It's crazy, messed up and too difficult to understand just how much your life can change in a span of five seconds. A guy pulls a ring from his pocket, a murderer pulls a gun from theirs, a baby's head is seen or someone breathes their last breath. In everyone's life there is a small, five-second time slot where your whole life suddenly changes – for better or for worse.

I have a lot of questions to ask about this 'five second time slot', and I have been asked many questions about it, questions I can't answer.

But there are some things I can answer. I can answer what my time slot was, what changed my life in the span of five seconds.

But that answer is a long one, and I have to go way back to the very start to answer it.

Hi. My name is Jade.

This is the story of me and some friends, going against the world. See, you would never have heard about this, I can guarantee. Unless one of my friends went and blabbed somewhere, which I know they haven't, you would only ever have heard a clean-up story or a rumor. What am I talking about, exactly?

Years and years ago, when I was merely fifteen years of age, a race of aliens came to our Earth.

Yeah. Aliens. Not all Independence Day style aliens, either. They were humanoids, looked exactly like us, just about.

So anyway, this race of people came to our Earth and I knew something was up from the second I saw them.

But this story isn't about me, or my five-second-time-slot, really. This is about perfecting imperfections, or doing what we did, and keeping those imperfections perfect.

Guess who's back?

So hai. To all of the people that read the original story; I AM SO SORRY, IS YOUR HEAD OKAY, ARE YOU RECOVERING FINE?

To all the newcomers; ... hai. Not every chapter is this short, its just the tiny 366-word-long PROLOGUE. Sorry. Love you. Please stay.

AND TO ALL; Click next chapter would ya? ;D