I feel very sad to post this. I really do. After months of trying to construct a plot to work for this story, I have reached the decision that I cannot do so. It pains me to announce that this story has reaching a stopping point where I can't get out of.

Beta is now on full hiatus with no way in sight of continuing any time soon. I am very, very sorry to announce this. I really love this story and the characters, but after some time to think to myself, I found many problems with it that I am not satisfied with.

The same goes for Shinigami Twin, which is also now on full hiatus. Both stories are dear to me and I have put a lot of time and effort into them. However, they are too close to the material in which I am inspired by and that is Bleach and Mai-HiME.

Do not worry, I am not going to stop writing. Ever. My other stories will still be written, it's just that this series, which are indeed connected, needs a lot of reworking before I begin writing it again.

I apologize to all my fans for who enjoyed reading this and Shinigami Twin. I hope you all can check out my other works if they interest you and hope you all look forward to what I have in mind for both series.