HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEY! Im BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! And this time, i have a story. Yes. A brand new one. One that i will never write anything like (mainly coz i hate the subject of aliens). Sooooooooooo, read on and tell me watcha think!


Hello. My name is Jade. Although, you may know me from history books as "Panther".

Is this how you start a conversation with readers? I don't know. Anyway, my name is Jade and this is the story of me ad some friends, going against the world.

See, you may have heard about it, but it has been kept all 'hush-hush' for a long time. What am I talking about?

Well, you see, years ago when I was only fifteen, a race of aliens came to our Earth.

Its about now that I should tell you, if you don't like stories about standing up to something beyond yourself, if you don't like action, terror or friendship or anything, and you prefer to read about fuzzy, little bunnies and rainbow unicorns I suggest you exit this story, and find some fluffy piece of romance and crack.

However, if you do like to read about aliens and teenagers hiding and fighting, maybe you could keep reading this?

So anyway, this race of people came to our Earth and I knew something was up from the second I saw them.

But this story isn't about me, this is about perfecting imperfections, or doing what I did, and keeping those imperfections perfect.

Yes, i know very short, but this is just the Prologue my dearies. keep going. Theres and exiting 'NEXT' button down there. Press it. Wonders await you.

And review. Please.