Kyra gasped for breath as another kick landed perfectly on her left side. She attempted to crawl toward the door, but a hand on her ankle pulled her back. She screamed and swung her arms at her assailant to no avail.

"You'll pay for your father's crimes. The old bastard killed over and now you owe his debt. We told you we'd be back, so why don't you have our money? Do you think we're idiots?" The man in charge spoke softly but menacingly. Kyra shivered from the pure hatred in his voice. She felt a tear roll down her cheek and quickly tried to hide it.

She had almost no fight left in her. She was sure these men were going to kill her. There was nothing she could do to stop them. She didn't have the ten thousand dollars her father lost to these men in a bet. He hadn't even told her of his debt before he passed away from pneumonia the previous week.

The day after his passing three men came to her door demanding the money her father supposedly owed them. When she told them she had no clue what they were talking about and that her father just died they told her she owed them ten thousand dollars and they would be back in exactly a week to collect.

She thought it was a joke, but now she could see they were very serious. How they expected her to get the money in the first place was a mystery. She could barely put food on the table for her and her father. She was still confused about how her father managed to gamble in the first place. He had been retired since he threw out his back. She was a mere eighteen, just getting started in the real world. She was still a kid in most people's eyes. She had no job and had just graduated from school. No known relatives left her completely on her own.

"I don't have the money and I have no way of getting it for you. Please just let me go. This is not my fault, but my father's. Please show some mercy," Kyra begged.

"Me? Show mercy to you? Please," the man sneered. "Boys you know what to do."

Kyra screamed for all she was worth as the men came toward her. There was no way anyone could hear her, but she prayed someone was near. The last thing she remembered was a fist coming straight for her face and then immense pain clouded her vision.

"Man this girl is heavier than she looks." Kyra woke to filtered voices. They were hazy and mumbled, like from some distant dream. She couldn't move and every part of her felt sore. She struggled to open her mouth, but her lips felt glued shut.

"This is far enough, let's just dump it here. The wild dogs will take care of the rest." Suddenly, she felt light as her body lifted into the air. Gravity took over and she thudded hard into the ground and rolled for eternity. She wanted to scream in pain, but her lips refused to move. Her body bounced on sharp rocks, hit trees, and rolled to a stop against a hard surface. She couldn't catch her breath against the pain and she blacked out again.

Kyra woke up sometime later and tried to open her eyes, but was unable to. She could hear the wind rustling the leaves around her, but she still couldn't move. She lay there, listening, wishing she were dead. Did the men not realize they hadn't killed her?

Sometime later she heard a twig snap and she yearned to turn her head and open her eyes. She wanted to see the source of the noise, but was almost fearful. She heard something growl near her ear and her stomach twisted. It was one of the wild dogs, or worse, a bear. She was going to be eaten alive. She felt a tear slip down her cheek as she waited for the inevitable.

Trey looked at the woman's motionless body. She was small, but plump in the right areas. Her clothes were torn and she smelled of blood and death. Her black hair was matted to her face. He could tell she was still alive because he could hear her heart beat. She wouldn't last much longer and a part of him didn't want her to die. She seemed so innocent lying there with the bruises and blood. He padded forward on his four legs and licked her cheek.

He tasted salt and noticed she was crying. He whined and nudged her arm gently. The woman didn't move. He knew his alpha would be pissed, but he couldn't let her die. His instincts were screaming at him to save her. He checked the perimeter and then bit into her arm gently. She didn't make a sound, but a single tear rolled down her cheek.

It will be all right now. You're safe. Trey said, knowing she couldn't understand him. He shifted into his human form and lifted the woman in his arms. He knew the change would take over her body soon, so he tried to hurry as fast as he could back to his alpha's compound.

"What were you thinking? You turned a human without my consent!" Trey kept his gaze on the floor as his alpha lit into him. He didn't flinch and was only half listening. "Look at me when I'm talking to you boy."

"Leo, I had to do it. My instincts were yelling at me to save her. You've always told us to trust our instincts. She was almost dead and there was no way I was going to leave her there for the animals to eat. I'm sorry, but I don't regret it. Just tell me what my punishment is and let's get this over with," Trey explained, his wolf pacing back and forth inside his head. He wanted to check on the girl. She wasn't his mate, he knew that, but something in him demanded he see her.

"Watch your tone with me boy. Just because you're my son doesn't mean you get special treatment. Go see to the girl. Make sure she stays in her quarters. She's your responsibility now. When you get done with her come see me and your brothers. We caught a rogue hunting on our property and he's in the cellar." With a nod, Trey opened the door and stalked down the hallway to his room. He opened the door slowly and then crept inside.

The girl was still sleeping, the change having already wracked her body. He could sense her wolf and could tell by the slight change in her scent. She was now a shifter and would be waking soon. She was still covered in blood, and she reeked, but he would let her take a bath as soon as she woke up. He was dying to see what she looked like under all that grime.

He sat in the computer chair next to his bed and waited for her to wake.

Kyra woke to her body feeling perfectly fine. She mentally checked her injuries, accounting for none of them. She moved her arms and legs, feeling no pain. She felt someone watching her and opened her eyes. She gazed at a white ceiling and dark blue walls. She could feel a pillow under her head. She tried to speak, but her throat was too dry and she ended up coughing loudly.

"Hi, don't be afraid. You're safe now." Kyra jerked her head to the voice and stared at the male sitting across from her. He had his hands up defensively and was slowly rising to his feet. She gasped and crawled backwards until her back hit the head board. She glanced around wildly for a way of escape and only saw the bed room door. The male was positioned in front of it and there was no way she could make it passed him.

"Who are you? Where am I? What happened to me? Why am I not injured anymore?" she threw question after question at him, her voice sounding panicked even to her own ears. She could feel a strange invasion in her mind, like someone was in her head. She grabbed her head and started crying. "I want to go home."

Trey looked around hopelessly as the female started crying. She was getting his bed filthy, but he pushed that to the back of his mind. "My name is Trey, and this is my bedroom. I found you in the woods and brought you here. How do you feel?"

Kyra sniffed and tried to stop crying. She could tell by the male's voice that he hadn't been one of the men to dump her body. She took a deep breath and then started speaking. "I want to know what happened. I was sure I was going to die. Every bone in my body felt broken, yet now I feel no pain. Am I dead?"

"This may sound strange, but you are changed now. I will explain everything to you, but let's get you a shower and a nice change of clothes. Does that sound okay?" Trey had no idea how he was going to explain this to this young girl. He could tell by her voice and by her actions that she was younger than he thought.

"I want to know now," Kyra said, not willing to back down. She was scared and wanted answers. She didn't know who to trust. She wanted to know why she didn't feel like herself.

"You want to know? You want me to be completely blunt with you?" Trey asked, gauging her reaction. He watched her straighten her spine and then nod. "Fine then! You, my dear, are a wolf shifter. Welcome to the pack."


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