Teen Wolf

Season 3 AS Fang-fic

Chapter 11

Here and nowhere

The smelless slipslop made Stiles had a hard night, in his bed the nightmares didn´t want to leave, he saw Dylan being taken away by the Alpha Pak so many times that he started thinking he rescued him after all, his friends dying his dad taken as hostage, Derek… Er…. Wasn´t good to wake up every five minutes after losing everything again and again, after the last time skittering on the blanket over Dylan, Stiles finally could close his eyes feeling strong and happy, the child was sleeping with a smile in his little face, smirking in dreams, after all the things he had been through, he still was able of smiling, the next day they will work hard to find his parents...but… how could Stiles get used to not see the little child hugging him, asking for being protected, for being cared of, for being loved?

-Son- muttered Sherriff´s Stilinski voice in the morning, Stiles opened his eyes quite disoriented.


-Get up, you´re late for School-

-Dad what are you doing standing?-

-Oh shit- thought, his dad was there, Dylan was… Stiles looked at his side, Dylan wasn´t there, but that couldn´t be possible Dylan wasn´t able to leave the house and Alphas couldn´t get inside either that just didn't have sense.

-I can´t lie down in that bed being pathetic-

-You´re not pathetic dad, you´re injured-

-Whatever, get out of the and go school-

-Dad, I should better stay, you need me in here…-

-You won´t bail school, moreover I´m perfectly able to take care of my self- explained Mr Stilinski smiling pleased.

-Just look, I made you the breakfast- said hanging a bag to Stiles. The boy took the paper bag and pulled out a burned grilled cheese sandwich.

-Oh!...um… Thanks dad-

-See? You have nothing for being worried about-

-Yeah you´re right- mused Stiles with sarcasm thinking about the whole mess his life just became.


-Um… Nothing, I´m taking a shower before leave-

-Hurry up- ordered the father before leaving the room helped by his crutches.

-Fuck!- Muttered getting out the bed for inspect the room.

-Dylan- slightly shouted.


-Stiles? - answered the weak voice of Dylan just like he was just awakening.

-Dylan where are you?-

-Huh? I´m…- , - Argh! –

-Shhh!- begged Stiles.

-Why I can´t stop Stiles? - said the crying voice of the child.

-What do you mean?-

-I... I can´t see-

-It´s always dark in here- sobbed hyperventilating.

-Wait, I can´t see you either… where are you?- asked Stiles without getting all that.

-I don't know, I´s all black!- Stiles opened the dresser´s door, but it was empty

-Stiles I´m scared- Stiles followed the voice then discovered the spiderman blanket on his bed trembling.

-Dylan-mused Stiles taking the air between the blanket and the bed.

-Stiles…you´re here-

-I´m here buddy, I told you… I won´t let you go- How´s that Dylan was invisible and blind? How was that even possible?-,-What kind of werewolf was the child? Was Dylan a werewolf after all? Dylan Started crying.

-Hey, hey, hey buddy… calm down-

-I´ll take you with a doctor, he´ll help you I promise-

-It´s always the same- replied Dylan disgusted.

-Wait… what do you mean?-

-I´m…This always happen Stiles-

-Every night I wish this to not happen again-.-But it happens again…-

-Terry told me she would help me but she didn´t… and…I… Stiles…I´m-

-Hey…hey… Calm down- , - I´m not like Terry- , - I promise that I´ll help you-

-You promise?-

-I promise-

Stiles dressed up while he thought about what to do with Dylan, he couldn´t leave him home, he could probably start crying and scare his dad, and Stiles couldn´t bail school with all that mess in town he could bet his dad had people making sure that he got school.

-Um… Dylan… do you like school?

-Yes I like it but my mom… she doesn´t let me go-


-My mom says I´m special that I´m so good that I don´t need to go-

-After I got sick they didn't took me there anymore-

-Well… would you like to go with me?-

-I promise I´ll get you some help later-

-You won't take me to get needle right? I hate needles- begged scared.

Stiles chuckled –No buddy I won´t I promise it-

Stiles notice when his left the house, how could do that? He was so dogged, he would probably have a few words with him when he got home in the night. Stiles took Dylan with him making sure to not lose him using a pair of handcuffs the idea was hide them beneath Stiles hoodie sweater and tell Dylan they were playing cops and that he should stay quite when anyone were around. When Stiles speared the mountain ash dust line and prepared for came out of the came cautious of finding an Alpha on the way and opened the door a werewolf waiting right ahead.

