OKay guys this is my new story soul sisters the intro was a little bad because I was typing in the dark. Anyways someone askt me what a SYOT is. Well a SYOT is where you fill out a form and then I put you in my story. This story is not a SYOT my other one (Life In The Pack) thats a SYOT. Remember the faster you fill out the form the more poeple I get, The more poeple, Then I can start Life In The Pack sooner. Anyways hope you like.

Soul Sisters

Jennifers POV

I sit on the ledge and enjoy the sun when all of the sudden."Jenni jenni jenni jenni jenni" Says Flow repetitivly."WHAT!" I yell out."What could you posibly want" I say quietly."I wanna play" says Flow."no" I reply "im too old for playtime"."Hmmf" Says Flow as she stomps into the cave. I hop of the ledge and think "hmm why not have a little fun". I start running threw the forest like a lightning bolt. I feel the breeze blowing on my fur. I feel *THUD* a tree owww. I had ran into a humungus tree. I shake it off and walk a little furthur. I come the edge of the territory where there is a river. I stick my paw in then I put my head down for a nice drink. I then slip and just before I fall in the river someone catches me. he puts me on a patch of grass by the river. I look up and notice its Klyde."Oh hey you scared me" I say in a scared like tone."Now why is that are you scared of something" he says staring at me like im crazy."No no you just startled me" I reply."Are you sure you are not still afraid of Shane coming back" he says with a smirk on his face."Jennifer" My mom yells out."Oh gotta go" I say looking over at Klyde."Oh ok see ya" he says his smirk turns into a frown. And in a second im gone."Ya mom" I say poping up behind her."Oh there you are Flow is now old enaugh to meet the pack"."So I want you to go and introduce her" Says my mother."Fine" I reply. "Come on Flow lets go" I say starting to walk."Okay so these are the omegas, there is Ralphy, Todd, Link and Klyde"."Hey!" yells out Klyde."Hey" I reply."Okay now this is the hunting group, there is Shadow, Layla, Sam and Lauren"."Next we have the omega girls, Lucy, Kendra, Emily, Cassy"."We have the Beta Family, Ely the dad, Marcy the mom, Zayden and Gill the teen boys and Hunter the boy pup"."Last but not least the pups, Claire, Sandra, Aiden and Hatchi"."Cool" says Flow."But that seems like a small pack" she says in confusion."There are meny more wolves in are pack I was just showing you the main ones"."Oh replys Flow as she frolicks off to mom."Jennifer I need to talk to you" Says my mom. "You need to go spend time with Gill" She says hesitently."Why?" I respond in curiousity."Because your going to marry him" She says hoping I dont run I do I run to the river and lay down. I think to myself "marriage, marriage I dont wanna get married".