Rise from returning sleep
Awaken below the deep
Below the fires bright and water blue
In the heart of Gaia born anew

Becoming life, stealing death
The force of life on your bed
Flashing in a thousand colors, known and more
Rising, climbing from the Core

Gentle body flowing through the earth
New life rises from the dirt
Rebirth, Rebirth, Rejoice, Rebirth!
Return life upon the earth
Green rises where fire burns
Skies of light as water turns

Flying on the edge of old
Carried by tales untold
Fill the World with colors bright
Define the edge of Dark and Light

Years have past
Peace can never last
Color fades, the Grey unfold
The very world turned old
Life returns
Fire no longer burns

Wings flutter gently
Gaia calls softly
It's voice bittersweet

"Return to me, to dreams of gray
Color cannot stay
Go and come like the restless tide
No need to fight"

Sinking slowly, going under
Return to rest 'n slumber
To dream a sad dream
Even colder than it seems

A lonely world clad in gray
Where masses wail and sway
People never really alive
Buzzing in a mindless hive

Dreaming of sad, sad men
Until Gaia calls again
The colors once more flow
With the gift they bestow
Me, my world born anew
Brighter than I ever knew