The door was knocked pretty early that morning. Bathilde ordered one of Allison´s cousins to open the door while the rest of the family inside at the home and the others in the near houses were put on their places ready. Snipers on the top of the roofs expecting to find a werewolf in the entrance but instead…

-It´s for Allison- explained the nervous and shy young man throwing prying eyes to the girl, Allison finished brushing her teeth and went out to the front door were for her surprise was sheriff Stilisnki awaiting.

-Oh! Sir- the man was standing helped by a pair of crutches on his arms and a plaster covered his left leg.

-Hi Allison, I tried to come early but um… I had an accident with a bear-

-Yeah right- spitted the girl with sarcasm.

-The thins is that I have come to tell you that tests are done, the bodies found In your house… none of them was your father-

-So It´s possible that´s he still alive-

-Thanks god- muttered pretending being relieved- If only her dad could tell her where he was. But she knew he was protecting her form the Alpha pack.

-Well thanks sheriff-

-Come on Allison you don´t have to be so formal with me you´re my son´s friend-

-Friend? Yeah right- thought Allison remembering the incident on Alpha´s lair when Stiles saved her life, well maybe he was her friend after all.

-I heard some relatives came to take care of you-

-Um… yeah… I´ll stay with them until my dad back home- Home? Which home?

-Well…um… I should go school so…-

-Er… Yeah…have a nice day-

Allison yanked out her car keys and got into the car, she hoped the rest of the family dind´t heard much about what Stile´s dad said.

-Allison- the girl stopped the car trembling, Bathilde appeared bringing a lunch bag in her skeleton hands.

-Honey you forgot your breakfast-

-Oh thanks aunt Bathilde but…um…I´m not used to eat in mornings-

-Oh! Honey but it´s the most important food of the day, your father would definitely agree with me if he were around-

-By the way, what did wanted that injured cop?

-Oh…nothing- Allison turned her eyes other side feeling the evil green gaze of Bathilde over her.

-He was….um… just talking about that the police thinks that the explosion was an accident caused by the weapons my dad had been selling-

-There´s nothing about the body yet?-

-Yeh…um- the bodies burned so hard… they still don´t know which is my dad, there were body parts everywhere- slightly sobbed pretending being overwhelmed.

-Oh! Honey- spilled Bathilde pretending being sweet but Allison knew the truth, she was just trying to find her dad to judge and execute him for treason.

-Derek what are you doing here?-

-I…um…couldn´t enter by the window because of the line you had draw-

-I didn´t meant that- replied Stiles.

-But hey thanks for not freak me out coming in by the window- Derek´s look hardened at the time a slight line curved Stiles mouth up.

-You´re smell is fully back- realized, Derek´s expression was hard but his eyes he knew he wasn´t able to hide the relief in them.

-Yeah the slipslop effects already passed-

-So…um… what do you want?-

-I thought I could help with anything-

-You? Help?-

-Yep, I could take care of Dylan while you´re at class- Dylan squeezed Stiles hoodie sweater. –

-No, it´s ok he´s not staying I´m taking him with me to school-

-Then where is he?-

-Next to me- said Stiles with irony like if Derek was blind or something, then he remembered that Dylan was invisible and plus the one who got blind.

Derek sniffed the air and caught a slight essence full of sadness and fear.

-Wait, how did you made him invisible?-

-I didn´t… apparently he got invisible pretty often since he got bitten-

-Had you heard about an invisible werewolf before?-

Derek shook his head.

-I´m taking him with Deaton after school-

-why? If he´s is invisible that´s a good thing the Alphas won't be able to find him so easily-

-That´s the problem he is also blind in that state and it must be maddening-

-He is doing a great job staying quiet and silence-

-I´m doing well?-

-Totally- answered Derek smirking to the air next to Stiles forgetting that Dylan wasn´t able to see him.

-I deserve a price… like….Pizza- said enthusiastic.

-You´re hungry again? You just ate-

-Pizza, pizza, pizza-

-Well apparently getting terrifying hungry is another super power- said Stiles giggling

Stiles appreciated that Derek took them school that helped to get early and find a place for Dylan next to him and every time someone tried to sit in there he replied that it was already taken. Stiles didn´t have to see Dylan to know that the boy was anxious, being kidnapped by a bunch of monsters freaked him out, then be near of strangers made him feel uncomfortable which was a good thing in that case considering that he needed the boy to stay in silence. After Danny sat down in the sit front Stiles Rose was the last one who tried to take the place next Stiles when he said it was taking shed decided to take the one next Danny and imminently she started to stalk him with her glances. The class started Mr. Johnson was talking about electromagnetic waves but Stiles couldn't pay much attention besides of his hypoactive disorder there were other things in mind for him, for example the thing he did with his hand the night before. It was pure sorcery, he saw what he wanted to do, and then it happened. How did he have the force? It was like all those games he used to play online or one freaking Star wars movie. Last night was especially odd, the smelless slipslop, those thoughts he had, the need of disappear, then the warm touching of Derek´s embrace, the embracing itself, so natural, it happened without noticing. Stiles turned to his left, Allison were putting her eyes on the blackboard but he knew she wasn´t paying much attention either, at the time she felt Stiles look on her she turned with her cheeks burning,

