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Chapter 6
Squeak, squeak, squeak- SHUT UP!

It was morning. Early morning. Four o clock in the morning.

And I was wearing makeup.

We were putting the beginnings of the plan into action. Ben and I had gotten styled, clothed and covered in powders and gooey mascara (well actually, the mascara was just for me). We were looking quite schmancy, if I do say so myself.

Our plan was to look like we wanted perfection, go to get perfected and use some of the moves we practiced with Grandpa to get the hell out of there. Personally, I don't know how well the plan is going to work, but its all we have.

Ben was running just a little bit in front of me, staying close to the fence line and constantly stopping to look around. I was just walking. He was tip-toeing stupidly the way they do in cartoons, crouching down to the fence and just being silly. I was still just walking. Then he started the noises.

"Dun, dun, dudundun, dun, dun, dun, dudundun…" Ben started singing ominous spy music under his breath.


Ben stopped for a second and looked at me, before bringing a finger to his lips. "Shush! Someone might hear you!" he whisper yelled. I slapped my forehead.

"Its four in the freaking morning, EVERYONE IS ASLEEP!" I yelled, though it was still a whisper. Ben rolled his eyes and stood up straight, walking normally.

"You spoil all my fun…"

We were still walking silently to the football field, side by side this time, when I heard Ben start singing the spy music again. I took in a deep breath through gritted teeth and sighed.

He kept singing.

"Ben!" I hissed, "Shut up!"

Ben's singing sopped, and I loved the silence. However short lived it was. Ben started up singing again.

"Ben," I hissed again, and he stopped. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw a smirk forming on his face.

Long story short, Ben would sing, I would hiss his name and he would stop singing before starting up again in the next three seconds.

It went on until I wasn't hissing, I was screaming, but I don't think Ben seemed to care.

We shut up when the football field came into view, which was in twenty minutes from when we started walking.

"Okay," Ben said seriously. "I'm gonna be sensible now, because we have to be legitimately sneaky."

I rolled my eyes. "You say that now, but I wonder how long it will take you to start singing again."

We both shut up, not saying a word when the ship was in full view.

Currently, I was wearing a crisp, white button up shirt over Jeremy's younger sisters blue tank top. On the bottom, I wore skinny jeans and (ugh) high heels that I could easily slip my feet out of to run. My hair was dyed a copper-blonde (why did I agree to that again?) and had been plaited down my back.

Ben had found a checkered shirt, a red flannelette, and was wearing it over a white t-shirt. On his legs were black straight-leg jeans and he wore some sort of current hype shoes, that were all the rage. His hair was gelled up and we were both wearing make-up, though mine was a hell of a lot more thicker.

We walked up to the ship, and waltzed up to the guard standing by the platform to take us up.

He was asleep.

I tried my hardest not to laugh, and Ben the same. It was just so… bad, almost cliché, almost too easy. I half expected to see him with a big sword and in medieval armor.

We snuck in (not all that sneakily) and wandered down the sterile white-marble corridor. At the very end was another corridor, one that made a 'T' like shape in birds-eye-view. This new corridor held many doors, all of them open. Not like normal doors, like garage doors, but glass instead of metal doors. Inside I could see a table, like an operating table, but it was standing up almost completely vertical, with straps to hold someone in place.

I heard footsteps and quickly pulled Ben to the wall, standing flat against it.

Someone, human not Azrilian, was walking down the halls, admiring the walls. (What the hell is there to admire? ITS BLANK MARBLE). She was blonde, with short-ish hair that was so obviously dyed, it was so flat and dead, and put it a high pony-tail. She wore a pink tank top and a white denim mini-skirt, accompanied by a pair of white four-inch heels. I hated her already.

She walked towards one of the doors, still curious, and jumped when the door suddenly opened. After a quick look around, the blonde stepped inside the rooms and walked over to the table, strapping her self in.

Suddenly, a fine white mist began to form.

The girl was out like a light.

I watched in horror and amazement as a tiny robotic arm reached out and made a small slice down the back of her neck, before implanting a … a microchip of some sort. The cut was stitched up so finely, and when I caught a glimpse at it again, I didn't notice a damn thing different then when the blonde had walked in.

The whole of her body was then covered in a thick, pink fog, and about three minutes later, the fog cleared and she awoke, perfected.

I looked at Ben, the two of us having the same thoughts, and we high-tailed on out of there before we saw anything else horribly disturbing.

As the two of us were walking home, I noticed that it was getting lighter, and this would be the time for joggers to come out and stuff, but who needs to run when your body is perfect, right? So the streets were empty, and Ben took the chance to fray and grate on every nerve in my body, by singing his own, on-the-spot rendition of Mission Impossible, to 'Mission Accomplished'.

"Yeah, we got the job done YEAH! Watched some stupid blonde get per-fec-ted YEAH!"

"BEN!" I shouted at him, which he either didn't hear over his own obnoxious singing or chose to ignore.

"Yeah! THERE WAS SOME FOGGY MISTY STUFF! Yeah! And the mist knocked the blonde out cold!"

"Ben, please spare my ears…"

"Oh, yeah! The was this tiny-robot-arm-that-put-a-slice-in-her-head-and-in serted-a-tiny-little-chip-y-micro-thingyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyy…"

"Are you seri…"


"Ben, shut u…"



Ben looked mildly frightened for a second before smirking and putting a finger to his lips.

"Shh! Jade, you'll wake everyone up."