Skies are blue and clear, golden morning sun gently illuminates the earth. The day is calm, free of arousal... Even in this dense forest, where perpetual shadows government, side by side with the noise and life.
But this peace did not last long. Several hinds, led by a vigorous, muscular deer with large antlers, boldly refunded the evening with additional level of precaution. One by one, they walked in line in the forest, breaking through the woods, branches and rotting leaves. Already far on the track, one of the doe paused. It stood in front of a giant, but rotten, fallen timber. She listened, though at first she did not hear anything. But soon, she heard a tiny rustling in the distance. It was enough to start a herd of furious gallop, escaping from trouble. At the location where the herd is just fled, rustling became louder. However, that rustling sound was sound of horses' hooves, at a gallop, breathing frantically and stinking of nasty smell of fear. Suddenly, behind a downed tree emerges horse, black as tar, like a shiny onyx and swift as an arrow. On it was black rider - black high hat hid his face, but he could feel his fear. His leather coat billowing in the wind. Steed ran fast, barely to be noticed.

But what came after it, it was hard to miss.

Screaming horde of demons broke through a wooden barricade, running on its feet, grabbing and crushing everything in their path, shouting nasty curses, as ugly as their disfigured faces. To the helm of this horse stepped up the horse with rider - horse red as blood, and his red knight rider whose face, because of the red helmet decorated with large, demonic horns, could not be seen. Every demon has suddenly stopped and fell silent, their faces looked in amazement at a knight. "VEEL! Binary shael," said the knight on his foul language and on his words, even more demons roar, and run even faster. Black rider in front heard the terrifying. They were after him.
His faithful horse jumped over another hurdle, but one branch scratched face of the rider, taking his big black hat from his head, revealing his face. Her face. Long, blood-red hair was howling, dark blue eyes sparkled, and a beautiful face grimaced. The beans of sweat lowered down her forehead. Soon they will reach her. He knows that. She stopped the horse, went down and banged her fist on the ground. From the earth erupted image of the young girl, who went up on the horse and chased the black steed faster. The other, real girl ran, far faster than her horse, far faster than the eye can follow. So light-footed, that her feet were left not even a slightest trace.
Every demon went for trace horses' hooves. They were all deceived. Except one. The one who led them. Red Knight. He got off his horse and sniffed the air. No clues were left behind, but the smell of wild flowers. But there are no wild flowers in the woods. He spat on the ground. He hated the smell of elven blood. At least, this was actually the elf halfbreed, because he felt a tinge of bitterness and rust. He would have loathed the taste of her blood. The only race he hated more than the elves were humans.
He let his reckless companions chase the false horsewoman. What we planned to do with her can be done without them. He climbed back on his horse and forced it into gallop. The horse reared, rushing fast, leaving burning trail of death and horror behind, the trail only demon horses left behind. A horse rider sensed the trouble. She jumped from rock to which he came across a tree, deftly dropping. "Just to the north, little friend," she heard a whisper of that tree. "Soon you'll be out of here. We'll slow them down.''
'Thank you,' replied horsewoman. She continued towards the north. Soon, she should get out from the woods, and could spread her wings and soar into the sky. Just a little bit ...
Red Knight saw her right before he lost her red hair out of sight. He jumped from his horse and landed on his feet, but the roots broke out of the soil, grabbed him by his feet. He ducked a few trees and shrubs, but he got captured. His hands were nailed to the body and legs were linking. Red Knight laughed uproariously. "You really think that few dirty twigs would stop me?" With no problems, Red Knight spread his arms and legs, set into the black fire all that was found within ten meters. Horsewoman heard the wail of a friend who did not know her, but gave his life for her. Aspect of her heart broke down, but she had to keep running. She was so close to the finishline... Finally, crashed through the bush - earned a few scratches on her arms and face, but she broke out. She took off her coat and revealed a leather corset with opened back, under whose skin small shifts were seen - her wings invaded out. Slowly separating from the skin, they grew large, whiter than her skin, all while she was running. Approaching the cliff, whose bottom is out of sight, and the sun shone down on her, as if encouraging her to fly away. She was preparing to take off when he, the Red Knight, grabbed a wing and sheared it off her back, pulling her towards himself. Her blood hissed and splashed everywhere - she screamed in pain, until the Red Knight laughed out loud, awfully, letting himself to be covered by her blood. "You've lost, elf. Now it's time to die," he said with a voice full of mockery and contempt. He whipped out a sword from its scabbard, and horsewoman, in shock, spread her blue eyes. "It is my sword!" she said and tried to grab it, but the pain in her back prevented her and she collapsed, letting life slowly to start flowing out of her... "Ironic, is it not?" Knight smiled. "You will be executed by your own sword." Slowly he removed his helmet. Hair as white as the snow fell like a waterfall down his back. He showed his once beautiful face, now disfigured with an ugly scar. "The same sword you mutilated me with."
Equestrienne smiled. "At least you don't remind me so discustingly of my race," she said, slowly pulling back, leaving a thick trail of blood from her back. The sun was covered by a dark cloud, shadowing the scenery, taking away the color. Slowly, it began to rain.
"Your tricks will not save you this time, elf. This time you will die."
"Yeah ... Death is inevitable this time ..." agreed horsewoman weakly, already on the edge of a cliff. Her eyes slowly slumping, head fell back, like praying gusts of painful shudder of fear. Then she opened her beautiful blue eyes and looked solidly in this red demon. "But not by your hand," she said, with more strength in her voice than she had, and rolled down the cliff. "NO!" bellowed the demon and fell to his knees, leaning over the cliff. He extended his hand toward rider. "XIEK!" His palm was illuminated, and one red beam hit the rider - in terrible pain, she screamed. She was very far away, but the demon was able to see how the fire swallowed her body. He smiled with relief and stood up. "But in the end you die by my hand," he said, and threw her sword after her, spitting. His horse walked up to him and blew. Demonic Knight picked up his helmet and put it on his head. He lit her lacerated wing that was laying bathed in blood, he climbed on his horse and rushed back, satisfied.

Horsewoman pulled herself out of the raging river ashore. Face down she layed on the grass, which had wrapped around her and grew, healing her wounds, separating her dead wing from her back. Her white face became even paler, eyes empty, as life slowly seeped out of her. "N. .. Naneth ..." gasped its last breath and closed her eyes.

And even though the nature tried to save her, it was too late for death was certain, flowing out of her body like her own blood.

This is her end.