-Thanks- mused while her dimples highlighted. Stiles blushed, he never expected that considering that days ago he almost died by her hand, when was the last time he was thanked? Stiles smirked, what was he doing? Allison was the enemy, well the Alpha pack was also the enemy but who were worst? The Argent family or the Alphas? Stiles tried to put his eyes on the class but Rose trying to flirting with Danny made confusing to understand anything. Brandon interest on Stiles was something weird for him, he wanted Stiles on his team, and he thought he was worthy, if Scott and the others knew about the night before incident they would probably freak out just like Derek did, the sour leader Hale who was acting specially peculiar lately taking him school, worrying about Dylan, trying to be nice, thinking about that made his chest tackle.

-Stiles what does mean gay? - Stiles blushed and turned to the boy with trembling hands, how´s that? He wasn´t…. Stiles turned slightly to Danny and understood why Dylan did that question, Danny was trying to get rid of Rose but he was having a bad time doing it.

-Its…um… just not make any noise ok? - whispered to the next place.

-You don´t know what means?-

-Hey you heard anything? - asked Danny trying to distract Rose.

-Yeah… I did- answered the girl.

-Shit- thought Stiles taking his pencil to slowly drop it on Dylan´s desk still embarrassed.

-Take, play or something-

-But I have no paper- replied the boy.

-There´s again- said Danny

-It´s like a child voice- agreed Rose exalted.

-Come on I think you guys are studying too much- laughed Stiles.

-Oh! Ah!- Yelled Lydia hysterically pointing next to Stiles, everyone turned so the boy did too without understand, Dylan finally was in silence…. Then

-Damn- Thought Stiles he got used to fast to Dylan being invisible that he forgot that it wasn´t quite normal for other people who were getting scared seeing his pencil fly in the air while it draw a Dragon with the tail on the head.

-It´s ugly for sure…I can´t see what I´m drawing- said innocently the voice of the child in the air.

-A ghost! - screamed Rose.

-This is amazing- added Mr. Johnson.

-I´m getting out of here- argued Rose.

-Me too- agreed Danny.

-No…wait- tried to stop them Mr. Johnson. Everyone started leaving the classroom, thing that made Stiles smirk a little but he was also a quite concerned about what would think Allison and her family of all that.

-Wait this is perfect, we can use the wave tester- but no one paid attention and everyone left leaving him talking alone while he pulled out of the desk an odd machine like a phone and walked around the room looking at the screen.

Allison was taking her books for the next class out of her locker when she found a note inside one of them. It was an address and an hour. She saw it for a second trying to understand then looked around, the hallway was full of people but she could see it… a large black mane was walking just the opposite from her way.

After seeing how Dylan got an entire class scared Derek decided to get close to the lacrosse team dresser, he knew Stiles would wait for everyone to go before enter, he wouldn´t want to scare the team too, so he stood waiting in the shadows that the last unknown smell left the room. Stiles was an idiot, what he was thinking taking Dylan with him? He should knew something like that could happen, Dylan had to stay with him until Stiles came out of school, even Derek could take the time to take the boy to Deaton, what he was doing? Talking about taking the little child they were taking care to the doctor, the sounded like…. Why did Derek laughed after seeing the whole class leaving the room terrified? What was wrong with him? He wasn´t the laughing type, neither the caring. The last player left the room then Derek entered at the time he felt Stiles and Dylan smells getting in.

-Derek! - shouted Stiles.

-You scared me-

-You´re a foolish- replied Derek with anger.

-You put Dylan and yourself in danger-

-woooh wait, why?-

-The Alphas… the Argent... choose who is more dangerous-

-I´m taking Dylan with me-

-No way- said Stiles getting upset.

-Stiles- begged Dylan almost crying.

-Don´t worry I´ll bring him back when you finish your stupid practice-

-It's not stupid and you´re not taking him-

-Well… good luck trying to score running with him in your back- replied Derek with cynic voice.

-Well…um- Stiles didn´t thought about it.

