Get a grip on reality, do you know how sad that is, said by someone in your family.

No it cuts you up because you wanna stab them you see, be it relief.

Your murder will go down in history, that's my first priority.

I'll let the dead and living all become known of my flaws and crazies.

But bet if I let you live you'll make the greatest mistake, that let me see.

Hook line and sinker it's just like a little breather, just relax, and take this axe

Read this shit in my head you really want alive not dead.

Me coming to reality would be somewhat of a tragedy; try to hold it back.

Okay I'll it back…Rewind, why? You yell at me, the past present and future.

If I'm angry at an uncle why isn't my mother trying to be untangling.

Oh if I get the chance I'll rodeo the bitch up and hang her from a dark ditch.

Bring me up to tie me down, you don't know how much it mother fucking hurts.

Sooner or later I'll be washing me face down in the ground, drying in dirt.

Tape up this filthy mouth it's got a lot to come out, let me express.

! #$ %&*($ #! # * (*^$#%

Nah people it's not enough, join me spit shit about, come I'ma rock hard heart.

This life of mine I forge don't judge it, I try my best to run with it.

One day I'll have to sell this body, and hope I meet mr richy, help me it's fucking itchy.

Don't know what to do with your life that's all right there's always time, not.

People around here want me to help them, but why do they tend to screw me over.

They want me to ask the clerk for some drugs, but dude what one do I want.

Sorry bout that drug business it was a joke, never seen any me whole life, oh! change.

Teachers think I'm good shit, but I no longer got blonde hair and big tits, they looked for it?

Girls around these days just seem like pussy toys, but not me, I get me self a dick toy.

Whoa! Another joke I'm a virgin, so I hope so, but now I just don't know.

I laugh at all the fools who think I got laid, but hey I can wait.

Haha, brothers from the same mother-fucking mother, damn why are we even related, especially if you keep fucking touching me.

See this big bro next to me, you'd never guess that always sexually abused me, did you peek?

Sly cunt tricked a five year old, but he dragged it on I was a twelvie, making a sluty.

No one ever knew, kinda hard to tell others, but I expressed my past with blood.

Red dripping liquid falling down my arms was a fucking pain killer, man you don't understand.

Mama saw it and wants me at a mental home LOL crazy cow cocksucker.

Instead I got some ASAP counselling, they wanted to know me, how silly.

Starting to think it's near the end, I can't think of other shit to say, so hey it might be okay…wait I really gotta pee.