Teen Wolf

Season 3 AS Fang-fic

Chapter 1

Losing All

First I would like to apologize for my English, I´m not good enough but I really would like to share this story with you guys

Scott woke up suddenly, cold sweat was covering his face that nightmare was too much real, he saw himself being murdered by the Kanima, and meanwhile Allison Kanima´s new master was laughing over his dead body.

-Are you ok? - said Isaac´s voice breaking in from Scott´s window

-Dude, you scared me- reproached with nervous voice.

-You´re ready? - asked a mysterious Isaac.

-Now? - lamented Scott trying to rest a little more.

-I told you Scott-, Started Isaac growling. –Derek and his uncle are worried about a new Alfa´s pack that´s coming to beacon hills.

-We gotta be ready.

-I know, I know- agreed Scott still sleepy. –It´s just that…-

-There's lot of stuffs, the kanima, my mom discovering my secret, Gerard´s scape- the Alfa´s pack, Jackson leaving-,-he can´t control himself as the kanima, now that he´s a were…-

-Hey!-,- Jackson it's not your responsibility-

-Your mine- Scott reminded to Isaac with serious face.

-No, you didn´t turned me, but you helped me because we are friends- disagreed con some anger on his eyes.

-Jackson it's my friend too-

-Forget it Scot you´re just sad because everything with Allison its over-

Scott put his eyes on the sheets feeling Isaacs's words as knives through his skin rolling between his entrails every time he remembered a simple smile from Allison´s perfect and delightful mouth.

-Get over it-, -it's time to move on- advise Isaac pushing his back.

-We need to train hard every night, if Derek´s Uncle is right they´re forcing wolves all over the country to be their slaves to start a war against the Argent family-.

-I Know, I know- Agreed Scott annoyed, pulling out his pajama to dress his sports clothes to follow Isaac into the thickest part of the wood.

Melissa heard a rare noise at Scott´s Room so she ran out to discover what happened, when she entered on his son´s room, found it empty and cold, the window back his bed was up and the curtains were dancing with the wind, Melissa McCall put her hand over her chest and tried to calm herself, her son was a completely stranger for her, she was scared that someone could discover his secret and try to hurt him again, she needed to do something quickly but what she could do? She was only a nurse, how could she be able to protect her wolfeson from that kind of creatures that tried to kill them just a few weeks ago?

-I´m so tired- complained Scott by the time a jeep Cherokee parked on the way just next to them.

-Stiles! - Clamed Scott when saw he´s friend appear in front of Isaac and him.

-What are you doing here?-

-What am I doing here? - repeated unable to believe what he was hearing.

-My dad y driving here right now cuz there are reports of a weird din in the woods and….

-Woooh!- exhaled surprised. What the hell is that?

Isaac and Scott turned their heads to see the enormous tree that they just cut from root.

-It's a tree- explained Isaac con sarcasm.

-I know what it is- reproached a grouchy Stiles

-What I don´t get, it's what's wrong with you guys, and Why you didn´t me told about came here?

-We were just training a little-

-We- repeated Stiles resentful

-Look Stiles this doesn´t have to be with you ok?-

-Is just a Wolf thing- tried to explain Isaac

-Shut up , when my dad gets here…-,-oh shi…. MY DAD-

The police siren started to sound near of the group, making them exchanges panic looks.

-Come on! –yelled Stiles running back to his jeep.

-Drive drive- said Scott when his friend was trying accelerate

-Anyway ¿why you were doing that?-

-Isaac heard Derek and his Uncle talking about a pack of Alfas coming to Beacon Hills-

-And why you didn´t told me anything?-


-Forget it-

-What if a bunch of Alfas come to the town? Is a free country.

-A war is coming- said a brusque and deep voice just next to Stiles.


-! You almost gave me a heart attack!-

-Let me in-

-What? - No

-Shut up and do it-

-Hi guys- said the voice of Peter Hale next to Scott.

Derek running to catch up de group pushed Stiles to the center of the vehicle and took the driver´s seat.

Peter Hale pull out of his leather jacket two discomposed fishes and started to rub it against Scott and his friends.