-Stiles don´t leave me-

Mellissa was checking that all the patients have taken their medicines when Sherriff Stilinski entered the room limping with his crutches.


-Hi Mellissa-

-What happened?-

-Is Scott ok? - demanded the woman scared thinking about all those deaths and bears in the town.

-Yeah, he is ok-

-Thank god-

-I´m looking for Mr. Greenberg-

-Who? - said Mellissa with interest.

-The specialist that came to analyze the virus-

-Oh! Yeah follow me-

-I´m didn´t knew his name, we´re all running every five seconds, we have not time for introducing or something-

-I know what you mean, this is all a madness-

-The town itself is a madhouse-

-I´m really concerned about Scott- said Mellissa while she thought about the monster that almost killed her months ago.

-Yeah… all this mess… me working till late, his grades I just feel I can´t handle it-

-Me neither… since my wife….um-

-I´m really worried about Stiles- admitted Sherriff Stilinski

-You don´t need to worry you raised an amazing child… I´m really happy with him and Scott being such of good friends-

-Yeah they are…- agreed the man.

-Until they got in trouble as usual- laughed the sheriff.

-Yeah… I don´t get how they can get into so much issues- add the woman.

-That´s the thing I´m really worried about the virus, because of Stiles, most of the victim´s blood type is AB+-

-Just like Stiles-mused Mrs. McCall.

-Don´t worry… he will be fine the Dr. Is working on it- consoled the nurse.

-Thanks- smirked Sheriff Stilinski.

-You did great job with Scott by the way- added the man.

-He´s a really good boy-

-Thanks! - Said Mellissa blushing at the time she stopped to knock the door.

-Sir… the sheriff needs to talk with you-

No one answered.

-That's weird, he rarely leave the room- said the woman.

-Well, he wouldn´t mind if I wait inside right?-

Mellissa took a look of the crutches.

-Yeah… its fine- agreed Mellissa opening the door with her master key.

Take a sit, invited, Sheriff Stilinski entered in the little room and sat down in front of the desk.

-There a lot of paper in here- said Mellissa interested taking a few documents.

-Said something about any progress?-

-This doesn´t say anything about the virus… but it talk about blood samples-

Then they heard a deep breathing that made their nape hair twirl.

-You heard that?-


-Well, it says that there´s a patient that is not fully immune but that can survive-

-Yeah its talking about the virus- replied Mr. Stilinski relief.

The weird breathing was heard again.

-I think it came from there, said Sherriff Stilinski pointing to the door behind Mellissa.

-That´s it's just a storage-

-Are you sure Mellissa?-

The breathing again.

-Definitely is coming from there-

The woman got close to the door.

-Hello? Doctor?-

Slightly opened the door and almost fainted when she discovered what was at the other side.

Derek looked over the rearview Stiles was almost sleep holding the air next to him, the sour werewolf flashed his eyes into red remembering the beginning of the lacrosse practice when Dylan stood in the bleachers and yelled "Come one Stiles" Making all the time turned to see the child finding Derek instead, we got so angry at that moment, why did he staid? He should gone to Deaton´s instead staying for the practice.

-Wake up- ordered at the time they got to the vet´s.

-Good because I´m hungry- said Dylan.

-Again? - replied Derek.

Stiles took Dylan inside while Derek tried to find a place where buy something for Mr. Black hole stomach, wait a second, what was he doing? Derek was so pissed off, but then why he was standing there biting his lips to not smile while he was buying a happy meal?

-Stiles what can I do for you? - asked Dr. D when Stiles got inside.

-I..um… I need your help with something- said the boy.

-With what?-

-Hi! - greeted Dylan suddenly.

Allison was standing outside the abandoned cinema, she was waiting for almost 20 minutes when Scott showed up.

-Hi- said the boy without looking her at the eyes.

-Make it quick Scott- replied Allison in cold blood with her hand wrapped around the knife in her pockets.

-I saw your dad- explained Scott.

Allison couldn´t help, she guard down and approached Scott.

-What he said? - asked the girl desperately.

-He got upset when he found out you left my house-

Allison didn´t answered, she was too angry with Scott to say anything about it.

-Is he ok? Need something?-

-He is doing well-

-Did you do something to him? If you did I swear…-

-Allison he´s find- replied Scott starting to get upset.

-What more he said?-

-He…um…. - Scott doubt a second.

-Scott tell me- demanded Allison taking her knife once more.

-He said that you need to leave the town, your uncle Jeremy was the only one who could help you and he´s dead now-

Mellissa Stood next to Sheriff Stilinski gaping at the jail that contained a monster, sheriff Stilinski thought that, that thing that attacked the town was bear but know he knew the truth, it wasn´t a bear, but what was it then?

