week, ok?

Fades to a scene of the two at an afterschool theater rehearsal, medium profile shot.


So, on the way home today, can we…-


(interrupts her) What do you mean? I'm not giving you a ride home today….


Wait, you're not? You've given me a ride home every day since you got your car!


I just can't today. Sorry.


How do you expect me to get home then? (pauses, thinking) Oh never mind! I'll call Jack and ask him to come pick me up.

Joanna walks off to the side of the stage, full shot of Joanna pacing while her phone rings, he doesn't answer, she sighs and puts her phone away.

Well…I guess I'm walking.

Fades to scene of next day, shot of Joanna walking through the doors of school, switches a long shot across the hall of Abigail and Jack in a heated conversation, switches back to a shot of Joanna walking over to them, they don't see her approach. Switch to a medium/close up of Abigail and Jack argueing.


How are you okay with this?!


I'm not! How could you act like this doesn't affect me? Like it's all about you?

Turns away mad, sees Joana, neutral shot.


What are you guys talking about?

Looks suspicious, Abigail finally notices her startled.


Oh hey babe! (sounds bright but fake) We were….we were just talking about a project!


Umm….ok then….


Well…I've got to get to class.

Walks over and kisses her on her forehead, medium shot.

I'll call you later, I promise.

Walks away, long shot of a few students heading into class and Jack and Abi walking off in the same direction, leaving Joanna alone in the hall, bell rings, fade to black.

Fade into scene of Joanna sitting on her couch alone, staring at her phone in her hand.


What is going on with those two? (pauses) Why hasn't Jack called me yet?

She looks at the clock, close up shot of clock.

Eleven? Already? (sighs in frustration)

Looks over at a table near the couch, zoom into a close up of a flyer for a midnight showing of Casablanca at a nearby theater.

Well fine. I'm done waiting around for them.

Gets up and grabs her car keys.

I guess I'll go to the movie.

She storms out of the room.

Fades to scene of Abigail and Jack sitting alone in a movie theater, his arm around her comfortingly, medium shot from facing them.


When are we going to tell her about us? She's my best friend! How long do you expect me to keep this from her?


We just need to wait a little while. She's already stressed. We can't just tell her we're together, I haven't even broken up with her yet!


I'm tired of keeping us a secret. (complaining, almost whiney)


I know babe….I know.

Leans into kiss her.

Joanna walks in holding popcorn, drops the popcorn when she sees her boyfriend and her best friend close to kissing.


What…what is going on? (looks at Abi accusingly)

Joanna (cont.)

How could you?

Yelling and storming down the aisle towards them, Jack has backed up leaving Abi standing alone, high angle shot of Abi alone, she's facing Joanna, and behind her we see a brick wall.

What is wrong with you? I trusted you! You were my best friend! And then you….you just seduced him! Why? Why me? How could you do that to me?

Joanna has now backed Abi into the wall, filmed from behind Joanna, high angle of Abi


I'm…I'm sorry…I-


Don't! Don't make excuses for yourself!

Grabs Abigail by her hair

I'm done hearing "sorry!" I'm done! Now I know why you couldn't hang out!

Hits her head against the wall

Now I know why you were so distant!

Hits her head again, shows a shot from behind them all with Jack trying to pull Joanna away


Joanna! Jo! Stop! You're going to seriously hurt her! Jo!

Abigail's eyes begin to roll back and close, close up of her face. Jack finally pulls her off, Abi crumples to the floor dead, Joanna looks at what she's done and her face goes blank, she turns and runs out of the theater.


Jo! Where are you going, we can't just…oh never mind!

Turns back to Abi and drops to his knees beside her, birds eye view of Jack shaking her shoulders trying to wake her up, screaming her name over and over again.