-What are you doing? - shouted Scott trying to not breath.

-You morons...- replied Derek

-My dear Mr Lahey- started Peter… -When you with your super powers heard us talking about the Alfas the idea was that you and Scott joined us-

-Wait; did you know I was there?- exclaimed embarrassed

-Join you?- repeated Scott

-A war is coming Scott, we need to stick together if we want to survive-

-the Alfas pack has just got in the town attracted by the two stupid betas that decided to play in the woods.

-That's why I´m covering your smell with fishes.

-Wait a second- said Stiles scared.

-Do you mean that a group of big a brave Alfas is coming right now to kills us?

-That's right- Said a squeaky voice next to the jeep.

-Oh Damn!- roared Derek pushing down the accelerator.

Scott turn his head back and saw 7 werewolves running in all their four after them.

-Derek we need to go faster-

-I know Scott, but It´s not my fault that your friend has this shitty jeep-

-Hey don´t talk to it like that-

-Guys we would fight all that you want if we survive this… so shut up and keep driving-

-Isaac-started Derek.

-You tried to shut me again and I will drop the steering wheel and I´ll rip out your head with my own hands.

-Derek!- Yelled Stiles


-The lake!- continued Scott.

-Everybody out!- ordered Peter.

-No, my jeep- cried Stiles jumping to the driver's seat to try to save his car before it fall to the lake.

-Stiles what are you doing? - scream Scott from the woods when found himself surrounded by a group of red eyed werewolves

-No my jeep!- Screamed Stiles desperate still on the car.

-Stiles!- exclaimed Scott turning his head at the moment that the jeep fall dawn the risk to star sinking in the silver lake´s water.

-Are you insane? You almost die for saving that piece of shit- Said Derek pushing Stiles over the risk.

-It´s your fault, How suppose that I'm going to drive school tomorrow?

-Either I don't have supernatural powers to scape from that kind of mess.

-My jeep dude!- cried the skinny boy.

-Shh!- said Derek totally angry trying to find the rest of the group.

Growls were heard everywhere, Isaac couldn´t understand what he was seeing, blacks shadows were running in circles making them step back leaving them with now scape

-We are surrounded- said Peter worried putting his eyes over the seven wolves.

-Say something that we don´t know- answered Isaac with sarcasm.

Where´s Derek? Thought Scott at the moment that a huge tree was flying to them.

-Run!- ordered Derek by the time the Alfa´s pack speared out to avoid the tree.

-Guys! Guys!- yelled stiles.

-I can´t do the four legs wolf thing. Scott back his neck to his friend.

-If you back for him we are dead- said Peters at Scott ear.

-Is my best friend. Answered decided the teen wolf, turning back to put Stiles on his back and start running again.

-We need to separate once we get into de town- explained Derek.

-Burn your clothes, change yours shampoo brand, I don't care, you need to hide your smell-

-We need to see each other in public places-

-See? We´re not with you into this- reproached Isaac.

-If you and your friends want to survive then you're with us- said Peter threateningly

-So I was right- Said Allison scrutinizing the claws marks over the road and trees.

-Derek is desperate, how many have turn by now?-

-I don´t think that these footprints came from betas- intervened Chris Argent

-What do you mean Dad? - asked the girl a little uncomfortable.

-These are too big to come from simple betas-

-Do you mean that there´s is a new pack in town?-

-No just that- finished her dad con some bad luck that made Allison feel worried.

-What the hell were you doing there?- scolded the sherif Stilinski after found his sons jeep drowning in the lake.

-I heard you talking from radio about these weird noises- try to excuse Stiles.

-I couldn´t see anything lost control… and you know the rest-

-I´m sorry-

-You can´t keep doing this to me Stiles, after all we went through-

-I´m sorry, I´m really sorry.

-Come here- ordered de man hugging his son.

-Please promise me that you´ll keep out of troubles-

-I promise dad- answered Stiles in lame way.

-Your all that I have son, if I lose you…- after hear that Stiles put his eyes on the floor con sadness.