The monster was looking at them inside the jail with its mouth closed by a chain that covered all its body, around there were lots of blood samples and more documents.

-What it says? What the hell is that thing?-

-It says that perhaps the patient is almost immune to the poisons it wasn´t able to recover its ability to think or talk-

-Are you telling me that, this thing is a person?-

-Oh god I need to talk Scott now- said Mellissa hyperventilating.

-My boy…My boy-

-What´s going on here?-

-He´s in danger… everyone is in danger… again-

-Mellissa calm down- begged Mr. Stilinski.

-That had to be a misunderstanding-

-Calm down this is just a mutant animal that…. – that outside door sounded.

-Someone just got in- whimpered Mellissa.

-We need to get out- said Sheriff Stilinski but there wasn´t way out.

They looked around and found a big locker, where they could fit.

When the door of the monster´s room got open the nurse and the Sheriff look how the Dr. Greenberg took new blood samples from the creature and started working on them in the desk.

-Do you really think that I don´t know you´re there? - said laughing devilish.

Mellissa and Mr. Stilinski had to time to do anything, in a second the man where just opening the locker door, smirked sadistically while his eyes flashed red. What was going on? That couldn´t be possible.

-Ah…- tried to yell Mellissa but the doctor covered her mouth at the time a lot of hair started to cover his body.

-I´m really sorry Stiles but I never heard about someone like Dylan before- lamented Dr. D

-What about those books you´re used to read? - said Derek while he drank his soda.

-Oh! That reminds me- said Deaton going to the next room. Coming back with a book in his hands.

-This is for you Stiles- said hanging it to him.

-It's something that helped me a lot a few years ago-

-Well um... Thanks doc. But I don´t see how this could help me if I, can do anything for Dylan-

-I´m really sorry that I couldn´t help-

-Come on Dylan… lets go home- said Stiles discouraged.

-Wait a second…. - said Deaton with thoughtful look.

-The daylight…-

Then the doctor ran to the light switch and turned off… then closed the windows and turned to Stiles.

Stiles looked down and could see Dylan, finally could see him, he was so relief looking at his big blue little eyes smiling to him.

-I can see- said happy.

-And we can see you- replied Deaton pleased.

-Thanks! You're the best doctor ever!-

Deaton approached Derek.

-I think you should stay until sun ends to fall down so Dylan didn´t got blind again-

-You mean this will happen again? - said Derek concerned.

-Sadly yes… Every morning because Dylan is in here and nowhere at the same time-

-See… the sun have radiation… the ultraviolet light doesn´t aloud Dylan to be fully in here-

-Meanwhile the night… aloud him-

-What do you mean?-

-That he should die long ago but he didn´t-

-He can´t be dead this is not possible- replied Allison. That was her fault, Allison took her uncle Jeremy right to dead, he tried to help and she did that to him, she was nothing, first Stiles, now her uncle Jeremy, and plus got the entire Argent Army to the town where they´re trying to find her dad to kill him.

-He died I´m sorry-

-No- cried Allison.

-He can´t be death-

-He is dead Allison- said Bathilde close to them. At the time at least 50 red lasers covered Scott body and the Argents started to came out of their hiding places.

-See Allison, yesterday when with looked this Alpha pack and realized that the twins are alive well we found out something-

-And know that he know that your dad is alive…-

-Well I think is time to you to know the truth about your father-

-But first…-

-Precious boy… would you mind to tell us where is he right now?-

Stiles and Dylan fell asleep really fast, which was a good thing considering the day they had, but in other hand Stiles was concerned about the morning in the next day when Dylan wake up blind and invisible again. What could he do for the poor boy? Stiles felt powerless once more, but before knew it he was having dreams about drinking the smelless slipslop becoming invisible, then blind, then disappear completely from everywhere.

-Stiles again!- cried Dylan at long distance.

Stiles hardly could open his eyes, If Dylan kept crying like that could wake up his dad.

-Dylan where are you?-

-Again Stiles…. I wake up because I´m too hungry and then… and-

Stiles followed the voice and hug the little child.

-I´m sorry buddy I´m really sorry- cried to at the time to needles nailed down forearm.


-What ar….- Stiles tried to said but his eyes clouded and his throat dried.

Stiles let go Stiles and Started Crying

-Stiles I´m sorry… I´m sorry- repeated the little child at the time he started materialized between the sunshine´s rays which let Stiles see the boy´s crying face covered by Stiles blood.