hey october

you have murdered my faith on humanity a long time ago
when you showed me the inscriptions on your wrists
because we used to study the scriptures together
only to rebel against their laws and we even
messed around with an ouija board once
just to bother ghosts from their siesta

you killed the sunshine with those lips
as your teeth spewed monochrome graffiti
all over the clouds when you smiled,
clearly amused at the chaos you inflicted
upon my make-shift sky

and here I am, still stuck in
the antithesis of july that stole my sanity,
broke my heart and left me numb
from the scissor-sharp tears
you compliantly kept inside paper cups

I missed you

I missed the way you used to carve a song
on my lips just to make me smile
and chiseled poetry upon my open palms and
I used to look for you in tarot cards and crystal balls
but even cassiopeia couldn't deny the fact
that you have always been the memento mori of my dreams,
haunting me with the evidence of midnight's massacre
bleeding through the crevices of your crucifix
while playing a retrograde melody on
yesterday's broken piano keys

and we used to believe in our novocain love
but we were damned right from the start
and no amount of anesthetic
could kill the pain