-I promise, dad I promise-

-Well, you´ll have to take the bus- explain Mr. Stilinski

-I have a lot of work and can´t drive you school-

-Maybe being carless will be the best for now-

-What? You´ll no try to fixed?-

-It´s your car you pay its bills-


-That was the deal when you got it, remember?-

-Ok dad- agreed Sheriff´s son with resentment on his voice.

Sheriff Stilinski took his radio and walked to the door, when the car got lost on the way Stiles started to trot to the bus stop when a Chevrolet Camaro black stopped just next to him.

-Get up- ordered Derek on his usual bad mood.

Stiles look around him before enter the car, and after close the door; the sour werewolf started driving pretty fast.

-Where you taking me? Something happened?-asked Stiles worried about Scott.

-I´m taking you to school- explained.

-It´s my fault what happened to your piece of shit-

-Wait a second- said Stiles with bright eyes.

-If you broke my car would be fairer if you give me yours instead-

-Keep dreaming- laughed Derek stopping the vehicle at beacon hill´s high school.

-Come on you don´t need it, you have your werewolf super speed-

-Tell Scott that wait for me at the bowling- ordered.

-Your team players or something?-

-Keep laughing and I´ll rip up your head with my hands-

-We need to discuss what we´re going to do with the Alfa´s thing-

-Ok, ok I´ll tell him- agreed Stiles getting of the Car.

-And Stiles- said Derek even more serious than usual.

-Don't make any new friends, don´t stay alone on any room-

-I can´t pee if someone else is in there- said Stiles confused, when he looked again to his left Derek and his car were vanished.

-Hi- said Scott taking seat next to Stiles on chemistry, at the moment he felt the essence of Allison´s perfume on the air, just on his left, for a second they were kissing.

-I miss you Scott- said the girl on his hear while they started kissing again. He couldn´t believe that she was there saying all that in front of Mr. Harris.

-Scott- heard at distance.

-I´ve been so stupid, hating you for being different, I´m so sorry-


-Allison please don´t cry- asked the boy feeling sad.

-Mr. McCall- said Mr. Harris voice suddenly, Scott reacted, Allison was on her seat ignoring him as usual, what was that?

-Mr. McCall, do have I to remember you and Mr. Lahey that after all those poor marks at last semester you won´t be on this curse anymore?-

-What? - Yelled Stiles and Scott at once, Scott could feel a weir felling of surprise and sadness coming from nears seat on his left. What was going on?

-Why don't you just stand up and go to the second year student's classroom?-

-You don´t Mr. Stilinski- warned Mr. Harris when Stiles we trying to follow his best friend out of the classroom.

-I´m too please to remember you, that after all my hard work last semester your calcifications have been going up-

-And if you want to keep on the right way, I suggest you let behind Mr. McCall and make new friends-

Stiles put his eyes on his notebook, to ignore Harris, God he hated him so much, Stiles wished being a Werewolf to threaten him.

Christopher Argent came out from the kitchen trying to localize Aaron to discuss the plan against the Alfa´s and the possibility of Derek and Hale joining them when he noted a strange silence around the house.

-Hello Chris- greeted two familiar voices that made him feel a sudden chill.

-What are you doing here- screamed turning back with his guns up.

-We just came to see how are you- mockingly explained Francis and Collin the two Alfa twins.

-Don´t worry we´re not here to kill you- said Collin

-That would be to boring-

-First we want to play with you a little-

-So to start our game- announced Francis.

-We´re going to destroy all your weapons to make the things a little bit more fun-

Chris Argent laughed

-This house is practicality made of guns-

-Exactly- finished the brothers vanishing suddenly.

Chris then understood and start running to the enter, when he pass through the door a big explosion pushing out leaving behind of him just debris of what just seconds ago was his home and headquarters.

Mr Stilinski was cheking the reports of weekend when suddenly someone interrupt in his office

-Sheriff we need you here now! – Yelled Officer Susan from the ally.

Mr. Stilinski came out of his office as fast as he could. Finding the woman trying to carry a man.

-HELP! HELP!- Screamed the man.

-What happened to you?

-I don´t know, I don´t kn…-

The man´s skin started melting when unexpectedly started morphing and finally exploded filling all commissary with brown blood.