Three beer made me feeling dizzy and comfortable. We rumbled along the dirt road and from the back seat I watched the two sisters in the front of the car.

"I think the last beer was too much," I murmured.

"Yeah me too," Cassy giggled from the front seat.

"Only the last one?" her sister Andrea said in amusement, while looking over to her younger sister. "You're really drunk."

"Actually I meant my last beer was too much, because I need to pee and I can't hold it until we're at home." I said lazily.

"Yeah me too," Cassy giggled again.

"Okay girls, when we reach the forest, I'll stop. I have to admit I also need to go."

"Too much lemonade, hm?" I teased her and grinned.

"Hey, obviously someone needed to stay sober and drive home." Andrea turned around and smiled before she concentrated on the road again.

Cassy was a good friend of mine and she had invited me to go out with her and her sister. I knew she wanted me to distract from my funereal thoughts and it worked. Both sisters were fairly attractive and both liked to show it. A very short skirt was the casual dress for them in summer. Some time ago I had to admit myself, that I liked to watch Cassy and I also liked to touch her, as far as it was possible as a good, platonic friend.

Suddenly the car stopped.

"Okay girls," Andrea announced. "Time for a bio-break."

As soon as Andrea had left the car I jumped out and went behind a big tree, because my urgency was already quite strong. I opened my jeans, pulled down my pants, squat down and released. I always thought it was a great, relaxing feeling to release, when the bladder was really full.

While squeezing out the last I realized that I had no tissue to wipe off. I sight. I don't like it, but I was used to it, since I spent my holidays trekking in national parks and would never leave rubbish behind.

After I had adjusted my cloth I went back to the car. And there was squatting Cassy. Just beside the car. And she was peeing. I could see everything. She had pulled her skirt up to her hip, and with the right hand she had pulled her slip to the side, so to free her pussy and not to wet the fabric of the slip. I could see a strong squirt of urine gushing to the dusty ground. And I could see her vulva, her shaved vulva, which revealed everything, her outer and inner lips as well as her clit. I stood there, paralysed, looking at her lap. The sight of Cassy squatting, legs wide open, drained every thought of manners and sense of shame out of my head.

When Cassy realized me, she looked at me. Looked at me how I looked at her peeing, how I looked at her exposed pussy. I could not read her facial expression. I wanted to look away, to go around the car and get in, but I couldn't. After she had finished, she pulled up her slip, flattened her skirt and climbed back into the car. Only after she had averted her eyes from me I could move and think again. With a hot, red face I took my place on the back seat. I felt how arousal had formed in my stomach and how my pussy pulsated with blood and heat. The wet spot of urine in my pants didn't helped to cool down my inner state of turmoil. Nor did the thought of Cassy's slip with the wet spot, she surely had.

"Hey girls," Andrea was back, thank god.

The rest of the ride we remained silent. Cassy felt half asleep and Andrea looked a bit too concentrated on the dirt road she knew since her childhood.

"You don't need to take me home," I offered. "We can drop Cassy at her flat and I will walk home from your place."

"Mhm" Andrea just nodded.

This night's sleep was not coming easily. Instead remembered pictures of Cassy peeing on the road, pictures of her vulva, pictures of her spread legs came to my mind and going down directly to my lap.

I always thought peeing was something nice and natural, but never before I had realized that it could make me sexually aroused to see another person, another girl peeing, namely one of my best friends urinating. The fact that she seemed not bothered by me watching her, I credited to her drunkenness.

I didn't saw her until next Friday, when we met again. This time it was my turn to stay sober and drive home. Cassy looked gorgeous. She wore a sleeveless shirt with a decent low-cut and a very short skirt, as she often did. She embraced me salutary. No hint at what she thought about last Friday night.

At the pub we sat around a small table and I tried my best not to look too often at her cleavage. Despite my rather unimpressive outfit I felt very sexy myself, because I was out with two attractive women and somehow I had the impression that Cassy was flirting with me. I thought some of the men must have envied me for that, while others might wanted to know what we would do, after leaving the pub.

"Some more beer for the ladies?" The waiter interrupted my thoughts.

"Yeah two beer and one ginger lemonade," I ordered.

"Yeah, one more beer would not be amiss," Cassy said and got up. She went to the toilets. Involuntary I had to swallow hard. I looked over to Andrea. She looked back at me as if she knew something.

And she did. "I have seen you last Friday. You and Cassandra beside the car."

I swallowed again. "Okay." Suddenly I felt a little stupid and mightily ashamed.

"It was just an accident," I said defensively.

"I thought as much," Andrea replied without looking at me. "All I want to say is just think about the spirits that you've cited."

Before I could say something in return Cassy was back. Her older sister looked at me again and then went to the toilets herself. In this moment the waiter brought us the drinks we've ordered. My friend took a deep sip from the full bottle.

"Last Friday night I was drunk," she stated matter-of-factly.

"Yeah." I took a big swig of lemonade and wished it would be whiskey.

"You have watched me," she continued, looking down at her bottle, maybe not able to face me.

"See, I didn't meant to exploit your condition. I mean you…," I stumbled. "You should have gone into the woods, I mean."

"Yeah," Cassy said slowly. "Actually I liked it. Actually I like, when people watch me."

I inhaled deeply as Andrea came back, so the conversation was interrupted for now, but my mind was working. Was she some sort of exhibitionist? Anyway it would explain her tantalizing dresses. I always had wondered why she dressed in these short skirts and low-cuts, even when we were out just with the girls. May be she really liked to show her body.

The ride home passed by uneventfully up to the point where Cassy stated that we had to stop in that forest in order to wee. So I stopped in the said forest.

"I'll wait in the car, I don't have to," Andrea announced.

Cassy got out and went some docent meters into the spinney. I followed her at a distance.

"Beer increases my urgency, always," she said turning around and facing me.

"Uhm yeah." I looked down.

"I want you to watch me," she whispered. "Watch me how I do it."

I swallowed hard, not for the first time this night.

Cassy pulled up her skirt, like she had done last Friday. Then she squatted down, pulled her panty aside and let it flow.

"Ohhhh, mmhhh, that's so good," she moaned softly.

I felt my blood pulsating in my head, causing me a feeling of dizziness. And I felt my own pussy pulsating with blood and arousal.

When Cassy had nearly finished she let the fabric of her slip slide over her still drippy pussy. I could see a fairly large wet spot forming.

She rose, her skirt still pulled up, and looked at me. I looked back at her.

"I would like to touch your wet spot," I heard myself saying from a distance.

"Bye any chance do it," Cassy replied with a meaningful smile.

I closed the distance between us and reached down to her panty and felt the wet fabric and the soft flesh beneath it.

Cassy moaned deeply. "Jesus," she exclaimed. She looked at me. "I can't believe we're doing that, not to mention my sister near by."

I withdrew my hand. "Mhm. Feels a little incesty."

Amusement blinked in Cassys eys. "Because of my sister or because we're best friends?"

"Dunno." I paused. "I never thought of you as an exhibitionist."

"I never thought you would like watching girls," she replied in slight amusement.

"I like a lot," I said stupidly, but couldn't concentrate on anything intelligent.

"Do you like dildos?" she asked.

"Mhm," I approved.

"I have one at home," Cassy said.